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Work Session 2.1  The City Council and Staff will discuss the future of Gammon Park and the Robins Property. Opened the work session and turned the time over to Jacob McHargue   Jake – things that needed to come out. 1990 no longer meets code older than 15 years old. 15k approved for the playground – small tot playground. Other plans, could be put in temporarily and moved later if necessary. Take out sidewalk and replace with all-weather surface until something else could be put in. cost would be around 25k. About 10k if staff does it. Conversations about Gammon Park. Discussions today could be implemented into the General Plan update.   Julie where to start –   Path – Chris J - hazard get it removed. Julie grade it instead of adding an all-weather surface. Chris W. need to smooth it out. Do not know is under the concrete. Cristy regrade – dirt and grass seed. Chris J or a wood chip surface Julie most cost effect solution – other locations for the path when they rebuild the park. Chris W. same as using an all-weather surface. Julie - how long would park plan take. Jake asked how long it would take to install the tot park. Preston 4 to six weeks to order and install.   Julie concept for the entire park area. Jake hire a designer to design the entire park area. 15k Tot Park could me moved anytime. Hold off on putting the playground in until they design the entire park. Julie what would be the timeframe. Cristy could a tot park be moved later. Julie incorporate it into the park design.   Morgan – General plan update and allows public input.  There was a plan would give them a base to refine and then take to the public. The GP would take about nine months to update. Immediate needs would not need to be incorporated into the GP. Work with a designer and come up with something quicker and then adopt a long-range plan. Jake public process. Morgan public hearing with the planning commission and then the city council. It would be a more extensive process.   Julie plan for public outreach – highlight the needs and poll the residents. Morgan agreed and then contract with a designer with maybe 3 options.   Chris J asked Jayme about the liability to the city if they do not bring it up to code. Preston replied parks department was a certified playground inspector. No tire swings, the joints on the slides, missing pieces that could cause entanglement entrapments. No soft surface. Playground had settled. Chris J asked if the city needed to close it off now. Present recommended that they take it out now. Chris j 15 years Preston good rule to follow. Jake current standard. Jayme remove or cordoned off now. Shared liability but a heightened risk profile once you are aware of the standards. Chris agreed to close it off now. Tyce voted for replacement immediately because it was used daily. Julie remove it now and come up something. Tyce tot park now and make changes later. Julie review plan for the parks. Jake Preston inspecting them now and then regularly.   Staff noticed that most of the people utilizing the park were younger kids. Tot lot would serve the community.   Julie council open to polling in the next two weeks. Tyce as long as they remove it now. Council agreed to remove it immediately. Jake assemble poll tomorrow and get feedback for the next council meeting   Trees- Julie when remove the trees. Jake when they die. Will continue but would like to replace the trees without conflicting with the new design. Chris J an overall plan contracting with someone who had the knowledge and the skills to design the park. Jake send the CC a map and collect the feed from them and the residents. Then contract with a designer.   Julie the park was sinking, was there a ground problem. For the shifting was the issue. Sullivan the reason they replaced the restrooms there was Pete moss in the area. Julie look into the sinking. Chris W. thirty years of the equipment sitting there. Julie Pete moss, water leak.   Julie demolition of the building. Jake house on the property and the insurance company recommended that it be torn down. Once the public works building was completed they would remove the building and turn it into a parking lot.   Cristy spend the least amount on the park until they had a plan for the park. Tear it down now and add grass. Chris j raise the building it and leaving so that people could park on it. Chris W said yes. Chris J helps with immediate needs. Julie bring cost estimates. Jake in the fall.   Chris J should be taken down now. There was a discussion. Jake put the items stored in the house in a storage unit until the pws building done. The discussion continued. Do not to wait on it. Remove the liabilities now. Start the process now. Removing them was park of the park plan but putting in other items before getting a design was a concern. Julie wanted to see budget connected to it.   Recreation Director Brian V if they know down the house would it close down parking for fall sports. Chris W. should be less than a week to take it down.   Julie summarized demoing the building now.   Brian soccer program 820 registrants, in the fall they had 505, spring was cancelled to do VOCI looking at 450. Cristy how many outside. Brian 15 to 20 percent. Julie how much park. Another six acres of grass. Spring soccer using all of Gammon and Grove Park. Looking into using elementary school fields. Compl… Chris J asked about water the fields. Sullivan recommended artificial turf. Chris j. see the cost over a certain period of time.  Julie look into it when doing the park plan. Jake done farming in the fall, finish the design and start the changes in the spring. The earliest rec could be started would be 2023. Sullivan extend season playtime with artificial turf. C Chris J. asked if they had asked UVU.  Brian approached and was turned down because of liability. Chris j depends on who pays for the liability. Jayme replied that they could….   Discussion about the library. Summer library when the outside restrooms were open. Julie not equipped to run it during the winter what would it take keep the restrooms open. Jake put a heater in the mechanical area. Julie start considering it. Sullivan, power supply from the old office building and 110 would need to get different heaters that cost more. Julie suggested that they add those cost to the park plan. Preston the downfall would be having people spending the night in them. Julie look at uses.   Called for further comments hearing not     Regular session
3.      Public Comments(15 minutes) Mayor Fullmer opened for public comments. Pam read Anthony Jenkins Comment’s. Julie agreed that the going the speed limit everything was good. Had there been a railing it might not have been good for the driver going off at the speed he was. Different types of transportation on the road. Kids walking on the wrong side of the road. Different types of driving if a rail that was there. Felt there was a safer mechanism there and worth incorporating into the design.   Chris J. appreciated Anthony’s comment. Fallback on those who were certified. There was also the public perception of public safety. Should not diminish those who were certified. Done to code but making it better. Julie agreed.   Tim Blackburn – Chair of the Heritage Commission hope in the six or seven weeks about a theme come as small children be born here and experience a lifetime here but not dyeing here. A Vineyard Cemetery. Proposal for a cemetery. Cost a premium to be buried in other cities. Families who came from Pioneer stock would have loved to be buried in Vineyard. Not planned for it. Hope in the future to present a plan for a city cemetery. Julie as cemetery was a special thing to families, focused on their heritage find a location. Actively looking. Why don’t the work with staff to identity a location with heritage. Tyce discussed it with the City Manager. Dilemma with only so much space. Delicate situation. Chris J seconded the issue. Find a location let the city know. Open space was key. Julie strategic plan update changed to from open space to … actively for other issues. Tim there was still land that the city owns. Does not take a lot of space. 1500 per acre only need 3 to 4 acres. Julie agreed and said that they were actively looking at it.   Finding the right location.   Tyce Reece from the Providence – stated that two years ago comments during an open session about parking in the Providence neighborhood. Started a two year journey and are still on. Let to changes in the HOA rules which could not be installed. 2020 worked with the City manager to petition the city to install parking regulations. October 2020 after that there meetings. Julie asked parking justifiably on the street. Residents should be allowed to park in front of their homes.  10 North was a public road. Chris W. on the subdivision roads. On 600 roads. 580 North and 100 East parking allowed. The only option available to remove cars overnight was to ban all overnight parking. Another group filling the parking spots and creating… can’t legally allow the HOA to take over the public space. Cannot allow the HOA to police city roads. Stuck with one solution that was not an option. Asked about the alternative solution. Talked with members of the providence and working with Jayme at options. Look at the way that Provo and Springville’s’ programs. To run Provo’s would be cost prohibitive. Not very costly. Neighborhoods paying for the costs to run the program. Still activity working on it. Both options were cost prohibitive. Jake could bring them back to CC, would be difficult for residents to fund. Tyler all indications were that it would be temporary, not a lot of communication from the city. Banning all overnight parking to alleviated high-density parking in their neighborhood. Julie state did not want to allow cities to regulate any parking. Spoke with the HOA about purchasing additional land for additional parking. Could meet again with the HOA about the plan presented. What are the cities limitations and the costs to the tax payer? Open to working on solutions. Outside pressure to expand the cities limitations. Tyler aware of the legislation. What he was saying was there were residents who were paying for miss-planning. Make the change to force the residents off of the street. Julie working on it but cannot accept the ideas presented and trying to find out what the city could do that was viable. This conversation was important. Put it on the HOA because they had the ability to regulate their parking so that it did not affect other. Comes back to the management. Extreme choice that fall with the HOA. Tyler asked for more transparency. Felt that they waiting for the next step. Willing to meet with staff, civic involvement. He was the one who people were looking to for an answer. Julie greatest road block with the city. Tyler last was that the city was not interested in the current proposal. Julie the proposal not able to approve because of the legal liabilities. Jake several conversations. The constraints from the city council was that they need something that was funded by the residents. Manage long-term and follow through on. Had not found a solution the meets the standards. Julie were agree with them but cannot make a decision if they cannot implement the plan. Tyler asked again for transparency from the city. Julie felt that they were saying was that the current solution was not viable. Not done. Ultimate plan to come up with a way to deal with each community. Each dealing with different issues. Tyler as a resident would welcome engagements and impressed on the urgency to get it done. Julie how were they holding the HOA’s feet to the fire. Limited powers… HOA had the power. Tyler proposals given willing to continue the conversation. Wanted to be part of the solution. Engage the HOA.   Dan Stoval resident in the providence added that they had worked with the HOA who passed a… only park in the subdivision where they own a home but had no way to inforce it. No voice in the sub-HOAs. Purchase additional land. Willing to continue to work with them. Residents who were caught between the HOA and the Council. Parking limited in the collector streets, enacted on private streets. Parking in Penny Springs overnight. The council could do something to help alleviated their safety concerns. Dangerous where kids are running around the area. Safety concern. See parking on… streets and collector roads. Dealing with it in the neighborhood. Collector roads, Julie clarified that the council was on their side, going to take care of the concerns. The collector street was always …breaking the law, could not enforce. See where the greater concerns bring the data to the table. Agreement that when the data comes forward that they agree to the data. Outside of data they want to take care of the residents. Work with the HOAs with the problems. Come to at least a form of clarity. Stop the conversation, facilitate a meeting, and work through it.   Chris J. mentioned that the HOA did not have any teeth in what they enacted. Cannot tow on the city streets, could the fine the affected area. Felt they could have teeth. Jayme replied that the hard differentiate was within the master and sub-HOAs mix of private and public roads. The difficulty would be the HOA’s enforcing in the public space. Chris need to make the roads private. Jayme understanding the parking issue. The balance between the cost of enforcement and enforcing sufficiently. There was a difficult balance and would be a price to the residents. Chris J the data and costs send to the residents. Was it anytime action by the HOA on public areas. John not opposed to collector streets being parked on. Idea was to allow night parking on collector streets. Julie said that they needed to determine if they could implement any of these ideas.     Dan gathered signatures from residents who were in favor of the Herriman plan. The one they did not support was a blanket overnight ban on parking. Julie asked about the previous discussion. Jake looked at the cost, the cost per permit was astronomical. Julie 75 percent in favor, that would be a significant opt in number. Jayme summarized the Herriman proposal. The cost. Create parking districts within the city and the resident would vote to opt in, each residents would purchase hanging tags, two per residence and one guests. Cost to operate would be too high and would price people out. Continue the conversation.    Andrew Hays providence – email to the council only got one response. Behind the Herriman proposal. Asked immediate action when it comes to safety. Could they red-curb areas where it was illegal to park. Called the sheriff’s department. Did want to issue tickets. Watched when children were almost hit when a child was in a crosswalk. Julie recommended that he join the meeting.   Called closed. Thanked everyone for their….     4.      Mayor and COUNCILMEMBERS’ REPORTS/DISCLOSURES/RECUSALS     5.      STAFF, COMMISSION, and committee REPORTS                                 (3 minutes each) 5.1  City Manager Jacob McHargue – Jake no report 5.2  Planning Commission Chair Bryce Brady – Bryce reported the PC approved another…industrial building, talked with Edge homes in the Lakefront open space.  The focus was working on park space. Active transportation making sure the trails connected. Meet the state standards.      6.
CONSENT ITEMS 6.1  Approval of the February 10, 2021 City Council Meeting Minutes 6.2  Approval of Costs to Install a Barrier on the Center Street Overpass If the mayor or a councilmember wishes to remove an item from consent to discuss or postpone it, it should be done as part of the motion. If they wish to discuss it, the item can then be discussed and voted on immediately following the consent motion.   Suggested motion: I move to approve the consent items as presented. Chris J moved to 6.1 and 2 john all   7.      Mayor’s Appointments No names were submitted.   8.      discussion/Presentations No items were submitted.     9.      BUSINESS ITEMS Please remind the public that this is a discussion for council and if they wish to ask a question or make a comment, they need to wait until they are called upon and go to the podium.   9.1
Discussion and action – Special Event Permit – Jive Dance Performance(15mintues) City Manager Jacob McHargue will present options for holding a special event at Grove Park. The mayor and City Council will take appropriate action.   Turned the time over to Jake Gina 4 location all performing all twelve days. Julie anything the council needed to know. Gina felt that after looking at the staff report they were comfortable using the detention basin. First choice was the west soccer field. Presented a few problems because it was not as level as the soccer field, any leeway to load in earlier. Jake work out any issues. Gina put the stage where it was even, may need one more day to level it. Sat about 8400 people. Excited to hold it there again.   Chris J. one condition was a parking plan, what would it look like. Jake two schools available. Chris J parking enforcement. Jake part of the plan Gina asked about freedom parking. 2400 as too much. Disheartening about Freedom parking, waited until the end. Paid as a donation which was not a donation. She felt that was dishonest. Find the price without knowing who it was from. Reached out the Alpine School District, who was okay with them using their lot.   Called for further comments.   Chris moved to approved…. In the detention area July 31 through august 13. Tyce   9.2
Discussion and action – ILA with Utah County for Election Services (Resolution 2021-04)                                                                                                                                                           (15mintues) City Recorder Pamela Spencer is requesting approval to allow the mayor to sign an interlocal agreement with Utah County to help run the city’s 2021 Municipal Elections. The mayor and city council will act to adopt (or deny) this request by resolution. Jake cost increase with Ranked Choice   Chris moved as presented and allow the mayor to sign... Tyce all were in favor.     9.3
cussion and action – Water Right Purchase and Exchange Agreement with CUWCD (Resolution 2021-05)(15mintues) Water Manager Sullivan Love will present an interlocal agreement with Central Utah Water Conservancy District for the purchase and exchange of water rights. The mayor and City Council will act to adopt (or deny) this request by resolution. Sullivan explained that in 1995 was in agreement to purchase west smith ditch shares and exchange them with Orem for water. Denied by Orem and was left with shares in a ditch they could not access. Agreement with Lake Bottom. Took too long. Costs increased. CUWCD made a proposal to the canal company that they would purchase the shares and exchange them for a monetary amount and agree… dissolution of west smith. CUWCD offered to exchange with Lake Bottom. Runs through the city and have a connection to use it. Equal amount of water use. The fiscal impact would be dues for the amount of shares. 24 shares at... budgeted in the current fiscal year.   Chris J felt this was great agreement. Water shares were convoluted. Sullivan replied that west smith shares for an equal amount of water in Lake Bottom Canal. Share holder. Jake clarified that it was equal amount of water. Sullivan the approval allows them to go back to … approved. Approved. Then ready for signatures.   John moved. And allow the mayor to sign the agreement. Chris. All were   10.  training 10.1
Open and Public Meetings and Municipal Officers’ and Employees’ Ethics Act Training City Attorney Jayme Blakesley will present annual training on Open and Public Meeting procedures and requirements. This training is provided annually pursuant to Section 52-4-104 of the Utah State Code. This will also include Municipal Officers' and Employees' Ethics Act training. The City Council as well as members of the Planning and Bicycle Commissions will attend this training.   Jayme gave his training. Public bodies must take their actions openly. Quorum is a public body. Definition a quorum is together it becomes a meeting. Properly noticed. Reasons why they can close a meeting most frequent. Real estate transaction, discuss personnel. Other reason. If I did this would it end up on the front page of the paper? Hot mikes two members of the board whispering about items in the public meeting. Electronic communications not prohibited one to another unless present in a public meeting. Text anyone about the topic of the meeting. Need to be made openly. Resent example contentious meetings acrimony parent believed they were text message records request. Expletive messages that ended with you are not trustworthy. Electronic meetings go away defector on April 10. Difficult for a city to make a public order that contravenes what is in the state statue. Ethics act – bill Buckner. Fan of baseball remember one play if he had caught a routine ball rolled under his mitt and between his legs. Duff paly or mistake. Could be a bill Buckner and gets your name in paper in a negative way.   Established conduct, disclose and guidelines for balancing them cannot use office for personal benefit, cannot get compensation. Undisclosed interest, conflict to interest violation another officer or employee to violate the act.  Personal benefit obligation cannot disclose   Example – access to heavy machinery with equipment labeled SLC. Jail time. Cannot disclose things discussed in a close session.   Personal benefits a gift that could influence you. Can accept a none-pecuniary gift of less than 50$. Trip to Switzerland. Tickets, and meals, exceptions for awards, boniefied loans.  UTA board member from a construction company that worked for the UTA. Headline reads to the public expectation. Gift complied questions about the use.  Paid for the tickets but the public felt it was a violation. Everything you do. Member approval who received benefits… appear to violate the act. Disclosure filed and mentioned during the open meeting. Timing matters.    Improper to have any interest in a business regulated by the city. In-land-port Boardmember how owned land in the boundaries. Developer on the UTA board not disclosing interest and income. Improver to have a conflict of interest public duties. Owned personal interest or investment disclosures in a public meeting. Reach out the Jayme for advice. Induce anyone else to violate it is considered that you violated the act. Criminal penalties, employee and elected officials .transaction could be rescinded.       11.  CLOSED SESSION The Mayor and City Council pursuant to Utah Code 52-4-205 may vote to go into a closed session for the purpose of (these are just a few of the items listed, see Utah Code 52-4-205 for the entire list):  (a)  discussion of the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual (b)  strategy sessions to discuss collective bargaining  (c)  strategy sessions to discuss pending or reasonably imminent litigation  (d)  strategy sessions to discuss the purchase, exchange, or lease of real property,including any form of a water right or water shares  (e)  strategy sessions to discuss the sale of real property, including any form of a water right or water shares (f)   discussion regarding deployment of security personnel, devices, or systems; (g)  the purpose of considering information that is designated as a trade secret, as defined in Section 13-24-2, if the public body's consideration of the information is necessary in order to properly conduct a procurement under Title 63G, Chapter 6a, Utah Procurement Code;     12.
ADJOURNMENT   Tyce John all re in favor. 8:09 Pm. The next regularly scheduled meeting is April 14, 2021.   This meeting may be held in a way that will allow a councilmember to participate electronically.   The Public is invited to participate in all City Council meetings. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations during this meeting should notify the City Recorder at least 24 hours prior to the meeting by calling (801) 226-1929.   I the undersigned duly appointed Recorder for Vineyard, hereby certify that the foregoing notice and agenda was emailed to the Salt Lake Tribune, posted at the Vineyard City Offices, the Vineyard website, the Utah Public Notice website, and delivered electronically to city staff and to each member of the Governing Body.     AGENDA NOTICING COMPLETED ON:    March 23, 2021    CERTIFIED (NOTICED) BY:  /s/Pamela Spencer pamela spencer, city recorder
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