Start Position
Mayor Fullmer opened the meeting at00 PM. Councilmember Sifuentes gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.            PRESENTATIONS/RECOGNITIONS/AWARDS/PROCLAMATIONS1.     Healthy Utah AwardPresentation
City manager Eric Ellis presented the award to the City Council.  2.     Proclamation24-01th Annual Municipal Clerks Week3.     Proclamation of Arbor Day2024-02 Resolution to Proclaim April,24, as Arbor Day in Vineyard City2.4.     Bike Month Proclamation2024-035.     Building Safety Month Proclamation2024-04
Mayor Fullmer presented the proclamations.          WORKSESSION FY25 BudgetDiscussion Finance Director Kristie Bayles will lead a discussion regarding City Capital Projectsand Employee Compensation
Finance Director Kristie Bayles reviewed the budget process and led a discussion regarding council priorities and City Capital Projects.
Councilmember Rasmussen asked for more information about the roundabouts. Ms. Bayles gave a brief explanation. Public Works Director Naseem Ghandour explained that roundabouts were useful to help calm and move traffic. He mentioned that the modular roundabouts would save the city money. He also mentioned the locations that staff had looked for the modular roundabouts.
Councilmember Cameron shared concerns about adding a roundabout to0 North. Mr. Ghandour explained the process they would go through before installing a roundabout. A discussion ensued.
Councilmember Cameron asked about the Tucker Row Park overpass design. Mr. Brim explained that the staff was working with the homeowner’s association and anticipated it being completed this year. Councilmember Cameron suggested they look at completing the Mill Road pedestrian overpass. A discussion ensued.
Councilmember Rasmussen asked about the pickleball court. Mr. Vawdrey replied that they were hoping to complete that this year.
Councilmember Sifuentes asked about the Julyt fireworks show. Mr. Ellis replied that the city would be partnering with Jimmy Rex for the show. There was a discussion about the Capital Projects list and special events.
Councilmember Rasmussen asked about the public works building extension. Mr. Ghandour explained that it was to add staff office space.
Councilmember Holdaway mentioned that Walkara Way would not be city funded but it was listed as a priority. Mayor Fullmer noted that there had been a funding request from FFSL. There was a discussion about funding the Walkara way Project.
Councilmember Holdaway noted that his asks were to evaluate city personnel expenses. Mayor Fullmer felt that these items were reviews of policy and that there would be a review of them as they pertained to the budget but were different from more specific line items. Councilmember Holdaway asked for a more granular breakdown of certain items instead of general categories, breaking it down to certain dollar amounts. Mayor Fullmer reiterated that she felt that those items were policy changes and that there would be deeper discussion about them as staff gathered information and made their reports. A discussion ensued.
Mr. Ellis reviewed employee compensation.         PUBLIC COMMENTS
Resident Sonia McGrath, living in the LeCheminant subdivision, wanted to share her concerns regarding social media groups, specifically the Vineyard Politico Facebook Group.She felt that private citizens were subject to ridicule or removed from the group if they expressed disagreement. She was concerned that this could lead to members of the public being prevented from engaging in meaningful political discourse. She mentioned that a screen shot from her personal account had been posted on the politico account that included pictures of her children. For the record, her children are off limits. She wanted to raise awareness about what she sees as intimidation.
Resident David Lauret, living on Holdaway Road, seconded the comment made about involving minors. He expressed concern about the connection between0 South and Main Street.
Resident Nicole Francis, living in The Cottonwoods subdivision, asked about the unregulated rentals of houses in her neighborhood. She expressed concern with fire lanes near the homes that were violating the city code.
Resident Karen Cornelious, living in the Villas subdivision, read and then expressed her concerns with a motion made by former Councilmember Flake at the December,23, City Council meeting.
Resident Daria Evans, living in The Villas subdivision, thanked Cache Hancey and Brian Vawdrey for answering her questions at last night’s town hall. She expressed appreciation for the planting of native plants on the lake shore. She mentioned a concern about speeding on Vineyard Loop Road and speed limit signs in The Villas. She asked if Fire Forestry and State Lands (FFSL) would need to approve the Vineyard Beach improvement plans. She asked if the public would be able to see the criteria for Titleamendments.
Resident David Pearce, living in the Cascade subdivision, felt that Vineyard, like other cities, had its challenges and that we forget the positives in the city. He felt residents needed to be more positive towards each other.
Resident Kimberly Olsen, living in Lakefront Development, asked for more notice for town halls. She mentioned that she created council packets and suggested that they all include payment approval reports for all payments over $5,000, and update on revenue to expenditures. She asked if a maximum fiscal impact could be included for consent items. She reviewed the World Trade Center Utah conference and asked how the funds would be expensed and if there were any plans for future trips. She asked if Councilmember Rasmussen had received information about the Qualtrics contracts and what the purpose was for cell phones being paid for staff.
Mayor Fullmer responded to the public comments.   ·       Holdaway Fields – staff will review the phasing ·       Rental enforcement – asked Ms. Francis to allow staff to follow up ·       December meeting concerns – they would speak with legal ·       Speed and stop signs - speak with Mr. Ghandour to fill out a form for the stop signs ·       Title- discussion tonight ·       FFSL - Mr. Ellis will explain the process. ·       Finance questions – work with finance team.          MAYOR AND COUNCILMEMBERS'REPORTS/DISCLOSURES/RECUSALS
Guidelines for decorum focus on city business.
Councilmember Holdaway stated that he felt horrible about the posting of kids’ pictures on the political group. He stated that he was proud of the Vineyard Politico Facebook group. He said that he has gone on the page to tell people to knock it off.
Councilmember Rasmussen stated fact correction was that she used voter registry for her mass text. Councilmember Sifuentes wanted to say for the record that she did not agree with Councilmember Holdaway and that he did not tell people to calm down. She felt that he encouraged the discord. For the record call the politico group like it was and change the name. Councilmember Holdaway explained that it was a group of supporters wanting to give feedback on policies. He mentioned that there were certain people he did not allow in the group.
Councilmember Holdaway addressed concerns with the General Ledger. He felt it would be advantageous to provide a monthly payment approval report. He wanted a public vote to put it on a future agenda. A discussion ensued on how to get things on future agendas.
Councilmember Holdaway stated that with the public private partnership about travel. He asked how the ambassador process worked. Mayor Fullmer asked for clarification. There was a discussion about the membership and the mayor’s travel expenses. Mayor Fullmer explained that no taxpayer funds were used for her travel expenses. The discussion continued.
Councilmember Holdaway mentioned that he discussed a legislative bill and whether the city’s lobbyist was involved. He represents the city and felt that it was a conflict of interest. Councilmember Holdway moved to make a motion Discuss the lobbyist policy.
Mr. Blakesley clarified that they discussed the Utah laws and conflict of interest.
Councilmember Holdaway stated that he wanted to be proactive on economic development and how many companies were coming to vineyard from the Europe trip. There was a discussion about adding this item to an agenda.
Councilmember Holdaway met with FFSL and understood that Vineyard Beach was on their property.
Councilmember Rasmussen reported on the community garden plots, that she had met with Utah Waterways about a presentation and that Bike month would be in May and invited everyone to participate.
Councilmember Sifuentes reported that she had attended the Alpine School district’s board meeting and summarized the recommendations that had been presented on the potential district split. A discussion ensued. Mayor Fullmer suggested that they hold a work session to discuss the potential split with the school district. The discussion continued.
Councilmember Cameron thanked the staff for their efforts. She mentioned the Impact Vineyard Awards and asked who chose the recipients. There was a discussion about the awards process.
There was a discussion about meeting conduct.
A break was taken at48 PM. The meeting resumed at56 PM.
Councilmember Holdaway asked to make a clarification and apology for a previous discussion during public comment, regarding a photo posted on social media that included minors.     *Business Item2 Fire Station PurchaseApproval was discussed at this time. Please see2 below for the discussion and motion.            CONSENTITEMS1.     Approval of the April,24, City Council FY25 Budget SessionMinutes2.     Approval of the April,24, City Council MeetingMinutes3.     Planning Services ContractRenewals (Resolution24-10)4.     Franchise Agreement with Dominion Energy (Ordinance2024-06)
Mayor Fullmer introduced item2 and turned the time over to Community Development Director Morgan Brim.
Mr. Brim introduced the firehouse (home) plans. He then turned the time over to Paul Kenny with CRSA.
Mr. Kenny gave an overview of the plans for a firehouse in the Cottonwoods subdivision.
Mayor Fullmer expressed her excitement about this project. A discussion ensued.
Fire Chief Marc Sanderson with Orem Fire thanked the council for being flexible with the firehouse. He stated that this would be a quicker way to get a fire station in the city.
Ms. Francis expressed concern about the testing equipment, lights and sirens, etc. Chief Sanderson replied that they were addressing the parking issues, that lights and sirens would depend on the nature of the call. A discussion ensued.
Councilmember Sifuentes expressed concerns about average call per day in Vineyard. Fire Chief Sanderson stated the amount can vary but that the average is approximately3 per day. Councilmember Sifuentes asked for clarification about parking and red curbing to give enough room for the fire trucks. Mr. Brim explained the parking plans. Councilmember Sifuentes asked about children in the area and if there was an option to have flashing lights posted to warn the children. Chief Sanderson explained that the lights and sirens as well as the staff maintaining the speed limit when exiting will help alleviate that concern. He further answered questions about the parking and the intent to have the employees park in the off-street parking. There was a discussion about staffing and the timeframe for implementation. Councilmember Sifuentes asked about timelines for the next fire station. Mayor Fullmer felt the questions could be better answered when they were discussing phasing. Chief Sanderson mentioned that the current contracts were being renegotiated to better reflect cost and be more transparent. A discussion ensued.
Councilmember Sifuentes asked if they talk about the timeline in general. Director Brim reviewed the steps taken and a brief timeline of events that have led to tonight’s discussion.
Councilmember Sifuentes stated that her concerns had been answered and suggested that resident’s concerns be addressed.
Mr. Brim noted that some next steps and planning regarding the land use process and site permits. Those will begin to take place next month.
Councilmember Holdaway mentioned that he had reached out to Vineyard and Orem residents to get their options on a community firehouse. He asked why they could not invest in a full fire station. Chief Sanderson replied that based on traffic patterns and growth, he would never recommend building a full station at this time in the city’s development.
Councilmember Holdaway, stated for the record, that Chief Sanderson was the professional and not a vineyard resident, therefore it can be assumed that he was both a subject matter expert as well as not feeling political pressure to ask for more or less than what is needed. Chief Sanderson reaffirmed his commitment that the staff of the fire house would be “good neighbors.” A discussion about zoning ensued.
Councilmember Rasmussen felt that the fire house would be an opportunity for the residents to create a children’s book to be kept in the city’s library.
Chief Sanderson stated that they would be open to future discussions and would like to make it to any town halls or public meetings regarding the firehouse so they can help address concerns.
Mayor Fullmer called for a motion. Councilmember Holdaway asked to remove item3 for discussion.
Resident Jim McGill, living on Lakeview Drive, offered his support of the fire house and what a wonderful thing this was for the community. 3.       ARCH Grant Policy Manual and Application (Resolution2024-11)
Mr. Brim gave a brief explanation behind having the preapproved contracts.
Councilmember Holdaway asked about the project process. Mr. Brim explained that the projects would come to the council for budget approval and that the council sets the priorities for the projects. A discussion ensued.
Councilmember Cameron reported on the Utah League of Cities and Towns (ULCT) Conference in St. George. She felt that it would be wise to take into consideration civil engagement on social media. A resounding message for her was to never trade efficiency for transparency.           APPOINTMENTS No appointments were made.         BUSINESSITEMS1.       Discussion and Action - Municipal Code TitleAmendments (Ordinance2024-) City Attorney Jayme Blakesley will present recommended amendments to the Municipal Code TitleMeeting Procedures. The mayor and City Council will act to adopt (or deny) this request by ordinance.
Mr. Blakesley gave a brief overview of the recommended changes. He reviewed the added Section12.020.
Councilmember Holdaway expressed concern over changes to04.030 (page he felt that the requirement for members of the public to sign up prior to a meeting, if they wished to speak, was setting an unrealistic expectation. Councilmember Sifuentes clarified that this was for public comment. Councilmember Holdaway explained that his concerns came from the fact that the scheduled time for public comment was not always at the same time, and he did not want it to become a time burden for members of the public. Mr. Blakesley suggested that they could revise the wording better reflect the council’s intent.
Councilmember Holdaway shared concerns regarding section C of Section04.030 (page, that stated speakers offering duplicate comments may be limited. A discussion ensued.
Councilmember Holdaway asked for clarification regarding Section04.050 (Page in which reports were asked to be “concise and focused on matters of public interest or council business.” To confirm that the language was not prohibitive of reports that may need to be longer.
Councilmember Holdaway shared concerns regarding Section04.070 (b)(1) (Page7). Councilmember Holdaway felt this was overly restrictive. Mr. Blakesley clarified the wording in the section, that it pertained to “significant requests.”
Councilmember Holdaway asked to amend language for Section04.070 (E) (Page. He asked it be changed to city recorder, rather than city manager, with regards to making and presenting reports. There was a discussion and clarification that this applies specifically to GRAMA requests.
Mayor Fullmer asked a question related to section E as it relates to section F. It was decided for clarity and consistency that section E should be amended to direct the City Recorder and not the City Manager to maintain and present reports regarding information requests. Section F would be amended to allow for either the City Recorder or City Manager to prioritize those requests based on needs and availability of resources.
Councilmember Holdaway asked for clarification that the sections of code discussed would not impact the public’s ability to request information under GRAMA.
Councilmember Holdaway shared concerns regarding Section04.080 (B) (Page8) specifically the section referring to requests for action or investigation. There was a discussion about the intent of the language. Councilmember Sifuentes felt there was not an issue with the wording. No changes were made.
Councilmember Holdaway commented on08.020 (E) (Page10) emergency meetings. He was grateful that it would stay consistent with state law.
Councilmember Rasmussen thanked Mr. Blakesley for all his work on the matter.
Mayor Fullmer requested that the language of Section12.020 (A) (Page15) be amended for clarity to direct the City Recorder and not the mayor to document communications and submit those to the City Council. Councilmember Holdaway asked if it could be publicly available. Mr. Blakesley clarified that any records kept as already directed by existing code would become public record and are therefore able to be requested publicly. Mr. Blakesley read the proposed amendment to12.020.
Special Event Coordinator Anna explained the grant policy manual and application process that the ARCH commission would use to utilize RAP (Recreation, Arts, and Park) tax funds.
The council expressed its gratitude for all the hard work putting together the manual and application.
All right, everybody. We're going to go ahead and get started. 00:00:15
Let's see. Today is April 24th, 2024. The time is 6:00, and we're going to get our City Council meeting rolling. We're going to 00:00:20
start with council members who's going to give us an invocation and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. 00:00:27
Our Dirk and Heavenly Father we are so very grateful for this wonderful spring day. We're grateful to be here as a City Council 00:00:40
and residents and staff, please bless and watch over. 00:00:45
All of us that we can do our best and make good decisions. Please bless those in need. Please bless that they can. 00:00:50
That they can find. 00:00:59
That we can find them and help them and please bless our families and loved ones with safety and health and we're so very grateful 00:01:02
for. 00:01:06
This wonderful community we have, and please help us find ways to support one another and find middle ground. We say these things 00:01:12
in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. All right. 00:01:17
Of the United States of America Considering Vote for which it stands One Nation under God, Individual Resiliency, and Justice for 00:01:26
All. 00:01:33
Thank you. We'll start out with our Healthy Utah Award presentation and Eric Ellis, our City Manager will introduce this for us. 00:01:42
This is the important. 00:01:55
OK. So I just wanted to describe the get healthy Utah designation. 00:02:02
Vineyard City recently received its designation as a Healthy community, which is a demonstration of the city's commitment to 00:02:08
fostering well-being among residents. 00:02:13
To receive this designation, Vineyard implemented multiple health strategies and a focus on active living, mental health and 00:02:18
access to healthy food. Then you're partnered with Huntsman Cancer Institute to promote skin cancer awareness, delivered mental 00:02:26
health packages to resource officers, and expanded the community garden plots. These initiatives showcase the city's dedication to 00:02:33
healthy living in our communities while serving as a model for communities across Utah. 00:02:40
Awesome. Thank you. And this is a Reappa. We're in our third year. I believe several studies joined us this year and we're very 00:02:49
happy to do this. So we want to get a picture with the full council. We could do that. Let's all go to the front and we'll get a 00:02:54
picture and staff, you can join us. 00:02:59
Let's go down. 00:03:05
123. 00:03:24
All right. 00:03:48
Next we'll go through a few proclamations that are happening. It is a 55th annual Municipal Clerks Week that will be proclaiming 00:03:51
May 5th through 11th, as well as the proclamation of Arbor Day 2024-02, which is the resolution to proclaim Arbor Day in Vineyard 00:04:00
as April 26th, 2024 and claim proclaiming May as Bike Month. 00:04:10
As well as May as Building Safety Month and I will be signing those proclamations later. 00:04:20
All right. We'll move right into our work session. We're going to be going over the fiscal year 25 budget discussion and our 00:04:27
Finance Director, Chrissy Bayless will lead this discussion regarding council priorities and city capital projects. 00:04:34
Hey. 00:04:47
I. 00:04:54
Thank you, Morgan. Appreciate that. 00:05:12
So tonight we have the opportunity to talk about preliminary things that are going to be coming in the budget. I wanted to talk 00:05:15
briefly about what a budget is before we get started so that we're all on the same page. There are a couple of myths regarding 00:05:23
budgeting. One is that it's an annual document that is produced and we do this once a year that is absolutely in this a budget is 00:05:30
the process, there's a system and it's something that we use year round. 00:05:38
The second myth is that the finance director owns the budget. This is also not true. While I do work to communicate with the 00:05:46
departments and the council to put it together and then go back and make adjustments as it directed, it is not my budget, it is 00:05:52
our budget. 00:05:57
And the other thing is people think budget is an exact amount and what a budget is, is our best guess as what's going to happen 00:06:04
next year. We're trying to have a plan going forward and so obviously plans change. 00:06:10
Revenues come in at a different amount or expenses change. And so as we talk about these things, remember that these are not set 00:06:17
in stone that they will change throughout the year and that's why it necessitates having budget amendments throughout the year. 00:06:23
So what a budget is, is it's a process, a set of activities that encompasses the development, implementation and evaluation of a 00:06:30
plan of the provisions of services and capital assets for the city. 00:06:37
The two biggest aspects of a municipal budget are personnel because of the services that we provide. And the 2nd is capital 00:06:46
assets. Eric will be talking about personnel here briefly, but before that, I'm going to talk a little bit about the capital 00:06:51
projects. 00:06:57
Before I do that, I wanted to go into the timeline of the budget so you all understand where we are. We had a retreat with all of 00:07:03
the directors and council members back in February that was followed up by a council budget. 00:07:10
Priority retreat that was just a couple of weeks ago where each of the Council members was able to say this is what I see as our 00:07:19
priorities for the capital projects and for the budget that is coming up. 00:07:24
On May 8th I will be presenting the tentative budget, at which time it is, it will requires approval by the Council. But it is 00:07:30
more you're saying yes, I have received the budget and that's what we will do on May 8th when I present the tentative budget and 00:07:37
that's going to be followed on May 22nd by a public hearing. So any concerns, questions that you have about the budget, that would 00:07:45
be a great time to bring it forth and discuss that. 00:07:52
And then in the May, June, June time frame, we will be finalizing the budget. The final budget will be adopted as by law on June 00:07:59
26th, so our final meeting of the fiscal year 24. 00:08:05
Some things to keep in mind as we look at priorities. 00:08:13
GFOA best practices for budgeting has three priorities that they say are the the top priorities that you should have #1 is public 00:08:20
health and safety. I think we can all agree that that's pretty important, #2 is asset preservation. We want to take care of the 00:08:26
assets that we already have and make sure that they don't go become in disarray. And then the third one is service or asset 00:08:33
expansion or addition. 00:08:40
Thank you. 00:08:48
Thank you, Eric. 00:08:49
I tried. 00:08:52
OK. So next what we're going to do is we're going to go and we're going to review the priorities that were set forth from the 00:08:55
council in the meeting that they had on April 10th. 00:08:59
So you can see here there's quite a list. Obviously with council members, everybody has different priorities and this is a great 00:09:06
opportunity for all of those to come forth and be discussed as possible ways that we can spend our capital. 00:09:12
I don't want to insult your intelligence, but I'm just going to read down through them so that those that are just listening can 00:09:21
also see or hear, sorry, council priorities, library and funding. For that we need soccer, fields, park space, phasing. 00:09:30
Recreation tools especially we've been talking about a robot for painting fields, trail lighting and seating. The City Hall that 00:09:40
need that. We need to expand into parking solutions, geotech engineering, innovative research hub. 00:09:49
Economic development and partnerships. 00:09:59
Vehicle tracking. 00:10:02
Mosquito abatement. 00:10:04
Cyber security technology. 00:10:07
Website improvements. 00:10:10
Flyering or community outreach, making sure that the communities aware what's going on. 00:10:13
Our transportation. 00:10:18
Wayfinding. 00:10:21
Amenities for teens? 00:10:22
We're looking forward to finding locations, cemetery, agrotech, Lakeshore enhancements and planning and walk our away. Some of 00:10:25
these we have already addressed and we have I believe Eric has already met with Dan from the county regarding mosquito abatement 00:10:33
and they have graciously offered to come and do a presentation so that we are more informed on what they do there. 00:10:41
Next, I'm just going to go into a list of. 00:10:50
Possible projects. 00:10:53
The first one is actually a carryover from last year. 00:10:56
We have budgeted 270,000 for the beautification of entrances and planned corridors. 107,000 of that was spent this year on street 00:10:59
lighting and so that we have an additional 163 to send this here as a possibility. The skate park design is part of the Central 00:11:05
Corridor Plan. 00:11:11
Facility Facility dumpster enclosures. 00:11:19
Again, I mentioned briefly the field ping robot. 00:11:23
Parks Master Plan with the Impact Fee study. 00:11:28
Resurfaced basketball and pickleball courts. This one falls into the asset preservation that I mentioned briefly earlier. We 00:11:32
obviously need to take care of the assets that we already have and to increase our longevity. 00:11:38
The Public Safety National Plan with Possible Impacts Fee Study. 00:11:45
Tucker Rd. Park and Overpass Design. 00:11:49
We need there's improvements that are needed at the current Public Works building as well as an expansion to the Public Public 00:11:53
Works building. 00:11:57
Modular roundabout. 00:12:03
I'm just going through all these and then if you have questions, we can certainly discuss them. After growth park parking lot 00:12:05
expansion, this also includes storm water and enhancement. 00:12:10
The July 1st fireworks show. 00:12:16
Grant matching, if you recall in the last couple of meetings we've had budget amendments regarding that plan, grant funds and so 00:12:20
that's where we would just like to possibly plan for the possibility of grants coming in and our side of match on that. 00:12:26
And then the last one is the Arts Commission grants. 00:12:33
No, just clarifying. So that's perfect. I'm sorry. 00:12:48
And then the Arts Commission grants that's funded, that's something that they have set aside. In fact tonight later that we, the 00:12:55
council will have the opportunity to review the application for an Arch Commission grant that is provided from RAP Taxes, which is 00:13:02
Recreation, arts and Parks Cultural Fund. And so the prior council had decided to set aside $20,000 a year towards grants that 00:13:09
they can offer to people who are willing to do things to improve our community in that area. 00:13:16
And that is awesome. We do have questions. 00:13:25
Council, do you have any questions? 00:13:30
I just would like a little bit of more information about the roundabouts. I don't think I've heard about any of that. 00:13:34
I'll, I'll defer to the scene, but I know I live in Springville and we have one there, and there was a student that was killed 00:13:41
just above our high school and so they put this modular roundabout in. There was not room there to put in a full roundabout, but 00:13:47
it was a way to slow down traffic and get people used to being more aware of safety in that area. 00:13:53
And it allows for the left hand turns easier. Thank you, Morgan. 00:14:00
Missing. So yeah, send it. Sorry, too close to close for comfort. So it works, Director. And in regards to the line item for 00:14:07
modular roundabouts, again roundabouts is something that's very useful, something that's very that could help with. 00:14:16
For one, traffic calm and slowing down traffic, but also for traffic movements as well. It's it's something that could be 00:14:26
something that can be placed in areas where traffic signals may not be when I say warranted, may not. 00:14:32
Then I'll be. 00:14:39
I like roundabouts. I guess my question is just the modular part. Yes, ma'am. So I'm going back to the office. So on that 00:14:42
conducive like for example an intersection like 600 N and Main Street. I think this has been identified on our translation master 00:14:49
plan as well as voiced some concerns from the public and other other individuals in regards to the traffic movement and of course 00:14:56
being right next to other areas. 00:15:03
Any traffic signal would not work, a stop sign would not work. 00:15:11
Moving forward and then investigating around about the module, around about it, and that's like a right girl, any kind of thing 00:15:15
about the kind of Lego pieces where you put, you put the pieces together through it and that's just built around the belt and more 00:15:20
expeditiously. 00:15:25
On that it's been It's been used in several states. 00:15:32
It's been used in several states when So what they do is they miniature roundabout where our hopes is to make a design for. 00:15:38
A roundabout maybe not full size roundabout, but and have that manufactured and provide to us like built-in suite or built-in suit 00:15:47
in that area. And what that would do is we were looking at that as an option because they're a permanent roundabout at that 00:15:54
particular section of 600 N and Main Street is about two to $3,000,000. We're in module around about would be able to bring that 00:16:01
cost down to about. 00:16:09
Forgive me, but I think it's about 400,000 to about 500,000. We didn't give the actual prices down because it requires engineering 00:16:17
and so forth. 00:16:21
It's been used in Georgia as a temporary basis, but where Georgia would put them, these particular ones say Georgia put them down 00:16:28
and and then follow on with the actual roundabout. The state of Virginia actually still has theirs after like 3-3 or four years 00:16:36
they still have, they still are utilizing this we're looking at investigating A module around about on three intersections 600 N. 00:16:44
As in hallway field and 400 N. 00:16:54
400 S as well as right by Vineyards Elementary along 400 S as well. So that's what this budget I want to cover. 00:16:58
I have a question on that. So can you pull back that slide that showed the dollar amount, So the 600 N and Main Street or, yeah, 00:17:09
Main Street, that's already really congested and it gets backed up pretty bad. So I imagine if you put this modular roundabout, 00:17:16
it's going to make matters worse. We've talked, I've talked to Eric and the mayor about an acceleration lane onto Vineyard 00:17:23
Connector Road and I'd really like that considered it makes more sense because it takes a whole lot of traffic out of lakefront 00:17:30
and right onto Vineyard Connection. 00:17:37
Instead of bottlenecking them worse up in that area. So yeah, that's a very good point and of course the floor anything is 00:17:44
actually implemented on this. What we do is we would get the engineering, get the one engineering studies that's moving forward 00:17:52
underneath the transportation last plan. And we do have funding for my specific like actually doing this assessing, assessing 00:17:59
specific locations, one being 600 N and Main St. as well and then. 00:18:07
Then we would move forward with the actual game design done and this type of purchase. 00:18:15
Council approval and again anyway, but a connection, any other kind of connections onto roads is always looked on in a positive 00:18:19
manner. So the way we look at this is, if we want to do this, what this would do is help provide a protected left turn per SE and 00:18:28
then and any other alternatives would definitely be. 00:18:36
The one that you were talking about, we had some discussions with the OT and forgive me that I haven't, we haven't been able to 00:18:45
kind of corral people together to have further discussions. 00:18:49
So, so the roundabout would. 00:18:54
Would kind of force people to go left and they wouldn't have the ability to turn right or they were just going around. 00:18:56
So they're Center St. and Main Street. So you picked the three, the three places that are the most problematic in the city. Yeah, 00:19:05
we we picked those three places where we saw some good potential in terms of increasing safety and providing for like railway 00:19:12
safety and where we can, I guess. 00:19:20
Easing the roadway off ourselves upside down, it doesn't necessarily mean that we'll move forward on every single one, but before 00:19:29
we actually move forward, we definitely get engineering study done, here's budget for engineering studies, traffic studies and 00:19:37
then and move forward with that. And of course any final purchases we have to go through council. OK, great. Thank you. And then I 00:19:44
had a question on the Tucker Rd. Park overpass design. 00:19:51
Is that are these all projects that are possibly going to happen this year? 00:19:59
Yeah, the technical park Overpass design does that. That's when I should happen because of the project that's that's recently 00:20:08
happened there. It's kind of torn area. The HOA, we've worked with them and they are dedicating that that land to us. So that'll 00:20:15
be kind of a small pocket trailside park. And so this would allow us to to go in and design it and you know make sure we have the 00:20:21
grading correct. 00:20:28
Any of the storm water issues get the travel alignment where it needs to be. 00:20:35
And then any amenities that the council would like to see out of there? 00:20:40
OK. I feel like that's really important. I also feel like where you have excess in the planned corridors budget, maybe you guys 00:20:44
could consider because now we have $142,000 price tag. I've been a little bit curious about this because I've heard so many 00:20:51
citizens ask for the overpass on Mill Rd. So maybe you could use part of that overage to accommodate. 00:20:59
Mill Rd. Pedestrian Overpass. 00:21:09
You may never run on 400 million Fourth North. 00:21:12
Yeah, I think. 00:21:17
To approach you P with and then also we have the central Utah water and the school district out of right there. So there's a lot 00:21:50
it's actually pretty complex project and so. 00:21:54
Anyway, I conceptual level through the TAG grant that would allow us to kind of see what the options are and get some in place and 00:22:01
then once we got agreed upon design and we would pull the trigger on like the engineering of the project. OK, All right. Thank 00:22:07
you. Yeah, no problem. Do we have a schedule for things like early servicing of our pickleball courts? 00:22:14
Maintenance schedule for. 00:22:20
God. Or is that something we could look at doing? Yeah, that's something we could look at doing we already have in place. 00:22:23
But ideally we would want to get that done. 00:22:31
This year. 00:22:33
Yeah. I was wondering specifically about the July 1st fireworks show. Are we partnering with someone on that one? It's the first 00:22:36
I've heard of it. 00:22:39
Yes. So the July 1st fireworks show would be the partnership with Jimmy Rex. He would be funding all of the fireworks. So the 00:22:46
lion's share $30,000 worth of. 00:22:51
Show and then the city would be covering the permitting and some of the cleanup and and some of those line items that that weren't 00:22:56
necessarily figured out last year. But this was kind of wrap that up so that it was an effective show from start to finish. 00:23:04
I like that. I think that there's some things that definitely need to be manicured with that event. I'm kind of disappointed 00:23:14
because I've expressed interest for a long for the past however many months since September 11th that we put funds towards 00:23:19
repeating our September 11th. 00:23:25
What do we call it? Our evening of the drone show and our concert, and it kind of is disappointing to see that we're putting it 00:23:32
towards that instead. I don't think it's that. Instead, I think this list, if I'm understanding this correctly, is just random 00:23:37
things that have come in that. 00:23:43
Showed up and they're saying, here's some things that you guys have prioritized. Here's some things that have come into us. If you 00:23:49
want to add something to the list right now and say, hey, don't forget about the 9/11, go ahead and put it in. And if you'd like 00:23:55
to see this move where you're not doing that or not effectively going after that one, but you want to go after the 9/11 in place 00:24:01
of it instead of both, I think that's something you can voice. I'm voicing that. 00:24:07
Good news, it's in the special events budget already. This is just a separate list, as the mayor was mentioned, So my requests 00:24:15
have been acknowledged. We're we're the Ken Garff over here. 00:24:20
Fantastic news. Thank you. 00:24:27
I'm just sorry, I'm gonna do one more. What the Public Works extension, is that office or is that? 00:24:31
Functional space for staff or what is that? 00:24:38
The worst director said the public works expansion. 00:24:46
OK. Yeah, the building expansion would be to add. 00:24:49
Staff office spaces in that facility. Currently, staff is utilizing warehouse space in order to kind of utilize their workspace. 00:24:54
It's not going to sit through a productive workspace. So it would be specifically just for to have a separate warehouse, warehouse 00:25:01
space and office space. 00:25:08
OK, any other questions on this one? I want the record to show that I learned to be last this time because I'm always jumping on 00:25:19
right. 00:25:23
Um, on the project, while Caraway isn't going to take any funding that's going to be forestry, fire and state lands funding. So 00:25:28
we're not, I don't think we're asking for. I think we just spoke that it was a priority that it get done but no funds would come 00:25:36
out of that. I think in the past two years FSL has continued to work with the city. They've asked for different facilities and 00:25:44
things to come forward. So as you guys go to the wall Caraway meetings and see what needs to be done, I think there was. 00:25:51
There was a funding request for a few things. So you when Amber, I guess you're leaving out on the liaison side, but maybe as you 00:25:59
guys review that content you can bring that back to the council. Yeah, I was in the war meeting today and cities are not going to 00:26:07
be coming in until the very end. And that's why I kind of know like it'll be the Lake Authority and Forestry Finance, they land in 00:26:14
the land owners. So there's just, I mean maybe if if something on the outside of walk our way but there wouldn't be anything on. 00:26:22
Just pointing out that that the Walker away was mentioned on the council priorities, not necessarily on the projects with funding. 00:26:31
Okay okay. I just wanted to make sure. 00:26:35
Yeah. But I think we do need to go. I mean, what Jake's saying, I wasn't at the Walker away meeting, but for anybody that is doing 00:26:40
it on the City side, we probably do want to reassess the ask that we were asked last year for it and see what's happening with 00:26:47
that. I can't remember the exact dollar amount, but is that project moves forward and we don't have it in budget and then that 00:26:54
does get to that point. We're not going to have that on our table. So you'll want to follow up. 00:27:00
OK. It looks like our questions are done on this slide on the budget, since this is the budget topic. 00:27:11
One of the main focuses, obviously. Mine were not asking for anything. Almost all of mine were a review of not cutting but just 00:27:17
evaluating like the vehicle policy. 00:27:23
The gas policy driving where like out of county, our meeting and food policy and then our travel out of state, are we are you 00:27:30
presenting those as well with the budget or is it something that we as a council need to be working on? 00:27:38
Deductions have been taken. We can highlight those at that time, right? But the budget is also putting guidelines or parameters 00:28:19
of, hey, here's the total budget with these rules in place, we are therefore giving you this money. So those policies go hand in 00:28:26
hand, right? We're not just, hey, these are the total dollar amounts. And then later we work on policies. So all of all of the 00:28:33
requests that you have for the budget will be implemented with the budget, yes. 00:28:41
In our coming, in our council meetings coming up, we can say, OK, here is the policy, this is what staff saw in it. This is where 00:29:22
they feel this could happen. Or this is going to the council and the council can vote on if they want to change that policy. So 00:29:28
there's a few things that you brought forward that might be policy, might just be implementation, but it'll go along with the 00:29:34
budget. So who's leading that? Is it? Is it a staff member? And then who on the council's involved in that and can I be involved? 00:29:40
I'm over the agenda. 00:29:46
And so anything that's running for the policy I'm taking on and making sure that your requests are made and then all of the staff 00:29:53
is implementing it and Erics leading out on that and working with staff to take care of that and then still report it back to the 00:29:58
full council. So you guys will all receive it. 00:30:02
So what's the timeline on that? 00:30:09
For the budget before July 1st or something, yeah, it'll happen. So that you have all of that information in tandem with doing the 00:30:11
tentative and as we're going through the tentative budget process, OK. And then the last thing, the request that we didn't give a 00:30:18
set number but we were saying that each instead of doing generalized categories of. 00:30:25
Policy and the council can determine if they want to change anything on that. 00:31:06
OK, it sounds like nothing like to be honest. I feel like it like. 00:31:14
Like at the final, my guess is that what we'll do is we'll pull it in and then the council will be able to talk about it and you 00:32:22
guys will be able to set those parameters and vote on it if there's changes that need to be made. 00:32:27
I'd love to be in the meeting process if I can. I was thinking we would have it in public. 00:32:33
OK. Any other questions? If not, we're going to go ahead and move on to the next part of this presentation. 00:32:44
I agree Eric is. So as Christy mentioned, I'm going to talk a little bit about the personnel side of things. So just kind of 00:32:51
giving council a heads up on how this works for the compensation for personnel within within the city, so. 00:32:59
As far as Mayor and Council is concerned, their responsibility is to establish a percentage in the budget allocated to raises each 00:33:08
year What the city does. As far as kind of guiding that process, Vineyard has established A systematic approach for annual pay 00:33:16
increases. We utilize the annual CPI and performance evaluations. 00:33:24
The role of management staff is to determine individual pay increases based on performance evaluation criteria. 00:33:33
Considerations Pay increases are contingent on budget constraints and criteria for fulfillment, and they are not assumed to be 00:33:41
automatic. They're subject to council review annually. 00:33:47
Pay range adjustments, evaluation of pay ranges take place by any biennially to ensure competitiveness with the local market. So 00:33:54
our HR department does, every two years they do a big review, they do full comparisons from neighboring cities and and build an 00:34:04
outline for the entire city for all types of staff at all different levels to make sure that we're within that those pay ranges. 00:34:13
And yeah. 00:34:25
As far as consideration for merit and COLA adjustments, cost of living adjustment is what that stands for, I think. 00:34:28
We use comparable cities as well. 00:34:38
This year, as you look at the bottom of that, the CPI is at 3.5% and. 00:34:41
Then we also use salary increase to offset employee contributions to retirement is one of the options we're looking at today. 00:34:49
Ensuring competitive compensation practices for talent retention is kind of the purpose behind making sure that on an annual basis 00:34:56
we're keeping up with with neighboring cities so that we can retain our good talent that we have here. 00:35:03
This year, the URS Tier 2 hybrid pension group, so that's not everyone. It depends on when you started working within the URS 00:35:11
system. For anyone that chose, I think it's 2013 and or 2012 and beyond have the option to choose the Tier 2 hybrid because of. 00:35:21
We could probably get AUR presentation, but because of the increases post COVID to salaries across the state. 00:35:33
There is a reduction. Normally when you're on this hybrid plan, a portion, a fairly large portion of of the contribution goes 00:35:42
towards a pension and anything remaining goes into a 401K and that that is based on 10% of the employees growth wages. 00:35:53
Because that this year we're actually over the 10%, it created that .7% requirement that that employees were more or less on the 00:36:06
hook for. Most other cities this year are providing staff that are in the Tier 2 hybrid pension plan with a .7% increase to cover 00:36:15
that deficiency from the URS contribution requirements. 00:36:24
So it'll show up on their pay on their payroll. As the .7% increase, it'll automatically be deducted and go into their pension. 00:36:34
Contribution. 00:36:46
That's that's what most most cities are doing. 00:36:48
And that's about it. So typically what we would do is we would look at the CPI 3.5% and then look for an amount that could be 00:36:53
provided to staff based on merit. So as mentioned earlier, we do performance reviews of all of our staff and and the the range of 00:37:02
that can be 1 to a couple percent that is that is merit based depending on. 00:37:11
How stellar they are or how mediocre they are. 00:37:21
Great. Any questions? 00:37:26
OK. It looks like there are no questions. We'll go ahead and move on to our public comments. Thank you so much for presenting that 00:37:30
and getting us warmed up for our tentative budget. Now is the time for public comments. It looks like there's a lot of people here 00:37:37
to chat with this exciting. This is a time to say things that are not on the agenda and to share your concerns with us or your 00:37:44
solutions and ideas. 00:37:51
Please come up to the microphone, state your name, and I'm going to Can you raise your hand? If you were wanting to speak? Let's 00:37:59
see one Keep them up high so I can count. 00:38:04
OK. Everybody's going to get 2 minutes. So I'm going to set the time limit to 15 minutes for this group and just follow right 00:38:13
after somebody is done. You're going to go ahead, state your name, where you live in the general area and then your comment. And 00:38:22
then I will address you afterwards or I will direct you to people that can help you with your comment, OK. 00:38:30
Go ahead, Sony McGrath let's him in our neighborhood. Can you hear me OK? Yes. 00:38:39
OK, I've been a resident of India since 2015. I'm here to discuss a serious issue. During the past election, the vast majority of 00:38:45
the political discourse in this city took place via Facebook Groups, private groups. The largest groups, the largest one, has 00:38:52
close to 5000 people. Within a town of 15,000 people, it's probably just about majority of the years. 00:38:59
Voting Age Citizens at the center of the Political Discourse is a group of 525 people called In Your Political, founded and 00:39:07
managed by Council member Jacob Holloway. 00:39:12
The others in the group are also administered in the rest of the citywide groups. Now, most residents, I think, aren't aware of 00:39:18
how deeply connected these groups are, but the result is the private citizens. The Voices agreement are subjected regularly to 00:39:24
personal attacks and sometimes work from those groups. 00:39:31
Without breaking in a rule, without warning or an explanation, I myself was blocked from those groups for calling attention to 00:39:38
intimidation tactics. 00:39:42
But when I do, I do so civilly and with consideration. Now, last night, one of the admins of the councilman's group took a 00:40:18
screenshot of a post shared by my husband on my personal Facebook account. 00:40:23
And posted it to being a Politico, since sitting in the back. It included a picture of my children. I just want to make sure we 00:40:29
refrain from pointing or talking about people in the room. Go ahead. It included a picture of my children. My heart dropped when I 00:40:36
saw the faces of my kids exposed in a highly engaged political group of 525 strangers ridiculing me. 00:40:44
And attacking my integrity. 00:40:52
I would like to say that this was done without knowledge of Council member We're not for the fact that he clicked on a lot of most 00:40:54
vicious comments in the group. For the record, my children are off limits. 00:41:00
I apologize if I'm a little bit emotional, but they are off limits. They are 13 and 15. They are minors and their faces have no 00:41:07
business broken up in your political group. I'm here talking to this council to raise awareness against this kind of intimidation. 00:41:13
Intentional or not, it's intimidation against me and anybody that is watching. 00:41:19
Who would want to disagree with anything said by a public official when the cost for one citizen is so high? 00:41:27
Off limits. OK. We're going to address comments after. Go ahead. Come on up. 00:41:35
Hi David Larae live on hallway Rd. 00:41:45
Sonia. 00:41:48
If it doesn't, I will direct you elsewhere at this time or or direct you to personal conversations. So please, let's maintain 00:42:25
decorum and respect for the people in the room. Go ahead. 00:42:32
Oh, I wouldn't. 00:42:39
Oh, oh, thank you. Thank you. 00:42:41
We missed much of what was said. Fill the emotion because we're not getting OK. 00:42:43
Recording that it's not coming out of the speaker. Is there a way that we can solve that so the people in the room can hear? 00:42:50
See if that works. How's that? Oh, that's much better. Thank you. Thank you for that. 00:43:01
So I'm David Array. I'm a resident here. I would like to 2nd the comment was just made about involving minors in the so forth. I 00:43:06
think that's an appropriate also. And so I also I feel sorry that those kinds of discourse things happen. I don't support that 00:43:13
just for my part of the record. My issue is I want to talk about tonight is it at one point in our in the discussions for the 00:43:20
Holdaway Farms. 00:43:28
I guess it was tournament time or whatever, but the point is it was just really bad. So having a second Ave. to get in and out of 00:44:19
that area would be woody, enhance the safety of the neighborhood. And so it'd be. And so I'm wondering if if something could be 00:44:25
done to to revise to revive that commitment that was made to make that connection so we can be a little safer all around. Thank 00:44:32
you. Thank you. 00:44:39
Hi, Nicole Francis. I live in the Cottonwoods. I'm here primarily for what is on the agenda, but since it's not directly related 00:44:50
to it, I was wondering if we could talk about. 00:44:55
The unregulated rentals of houses in that neighborhood. Specifically, we'd like several neighbors have provided information on 00:45:02
people putting up rentals for the upstairs and renting out like 5 or 6. 00:45:10
People, adults, and then subsequently also renting out the basement and I know it violates the city rules, but there doesn't seem 00:45:18
to be any way to enforce those rules. I've even talked to people and. 00:45:25
That doesn't seem to be a priority or a way that they can enforce it, and it does relate to the Firehouse coming in. Like I 00:45:32
imagine they'll have to put up fire lanes to block parking along the area to allow. 00:45:38
The them access because right now it's like choked in with cars on either side and in particular where they're proposing there's 00:45:46
like. 00:45:51
Two car garages with a like skinny lane on the side. They're especially narrower lots, but we've provided evidence of people 00:45:57
renting out those houses already while they're still not even occupied. So just a general concern for parking in the neighborhood. 00:46:05
It's becoming really congested and difficult to navigate. Thank you. 00:46:12
Karen Cornelius speaking with that. 00:46:30
Karen Cornelius from your resident Jacob. Could I ask you to give one of these to everyone on the council? 00:46:33
I would like to revisit our December 13th meeting. 00:46:40
Not hoping that to cause nightmares for anyone but. 00:46:44
I'm sharing with you tonight a motion made by former council member Flake. 00:46:48
At the last council meeting, on his last council meeting on December 13th, 2023, just after he told the sheriff if they don't shut 00:46:53
up, take him out. 00:46:59
Referring to us, the vineyard residents. 00:47:04
It reads I move to approve consent item 6.7. 00:47:08
Listen to these words carefully, understanding the new Council can reverse this motion in two weeks. 00:47:14
This motion passed with one nay from Council Member Sifuentes. So he got that information from Jamie's. Well, let me go back 00:47:22
Jamie's words as can be heard in the meeting recording at about one hour and 25 minutes. He explained this as an amendment for 00:47:32
appointment and removal of city officers. We heard our mayor tell us probably a dozen times that night. 00:47:42
But there was no change to policy by what she was proposing. Well. 00:47:52
Marty shared her concerns and she felt like with as much redlining was on this paper, that it indicated change and she tried hard 00:48:00
to postpone this vote so that we would have more time to consider it. 00:48:07
But by definition, an amendment is a change or an addition to the terms of a contract or documents. And yet we heard over and over 00:48:15
and over that there was no change. 00:48:21
So by definition, 6.7 did change the existing code. 00:48:28
And as can be heard further on this recording, the mayor said to Jacob, who was struggling with such a decision. 00:48:34
By being made by a lame duck council. If you don't like it, just change it. That was your words on the recording. So back to 00:48:42
Council Member Flakes motion. 00:48:47
He said I moved to approve the consent item 6.7 understanding the new council can reverse this motion in two weeks. 00:48:53
With the understanding that the meaning of reverse is being that you turn back or return. 00:49:01
This motion made by Council Member Flake is not valid. It means that our current Council can vote on returning this item 6.7 to 00:49:09
its original wording and the three two simple majority stands. Otherwise, this motion is totally invalid. Thank you. 00:49:18
Daria Evans, Villas Resident I would like to publicly thank Kash Kancy and Brian Vaudrey. 00:49:41
Last night I submitted a question to the town hall and cash answered my question today. I was so grateful for that. And Brian also 00:49:51
answered my questions previously that I had about the sun shades that will eventually get here. And so I'm grateful for that. I 00:49:59
appreciate the staff that worked really hard. Thank you. Also I want to express appreciation to those volunteers of planting the 00:50:07
native plants along Lakeshore. I think that's good, a good thing to do. Today a resident asked me about a law enforcement. 00:50:15
Speed limits on Vineyard Loop Rd. 00:50:24
It's getting really fast and I would, I want to go back and tell that resident I've talked with City Council and they're going to 00:50:27
do something. I want to give them a positive feedback. And also I talked to Mr. Gandal earlier, a year ago about possibly getting 00:50:37
speed limit signs in our villas community, the 25, and we really would like, I really would like to get that now because. 00:50:47
It is being used as a cut through from 4th South to Six North. 00:50:58
People aren't using that as an alternative of going around Main Street to get to the other areas. 00:51:03
And I have another question, does FL need to approve or consent to the plans for the vineyard beach improvement? 00:51:10
I don't want to put the cart before the horse. 00:51:21
With the Vineyard Beach improvement and also I have a question about a municipal item title three amendment. Today the business 00:51:24
item, will the public be able to see the criteria? That whole amendment seems pretty vague. Thank you. 00:51:34
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Can you come back to the microphone? You said the Title 3 that's on the agenda today, right? She felt like 00:51:46
that is big. OK. Thank you. Thank you. 00:51:50
My name is David Pierce. I live in the Cascade neighborhood. 00:51:59
And. 00:52:03
I just want to say that Vineyard, like a lot of other cities and communities, has its challenges. But sometimes. 00:52:05
We forget. 00:52:17
All the positive things that happen in the city. 00:52:19
Now I've lived in a lot of different cities and towns, and there are some even the size of vineyards that don't have a recreation 00:52:23
program like we have. 00:52:30
Let alone have a scholarship program for those who can afford to participate, who don't do things like birthday or have impact 00:52:37
fairs where people can come together with. This is what's happening. This is where you can participate in the community and to 00:52:44
have a list of. 00:52:50
Proclamations. 00:52:59
That's wonderful. 00:53:03
It doesn't. 00:53:07
There are a lot of folks who don't care about this little thing. 00:53:09
But there are some, and there are some who don't care about this thing. 00:53:15
For that event or this proclamation but. 00:53:21
Taken as a whole. 00:53:24
That just enriches our community. 00:53:26
Enriches our neighborhood. 00:53:31
And I firmly believe that the difference between a group of people who haven't, who happened to live in the same area. 00:53:34
And a community. 00:53:44
Is where someone says you know. 00:53:47
I care about that person across the street, or I care about that person across town. Or I'm willing to give my time a little bit 00:53:51
so that this neighbor several blocks away will have opportunities, positive opportunities. 00:54:01
That's humanity. 00:54:13
We have our challenges, but we have so much going for us. This is, this is a wonderful community for Jane and I. It's a dream 00:54:15
community. 00:54:21
And that's what I want to say. Thank you. 00:54:27
I. 00:54:32
Other one, thanks. I'm Kimberly Olson from Lakefront. 00:54:44
Just one quick note till we get a little bit more notice for like town halls. Hello Mr. Council, town halls. So that if we could 00:54:49
move some things around to make it, we have a little bit of time maybe like 72 hours to a week. That's just one note. And then in 00:54:56
my profession we I create several. They're called council practice. 00:55:04
4 council meetings, just as this, and all of them include a couple of things. 00:55:14
One of them is a payment approval report of all payments to be issued by the city over $5000, so it's customary for council to 00:55:18
have that in front of them so that they can just. 00:55:24
Be the oversight that we tend to expect them to be as well as an updated revenue to expenditures compared to budget to see up to 00:55:31
date totals. So as they're making decisions on how to spend funds, they can just see where we're at for the year, what we have 00:55:36
remaining and and just have the best information in front of them. If we aren't currently doing this, I was wondering if we could 00:55:42
implement something like that for council to get that in front of them so that they have the best, most up-to-date information to 00:55:47
make decisions. 00:55:53
For consent items that tend to be voted on together. 00:56:00
Which I totally I totally get the need for them to not make these meetings last forever. 00:56:04
Could a maximum fiscal impact somewhere be included and just really obvious? 00:56:11
So like I was going through the planning contracts and there were like hourly rates, but you know what's the budget for that, 00:56:18
what's the planned expenditures just just so that yeah, we can go them through together, but especially you guys know the the 00:56:24
fiscal impact of those folks as you vote them in. 00:56:29
And then on April 26, the World Trade Center was approved by the City Council for $50,000. It was expensive to the Planning 00:56:35
Department, but according to Venture City's records, the day before, an invoice for $3750 to a World Trade Center conference in 00:56:42
Europe was expensive to our RDA funds. The corresponding flights and travel expenses were also paid from the RDA funds in April 00:56:48
2023 and June 2023. 00:56:55
Another 100,000 was renewed in council meeting for two future years for $100,000. This was also a consent item. 00:57:03
With no obvious cost to correspond with the consent item, on January 10th, 2024, an invoice was expensed for 50,001 year of that 00:57:13
to the RDA and another 50,000 to capital expense. 00:57:20
Is there a detention to move that to the balance sheet as a prepaid expense? 00:57:30
And then we moved into next year's budget as is customary for like a prepaid due or whatnot. 00:57:34
And if so, if that budget item doesn't pass, is there an intent to ask for a refund? And then I just wanted clarification on why 00:57:43
some goes to the city funds and some goes to RDA. I thought that was the land cleanup. I could be wrong and there could be other 00:57:49
parameters that I don't know about. And then I just wanted to know if there's any plan to send any staff or elected officials 00:57:55
abroad in the coming two years. 00:58:00
City access phone just for use for business. OK. Thank you. 00:58:41
OK. We're going to go ahead and close public comment. Thank you all for speaking today. 00:58:51
Let's see, I'm going to go through a few of these and direct you to some staff. I really appreciate you taking the time to share. 00:58:57
As far as the Holdaway Farms 400 S we can follow up on that and and see where we are with build out and phasing and see if they're 00:59:04
able to do something like that. I'll I'll have our staff look into that and get back to you. Nicole, regarding the rental 00:59:12
enforcement, that's something that you're going to want to leave your contact information on the sheet over here. 00:59:19
And we will follow up. I don't know what kind of time you have, but at least we can jump on a call and we can talk about the 00:59:27
process there. But it's good to be aware of as we are looking at parking in the area. So thanks for bringing that to our attention 00:59:34
today. Let's see, Karen, thanks for bringing that forward. Again, I apologize if we weren't able to get you together to talk to 00:59:41
Legal last time, but we'll go ahead and we'll connect you on your concerns. Daria, thank you so much for your comments. 00:59:49
Let's see, there was something speed signs. I wanted to make sure that you were able to touch base with the same. There's a form 00:59:57
that you fill out for changing signs that go into your neighborhood. If you haven't been able to fill out that sign, that sneak 01:00:03
will get you connected with that, because that's going to be the fastest way to get a stop sign. And if you haven't known about 01:00:09
it, we'll we'll connect you. 01:00:15
Title 3, we'll get into that tonight and we will talk more about that and FSL. I'm going to connect you with Eric after and he can 01:00:22
explain the speech process and the financing that goes on with that. Let's see. 01:00:29
At this point, we are going to jump into our Mayor and Council member reports. Jake, I know you wanted to talk. I just want to set 01:01:12
up some just guidelines for Decorum. I know there's opportunities to have discussions that are brought to the table. I really want 01:01:19
to focus on city business and and keep that going. If you want to make a comment, let's. 01:01:26
I support you guys and making comments, but let's try to do it in a way that is meaningful and also. 01:01:34
6 To a good time so that we can get through this meeting. So I'm going to start with you, Jake, because I think I started down 01:01:42
here last time, so yeah. 01:01:47
Feel horrible about your kids. I know what it's like being a public official. I, my kids, got a text message during the campaign 01:01:52
and I know what it's like. It sucks. So I apologize. No, I am a member of that group and I'm the founder of it. I'm very proud of 01:02:01
of the new Politico. I do notice course is horrible at times and I've probably gone in there five or six different times. 01:02:09
But the freedoms to? 01:02:18
Organize against our government are the foundings of our country. 01:02:22
You know, in December 16th 1773, when we didn't agree with England, we decided to enclose barn houses and whatnot. 01:02:28
Organize against things that we didn't agree with. And that's that's something that Vineyard Politico is. If you go into the main 01:02:40
page and you can read it, if you if anyone wants to go in and ask it, it makes it very clear that this is a political group. 01:02:49
That organizes ideas and I share with staff and I remind people of that constantly. I engage in public groups all the time. 01:02:58
You could always engage me if you'd ever want to engage like we're, I think we're friends in three different groups and so that we 01:03:05
always have to separate the difference between a public official, a political official and a private citizen. So I apologize for 01:03:13
you today and your kids. You know, that's that shouldn't be there. When I was elected, I turned over Vineyard Politico moderation 01:03:21
to five individuals that can verify that, Mike Cox, Kimberly Olsen, Cole Kelly and Crystal Price. 01:03:28
For that purpose, to approve or deny content so that I am not over that body. OK, now I do go in there quite a few times and I 01:03:36
say, hey, knock it off in the last 24 hours, yeah, your post was pretty troubling and yeah, I didn't like it. So anyway. 01:03:45
Do you want to say anything else that I'm not going to have discourse back and forth, but you're welcome. Let's talk after because 01:03:56
I I hope there's no hard feelings, but yeah, so. 01:04:01
This is my time, right? 01:04:07
Yes, you may continue. 01:04:09
Can I, can I say something now? Sure. You guys can go back and forth between each other. I really, let's have it be meaningful and 01:04:13
to the point that correction as we'll discuss. Hold on one second, say that in just a minute actually I'm going to give it to 01:04:21
Marty. I said I'll give Amber the first one. I'm sorry to interrupt. Marty, I just wanted to clarify that they use the voter 01:04:28
registration. So if it went to your children, I would like to get that figured out. 01:04:35
Yeah, my daughter's phone has a number that was that was an older phone that. Yeah, I get it. I don't know how my my wife, my 01:04:44
daughter changed her phone number so. 01:04:48
I'm going to give it to Marty. 01:04:55
Did he want to respond to something before? No. I I think me and Amber, I made peace with what happened. I just, I'm, I was now 01:05:02
invited into that group and I've learned that commenting isn't the safest place. I just want to say for the record, because this 01:05:09
is, this is public record we're supposed to speak through. 01:05:16
I don't agree with you. You don't publicly tell people to calm down typically. I just feel like that needs to be stated. 01:05:24
I just in your group publicly you you seem to write and you seem to encourage that diet. 01:05:32
Dialogue. We're not going to have commentary between the council. Yeah, I got on there quite emotional and made some pretty 01:05:40
emotional videos about being kind. So and that's fine. I just wanted to state that for the record. And then also just like, and I 01:05:46
know this is not city business, but I just want to say for the record, it would be great if you called it like what it was because 01:05:53
Vineyard Politico, when I first came out, I was really confused why I couldn't be in it, because I live in Vineyard and I was 01:06:00
interested in politics. 01:06:06
So. 01:06:14
Political areas. 01:06:50
And be a private person in private areas, you know. So if anyone ever approached me and said I would like this comment, even 01:06:50
though it is private because there's probably 20 people that say I don't agree with you, but I want to know what you say and they 01:06:56
are respectful. I've allowed them in the group. 01:07:01
So if somebody wants to be in there and not. Yeah. And other people have said like, yeah, we don't get agreed. I don't feel like 01:07:07
it's a good. But I'm saying for those that, yeah, there's certain people I don't, but there are certain people I have. All right, 01:07:13
thank you. Let's go ahead and move on to the next item of business here. So, yeah, so. 01:07:20
All right. 01:07:28
You guys, I reviewed the General Ledger and I'm. 01:07:30
Disappointed in in some things that I do want to address. 01:07:34
I'm glad that Kim brought this up, but I think these problems could be solved easy if most of our cities around us do provide a 01:07:39
payment approval report on a monthly basis. 01:07:43
And I think we as citizens when we do that or if we allow that to be available to citizens. So is there any way we could? 01:07:49
Can I do that? Can I do that? 01:08:34
A point of order that that is inappropriate. Can I make a point of order? I wasn't saying no, he couldn't make a motion. I was 01:08:36
saying that's not true, that I'm not responding to you on things that are getting on the agenda. I mean, we're discussing things 01:08:43
that are on the agenda that you care about. It takes time to get certain things that get you care about. We're trying to get 01:08:50
information for the things that you've cared about. And even if you vote on it, we will still need to obtain information. 01:08:57
In order to get the money agenda. So if you want to, if you want to make a motion, however, Jamie outlines that for you, I'm more 01:09:05
than happy to. 01:09:09
Meetings that we discussed two weeks or a month, I don't know. If I give a date, what am I? What am I supposed to do? Date me on 01:09:14
that. As long as the motion is procedural of what you want on a future agenda, you can make that. I would like to make a motion on 01:09:21
a future agenda to discuss and vote the payment approval report on a monthly basis available to citizens and. 01:09:28
Council, so I have a second. 01:09:36
There was a comment that she said they did it quarterly. 01:09:42
Did you wanna amend your emotion or no? I definitely engage the cities of this on a monthly basis. OK, we have a first. Can I get 01:09:46
a second, second, Second by Sarah. Is there any discussion? So we're just voting on putting on a future agenda to discuss it. 01:09:55
Yeah. Is that OK, All in favor? Aye. Any opposed? All right. Next the next is the World Trade Center Ambassador memberships and 01:10:06
the disclosure process. I was in the December meeting and I did, I was present during the consent items and didn't understand and 01:10:14
and how that was looking through the general Ledger, I did see that. 01:10:22
We we did go through and do that and I don't I don't like that process and so I would like to put on it as a as an item for 01:10:31
approval to discuss how that how. 01:10:38
Our public disclosure during are required for consent items. 01:10:47
That what that process is. 01:10:53
I make a motion, do I have a second hold on, I don't really know what you're saying, A public disclosure meaning, yeah, I would 01:10:56
like a review of our public disclosure of consent items and the process of what is given to us and citizens and maximum impact. 01:11:04
Yeah, the maximum impact dollar amount, just the whole process of how what information is given to us as consent items and to the 01:11:11
citizens and just discuss that policy as a group. 01:11:18
Second OK, we have a first night. Take a second by Amber. Any discussion? 01:11:27
Does the staff understand the motion? 01:11:33
OK. All in favor. Aye. All right. 01:11:36
The next thing that I would like to discuss is. 01:11:43
With the public private partnerships and if I ask the wrong question and this can't be discussed here and we need to do you know? 01:11:48
We with that you those ambassadorships you are traveling in the mayor or anyone? Is it the mayor you travel with World Trade 01:11:59
Center but travel privately with your own hotel and airfare? Is that is my understanding that correctly? 01:12:09
I don't think I'm understanding what you're saying. I'm trying to understand the World Trade Center ambassador membership process. 01:12:19
So publicly we pay for the $50,000. And with that 50,000, you travel publicly under the name of mayor, but yet you. Oh, I see what 01:12:29
you're asking privately for the hotel and airport discussion that we put on the agenda next time for the World Trade Center. 01:12:38
I would love to answer this. So what you're saying is that anytime I go anywhere and I use the term mayor if I. 01:12:49
Just when you travel under the World Trade Center Ambassador membership or under the well, I think then you need to clarify if you 01:13:00
are saying that if I go somewhere with a group, if I were to benefit like we had two employees go because part of the membership 01:13:08
is to go on a governor LED trade mission, is that you get prioritized and going on this. 01:13:16
And so you're saying that the membership allows you to do this, but if the membership isn't? 01:13:24
Isn't allowing me to go anywhere. But I just happened to go there. You would like me to do what? No, what? What I'm trying to 01:13:31
understand at this point at the beginning is when you go. So I think we probably should delineate India or Ukraine. I know Ukraine 01:13:38
is the Utah Aerospace Association. And so you're saying if I go on a trip? 01:13:46
And I pay for myself. You would like me to do what I'm asking if are you and my wife paying for the hotel and airfare privately? 01:14:30
So if I go to Waco, you're saying, do I pay for it privately when I do something privately with my own funds? No. What I'm 01:14:38
understanding is that these memberships we only get because of city funds. OK, So you're saying that I'm benefiting from the 01:14:45
membership to participate? I'm confused that what you're asking me. I would like to know with those memberships. 01:14:53
When you go to. 01:15:01
India and Ukraine, when you did, did you pay for the airfare and hotels privately? Now what you're saying is the city didn't pay. 01:15:04
What you're saying is with those memberships, but with those memberships is not. It's not a good question because you're alluding 01:15:10
to the idea that I was somehow benefiting from the membership that we're having. And I want to clarify for the public, when you 01:15:17
ask the statement that says with those memberships, you're eluding something and that's confusing it see the doubt in people, It 01:15:23
makes it think that somehow I am. 01:15:29
I am benefiting off of membership. Not saying you're better, I am. I'm clarifying your words for the public so that they 01:15:36
understand what we're saying. And yes, if I'm traveling personally anywhere, including trips to India, Ukraine, Waco, wherever I'm 01:15:43
going, I would pay for them personally. If you're asking me, have I gone on any trips where the taxpayer dollars of the people 01:15:50
sitting in the room have have brought me on a trip across the world? No, There have been no taxpayer dollars that have gone 01:15:56
towards funding my trips anywhere, So. 01:16:03
That's why I think it's a word salad there. You need to be careful what I'm asking. That's exactly what I'm saying to you. You are 01:16:10
making a word salad where you're alluding to things. Mayor, Mayor, I'm asking. 01:16:16
When you used these memberships. 01:16:23
And they are paid and owned by the taxpayer of vineyards. 01:16:26
And you traveled. Did you in fact use and pay for your hotel and airfare privately? I love what you're saying when I use those 01:16:31
memberships. They have been to network, to go and go to meetings and meet professionals and help. No, I'm answering you. You will 01:16:39
give me the same respect that I'm giving to answer my questions. Ask me your questions when I use the memberships. It has been in 01:16:47
state and to these meetings that have been very beneficial to the people of this community. 01:16:55
Now when we've used the membership to go on a government LED, governor LED trade mission, we sent two of our employees there. Now 01:17:04
when I I know what you're talking about, when I went on a trip, I was not using memberships and there's a big difference in it. 01:17:12
And did I pay for myself to go on trips that I took? Absolutely. OK, mayor. But going back to that question, did you pay for the 01:17:20
hotel and airfare specifically in the India and Ukraine trips? 01:17:28
Privately. 01:17:36
Yes, I paid for myself on all trips I go on that are personal. Let's focus on those two. Yes, But I I'm clarifying because you're 01:17:38
you're putting them into a bubble. And I'm saying on any trip that I go to, like I went to Waco. I was the mayor when I went to 01:17:44
Waco, I toured the facility and I said, you know what? I'm the mayor of this small town. We are really looking at doing something 01:17:50
similar in our promenade. I said I was the mayor and I paid for it myself and I did it for the people here, OK, Because I'm always 01:17:56
the mayor, so mayor. 01:18:02
If you are traveling on mayor official business and we the taxpayer are paying for these memberships, yes, and if I was 01:18:08
benefiting. 01:18:14
Why are the taxpayers not paying for the airfare and travel? OK, and I'll close again. If I was going on our memberships, it would 01:18:21
be different. I'm not saying on the membership you did actually use those exact words. 01:18:29
Right. But you're on the membership of the mayor, right? I am always the mayor. That's just what I'm trying to tell you. Sometimes 01:18:37
in your home, you're not the mayor. I I can't just always the mayor. Trust me. My husband would say, wow, you're still the mayor. 01:18:42
You know what I mean? This is amazing. 01:18:47
It's not facetious. This is what you're trying to do is allude that I'm benefiting now you are No what I'm what I'm trying to 01:18:54
allude to is that when a if you want to know why, I OK. 01:19:01
Where when somebody uses a $22,000 membership for Utah or the 50 and you travel in official capacity as the mayor, the liability 01:19:09
of you being in war-torn Ukraine, like where bullets and tanks and I saw everything and you representing us. 01:19:19
That is our business. So if you're if you're doing hey I am going to pay half of I'm paying my airfare then that's as a private 01:19:30
right so. 01:19:36
What part of these missions are public? 01:19:44
I must not be clarifying this, yeah. So let me clarify. I am not traveling under the memberships that we pay for in the city. 01:19:49
That that is available to the public through this membership now on anything. If anybody asks me to go somewhere and I think it's 01:20:34
a benefit to the community, but I don't want to expend taxpayer dollars on it and I can spend my own funds, I can and I can travel 01:20:40
and it's not a liability for the community because if I die in a war-torn country, the liability falls solely on me because I'm 01:20:47
not traveling under the taxpayer dollars. I'm not traveling under a membership. I'm not traveling under the city. I'm paying for 01:20:53
it specifically. 01:21:00
Now listen, so every question that you're asking is irrelevant and not a concern of the taxpayer dollars. Well, you think that it 01:21:07
is because you think I'm benefiting from the membership. 01:21:14
Go and talk about my personal life or expenditures if you want to know how ideas that I have that I'm bringing back, that I see on 01:21:56
any trip in Waco or anywhere that I've ever been. Like when I tour Top Golf. I'm more than happy to talk about that, but I will 01:22:04
not do it as part of this discussion. World Trade Center, was that a motion? Well, I made a motion. All right. We have a motion by 01:22:12
Marty. Can I get a second by Amber, Any discussion all in favor? Yes, please go ahead and make the clarification on the motion. 01:22:20
I think we need to be careful in the discussion that it isn't. 01:22:28
We think you're guilty unless you can prove to us that you're innocent. 01:22:33
On a topic. And so I would just ask that the motion for the thing to be on the city agenda, not be about individuals personal 01:22:38
life, even if they happen to be public officials, but that it be kept to. 01:22:45
Memberships, city expenditures, city budgets, city business and not stray from that box. Also I would like to ask, is it OK if we 01:22:54
have it as a work session if we have no emotion that needs to be made on it? Unless you're looking to add something into the 01:23:01
budget, I'm happy to make it a work session. And then if we want, if we need to vote on something, we could put that on a few. 01:23:09
There's been an amended motion by Marty, second by Amber. Any discussion? 01:23:16
Yeah, I think when we spoke about it, Marty, it was inviting them World Trade Center to come in and give us a package 01:23:24
understanding of the differences and I didn't specifically staff wants to present it or if they feel that World Trade Center would 01:23:30
be best to present it. I don't have a preference. And could we also include Utah Aerospace Association as well G 47 or whatever 01:23:37
they call them, I feel comfortable with that. 01:23:43
An amended motion. Can I have a second second by Amber? Any discussion? 01:23:51
All in favor. Aye. All right. Thank you. 01:23:56
All right, I'm going to go ahead. Are you done? OK, listen, we've got to get through. I will let you continue, but I want to 01:24:00
remind the council, we're really trying to keep these reports for like 3 minutes so that we can move. 01:24:07
I submit my items to be on the agenda. The only time I get is during my conference report, so I use it wisely. So here we go. The 01:24:16
next is I had a very spirited debate with Sonia and others about. 01:24:23
Umm, our bill and we're going to be talking about it up here. 01:24:32
One of the conversations came to our. 01:24:38
Discussion. No, we're not talking about 3. We're talking about something prior. 01:24:42
So. 01:24:47
Yeah, yeah. Umm, in the context it came up as you guys know, Representative Abbott contacted me about some concerns about a bill 01:24:49
and there was some back and forth of if our lobbyist was or was not in in involved. And it it is now that he was involved, but the 01:25:00
conversation has now shifted to he was involved but he was representing a different county. 01:25:10
And this is the second time that our lobbyists has had an issue whether it be with. 01:25:22
Umm, being a lobbyist of our city and being an owner in LRS. I also know that through bankruptcy hearings he's a significant 01:25:28
financial. 01:25:34
So he's getting paid on both sides. 01:25:41
Just in the last week. I know that'll be coming out sooner, but that's the second conflict. 01:25:43
I obviously understand that he represents us because he's he was paid an additional $100,000 last year on top of his contract and 01:25:50
in a back and forth on Facebook. It was no, he's working, but he's representing somebody else, at which point I say another 01:25:56
conflict of interest. 01:26:02
So I would like to make a point of order to discuss how our lobbyist conflict of what is our conflict of interest policy. I know 01:26:09
in speaking with our attorney that the. 01:26:15
Lieutenant governor is very LAX on that issue and it becomes very problematic. So I would like to make a motion to put forth a 01:26:24
same policy. I need to clarify what you just said. 01:26:30
I'm paraphrasing, not going the way you phrased this problematic. The question that you put to me related to. 01:26:37
What Utah laws are. 01:26:45
I don't think I said anything about the Lieutenant governor or the Lieutenant governor's offices. Well, it's over it, but they 01:26:49
have responsibilities. Yeah. But I made no comment to you about the quality of. Right, right. I'm not saying quality. It's just 01:26:57
more of like there's not really this. It's different from I think the conversation was it's different from attorneys and how it's 01:27:05
like extremely enforced and higher bar and yeah. And so sorry, I'm glad you correct this because. But. 01:27:12
I would like to make a motion so that this doesn't come up, so that we put forth a city policy on notification of our conflicts of 01:27:20
interest and a policy of when we are when he hires a new client or gets another investment. 01:27:30
That the Council is made aware so that. 01:27:41
We know because I'm assuming when I see him up there that he is representing us especially, and this is important, he's pushing a 01:27:43
legislation that I didn't agree with. So it's like we're paying 100,000 or something. So, you know, so could I, could I make a 01:27:52
motion or could I get a second to evaluate this policy to put it on a future work session to develop a city policy second? 01:28:00
All right. 01:28:11
Can I ask for clarification? We're adding up a lot for our next City Council because it's not our next City Council. Is that a 01:28:14
future agenda? There would not be for us. There would be no way for us to put all of this on the next agenda. So I hope to clarify 01:28:22
that all of these are on a future agenda. I have had no date stated in any motion. Do so, OK. 01:28:30
Yeah. Have you had a date? I have not had a date. No, we haven't set a date. I think that. 01:28:38
It would be nice for clarification on some of these to know when we're doing them, but I guess that will come, You know, if the 01:28:47
policy goes through, I will have three days to let you know when I can wear. 01:28:53
OK I. 01:29:03
So do you want me to put a date on it? Because if I can come back next week and put a date on all of these things, this one to me 01:29:04
is a lower priority compared to everything we've talked about. So this one I don't. I'm not concerned with the date, this one 01:29:10
specifically. 01:29:16
Amber, any discussion all in favor? Aye. All right. My next thing, I think, is my one of my last. 01:29:25
The follow up trip, now we're talking about Europe. I want to, I want to engage and be proactive on economic development. I really 01:29:35
do and I'm a sales Rep and I know about. 01:29:41
Going to conferences and getting 50 leads or 100 leads and then following up on on them and seeing how many of them are warm and 01:29:48
how many are not and with the. 01:29:53
Review of those I would like to understand how many, how many total companies we spoke with that are in these European companies 01:29:59
that could be moving to. 01:30:05
Vineyard and I would like to be an active in recruiting them if they are something of, you know, an understanding where they're 01:30:13
at, especially since we committed three years at events. So I'd like to make a motion of. 01:30:22
I don't know if this needs to be a motion to be put on an agenda. That would be something that I would think you would just need 01:31:03
to meet with staff to talk about because you're it is sensitive information. If there are companies looking at Vineyard, they 01:31:08
wouldn't want to have it publicly talked about if they're not ready. 01:31:13
But I think what you're asking for them to quantify is actually probably more difficult. And I don't want to put under pressure on 01:31:54
the staff to provide something that they're not going to. It's difficult to quantify, But if you did want to understand that you 01:31:59
do have a work session where they can talk about opportunities to learn more, I think that would be the appropriate space when you 01:32:05
girls have stuff. Let's go ahead and move on to vaccines. 01:32:10
As long as you know, mayor, I don't get information. So this is my opportunity to kind of, I mean, this is what I'm expecting, 01:32:17
right? 01:32:21
And I definitely understand that Vineyard Beach is under their property and they would not only it's their property, they're 100% 01:32:55
buy in. And so I would like to make it a motion of having a work session with forestry, fire and state lands to come in and do a 01:33:02
presentation on what they would or would not allow so that we don't get into planning things that they would not be open to. Could 01:33:09
I get a second? So I think that is more than proper for us to do and This is why we put amber over it since your property benefits 01:33:16
from that area. 01:33:23
I think you have removed yourself from that. My property doesn't benefit from Vineyard Beach. No, But from the wall Caraway area. 01:33:30
Right. Is that what you. We're not talking about? What Caraway? Oh, you just mean the North End of the beach. So the Utah City 01:33:35
Vineyard Beach area, Okay, I thought we were still talking about the approvals for the wetlands themselves. OK, Yeah, I think 01:33:41
that's great. Let's have them come and talk about it. Could we make it a motion to put it on the future agenda to have them come 01:33:46
through and. 01:33:52
Second, Second by Amber, all in favor. 01:33:59
Everybody knows that one person or another has received that information like us. 01:34:39
OK, At first the amber. Can I get a second? Second. All in favor. Aye, aye. All right, all right. The community garden plots have 01:34:46
been assigned and you should start seeing some plants sprouting up there soon. I met with Utah waterways at the Utah Lego Cities 01:34:53
and Town Conference, which I won't discuss. I believe Sarah's doing that, but they will be able to help us make sure that the 01:34:59
policy that we've been putting in will we can implement appropriately. And they also have some very interesting thoughts on. 01:35:06
Cemeteries by Columbus next month. The committee has been working very hard and staff to put together some great activities, so 01:35:13
keep an eye out for that and make sure you participate. 01:35:18
Thank you, Marty. OK, so I went to Alpine School Boards board meeting last night. It was very interesting. The MTG consultants, 01:35:23
specifically Lance Richards from their group presented their recommendation for the school district and the potential option for 01:35:32
what type of split would be their recommendation. It was very interesting. They went through all of the community feedback. 01:35:40
Specifically there were surveys and polls and then community feedback from their meetings. 01:35:49
And just some points of I to summarize it briefly, I will read you their recommendation and then I will make a couple notes of my 01:35:58
own. But it is evident from the community engagement respondents, their respondents. There is strong sentiment to put the 01:36:05
reconfiguration question to a community wide vote. Respondents also expressed a strong preference for a two district configuration 01:36:13
versus a three district configuration. 01:36:21
To comment on that, there are six different options of possible splits that the consultant studied. They varied from city or from 01:36:29
spreading the district in half. Just to summarize, there was one that had a Saratoga, Eagle Mountain, Lehigh District and then the 01:36:36
rest would be the east side. There was one that had a three-way split that would have been a Vineyard or Unpleasant Grove, Linden 01:36:44
with a Eagle Mountain, Saratoga. 01:36:51
Lehigh and then the rest. 01:36:59
Anyway, the community seemed to strongly favor overall A2 way split, but there was some. 01:37:03
There was. There was a little bit of. 01:37:13
So the reason why I'm going to push back on you a little bit is because as. 01:39:06
What? You know what you're representing. So if even if we were able to send the packets out to the council, you were able to 01:39:44
review them, sit down. And I don't care if you have private meetings, I will be meeting with Shane and either I can meet with him 01:39:50
and we can meet with him. Otherwise, we can have some kind of work session where each of you get to see this. Just so I can know 01:39:56
if the council does want to go into any inner local or follow the school district, I think it's about to get a little bit 01:40:02
political. 01:40:07
Yeah, I accept your pushback. There's never anything wrong with having a work session To learn more about it specifically, Jason 01:40:14
Sundberg would be our best bet from the district and. 01:40:19
Yeah. I think just a simple presentation on what the options are would help the council stay up to date so that we are prepared is 01:40:27
an interlocutor. What I'll do is I'll just reach out to Shane who's going around and ADA and I'll say, hey, we have the ability to 01:40:34
meet with council. And then if if those council discussions turn into something else or if we're getting further down the line, 01:40:41
we'll put it on an agenda. So that work. Yeah. And can I share one public comment that was made by the mayor of American Fork. 01:40:47
Just information purposes. He specifically commented that he knows there are some cities looking at interlocal options, and he 01:40:55
specifically said that they support the board's decision. Whatever, it is awesome. OK, Sarah. 01:41:02
Let's see. First I wanted to say thanks for putting the historical flag up and see. 01:41:12
That was you your staff who did that. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. And the town hall last night was it was good. It 01:41:17
wasn't what we expected but I I got a lot of good information from from Morgan and cash in the thing, so I appreciate that. 01:41:25
And then I just wanted to acknowledge Pam in her pain for doing what she's doing. She cracked a vertebrae at her conference. So we 01:41:35
love you. Thank you for all you do. 01:41:40
And then, apparently, while we were having a town hall, there was another city event happening which we weren't aware of until 01:41:47
after. 01:41:51
The city gave an award for strengthening the community. I'm just curious when and how that was decided. 01:41:56
Alpine School District. I forgot to mention that they did do an ever Bruce notice a week before to the people, to Geo target the 01:42:43
people in the area. It might be something that we need to there needs to be better firing or something that goes on for the next 01:42:50
town hall. But I feel like having people know to sign up for Everbridge would be really important too. So I'm glad you're bringing 01:42:57
that up because I forgot to mention that there's somebody who commented on it. 01:43:04
So every year and it starts. 01:43:48
Probably in like September we put out names, we send it to all of the staff and the council and they all put in nominations and 01:43:54
people come in nominate. Usually it's a I think it's a group of staff members that kind of then put this together or the person 01:44:01
serving on that particular committee at the time and they put up names and then they put in a nomination for why they feel like 01:44:09
that person was chosen for that. For instance Jared Cook got coach of the year and. 01:44:17
We awarded and he was nominated. 01:44:25
Then then it brings the community together. You pick a device, a person. I think if you're asking, hold on one second, Marty, I I 01:45:13
think if you're asking if you would like to vote on people in the future for policy, we could add that to the way that we do 01:45:19
things. And and then I think you'll find what a good process it is that we're that we go through and why these people are picked 01:45:25
and how much they actually do and what they're what they really have given back. So to say something like that here I think let's 01:45:31
let's focus on policy everybody. 01:45:38
No, no. We're gonna stop and we're gonna focus on policy. This is a point of order. I am giving the point of order. I'm saying 01:45:44
we're gonna focus on policy. We're not gonna focus on character of people. If you wanna talk about policy for voting on it, I'm 01:45:50
more than happy to do that. Great. Let's do that. So in future, when there's awards given by the city, it will be unanimous across 01:45:55
the mayor and the council. 01:46:01
Yes. Or voted on by whoever we vote on. Like if we say a committee is going to pick it and you can look at the parameters, I'd be 01:46:07
happy for that. Did you want to put that on a future agenda or do you just want some an e-mail and I'll put that on the future 01:46:11
agenda. 01:46:16
OK. 01:46:22
I would like to do a point of order. 01:46:24
And because I was the one that was attacked on that. 01:46:26
You know, you guys, the city manager and you put a PowerPoint up and yeah, right. 01:46:31
Business. If you want to talk about something that needs to come on the agenda, let's do it. 01:46:42
Can we talk about this when it's not in such an awkward? I mean, this is such an awkward. 01:46:46
Point of order. You guys going to have this conversation somewhere else? I am. I am. I'm saying this conversation has to end. We 01:46:55
have to Jake. You have to Jake. You have to end this conversation. Do you understand? You have to end this conversation. 01:47:04
You can have it in private. 01:47:47
No. 01:47:49
If you'd like, you could color recess and then OK, I need a recess 10 minutes. 01:47:52
All right. Thank you. We're going to go ahead and change some things on the agenda. We're going to move the fire station 01:48:09
discussing above the consent items. Sorry, can I say a couple more things? I don't know about that. Well, actually, I just wanted 01:48:16
to apologize. OK. I got reprimanded a little bit. I apologize for for doing that in public. All right. I'm now I'm, I'm stopping. 01:48:22
OK. No, wait. You asked me to report on the conference. OK. I was actually positive. Hold on before everybody continues. I'm going 01:48:29
to say something. 01:48:36
I'm going to let you report on the conference after the fire station because there are people that have been waiting here and they 01:48:42
need to get home to their families. And so I'm going to allow us to bump this up and then I will allow you to report on the 01:48:48
conference at that time. All right. So we are going to move 8.2. I also need to see an apology real quick. I just want to 01:48:54
apologize also to Kim. I'm learning that she didn't see the child in the picture and posted it and she feels really horrible left 01:49:00
out of here. 01:49:06
I didn't see it. And you know, she saw it as an official city event with a child in a picture. And so I don't want to assume that 01:49:13
she knew. She's a wonderful person. Kim, thank you. We're going to move on to 8.2. This is discussing an action of the fire 01:49:21
station purchase approval and our community development director. 01:49:28
Will take us off on this discussion and introduce the people that will be helping us. 01:49:37
On this topic. 01:49:43
30 seconds. 01:49:46
That's the one that works if you need. 01:49:48
Working. All right, we're on. 01:50:33
Yeah, no problem. Morgan, Community development director. Thank you, mayor and Council. So this is a very exciting project, one 01:50:37
that we've been working on for a few years now. If you remember last year we did it, a analysis of four sites throughout the city 01:50:44
for location, cost and also for response times. And so kind of one of one of the areas that we had decided to dig deeper on was 01:50:51
the City Hall, but also. 01:50:58
We had started talking last year about doing a fire station home. So something that would be much more cost effective. It could 01:51:05
potentially be a permanent facility or provide a temporary kind of stopgap until we're able to come up with the funds for for the 01:51:13
full station. And so that's something that we have been working on with home center construction. Michaelson is here as well if 01:51:22
you have any questions specifically for him. So we've asked Mike to to to help us and our architecture team. 01:51:30
Which is CRS a Paul Kenny is here as well. He's the architect that has been over. 01:51:38
This project. 01:51:46
Yes. 01:51:48
So yeah, it's one thing pop up. 01:51:54
And so. 01:51:56
So what are our request is for tonight is for approval for the city manager to. 01:51:58
To enter into a contract with Home Center Construction. 01:52:08
And for the land purchase and the development of the fire station home. 01:52:13
They project the cost of that is $1,495,940. 01:52:21
That you have 1.7 million budgeted for it. We are asking for the for the full amount that would provide us some wiggle room for 01:52:28
equipment if we need to make modifications any any upgrades to the facility that Orem City and Orem Fire may need and we do have 01:52:36
that already budgeted. So this is the approval to allow our city manager to enter into that contract with with the form City and 01:52:45
also with home center construction for the purchase of land and for the construction of the facility. 01:52:53
And so I know the public is here, is very interested in this project, so I'm going to turn the time over to the architect. 01:53:02
Paul Kenny and he's going to just kind of give you an overview of the plans. This does show the location in the cottonwoods in 01:53:10
relationship to City Hall. So just W it's on the corner and it's it's two lots. So if any further ado, Paul. 01:53:17
All right. Thank you guys very much. So we're probably wondering what we're getting for you know 1.7 million, right. And so as 01:53:26
Morgan noted, this is just West of us right now in the cottonwoods and you know so. 01:53:33
The the plan right now, you know, as has been discussed with Mike, is that essentially they would take this home and turn it into 01:53:41
a fire station that the city would ultimately own. This would not be just a standard home, there would be a detached garage with 01:53:47
an apparatus Bay. 01:53:53
Some associated kind of exterior improvements built into the project so that the firemen have an actual place to live because they 01:54:00
are going to be living here for a pretty good amount of time. So we have proposed a couple of modifications not just inside of the 01:54:08
apparatus Bay, but also to the exterior for exterior patios, you know, maybe some security fencing and also a couple of 01:54:16
modifications to the plan itself. And so that what you're seeing here in the plan is just an outline of this. 01:54:24
You know, I'm happy to send this out to anybody who would like it. I can also provide links to download the files if you'd like to 01:54:32
look at it a little bit more in depth and just see what the commentary actually is. So the house itself is just around 34 or 4400 01:54:40
square feet, so it's a relatively large home with a partially finished basement. Most of the basement is going to be open space so 01:54:48
that the firemen can actually fit it out in the end of that they need to. 01:54:56
To provide an exercise room, a couple of extra offices, some obviously some restroom facilities, admin spaces as well as bedrooms, 01:55:04
so that this is gonna be a place where they're living for multiple days at a time. So we wanna make sure it's fitted out 01:55:12
appropriately for that manner. The exterior improvements that Morgan was alluding to and also some of the interior facility, what 01:55:19
we call FF and EN fixtures, fixtures, finishes and equipment. 01:55:27
And then I can see on the third floor there will be you know quite a number of bedrooms, bathrooms or something more of a living 01:56:12
quarters for them in the future. And so we wanted to this is, this is a wonderful solution I think that that Morgan and Eric and 01:56:18
the city staff came up with. It has great drive times from the from a perspective of you know access to the community as he talked 01:56:24
about a little bit earlier, you know this is very centralized City Hall was you know favored for the current population of 01:56:30
Vineyard. 01:56:37
In terms of the drive time analysis that we ran and it also seems to be, you know, very fitting for the community and it seems 01:56:43
like it would be adequate to serve, you know, Orem fire department and their team. 01:56:50
Community is an idea, Yep. So the elevations that you're seeing, you're going to see some different finishes on the actual final 01:57:02
elevation of the facility. You know, we're noting right here that we. 01:57:08
Propose to remove the 4th car garage just to give a little bit more room to the site and be able to have that detached garage that 01:57:16
you saw for the destroying the apparatuses and the emergency vehicles and then everything that you see here in this kind of 01:57:21
shiplap and Borden baton. We were proposed to utilize and and same with the stonework here, we proposed to utilize brickwork 01:57:26
instead. 01:57:31
This is going to make this, you know you know, much less and much more. 01:57:36
A much longer lasting finish. You know it's going to be less maintenance and it's ultimately going to look a little bit more 01:57:43
established, you know give it a nice fire station red kind of feel. That's great. You guys have done so much work on this. When we 01:57:49
started this we were talking about you know the Life of Vineyard, a 25 year program and what we've come to just we're really, I 01:57:56
mean I'm really excited about this and I know our, our council that's been working on this has been really excited about this. 01:58:03
There's so much data as we try to look over the whole city and we went holistic and we went to all of these different sites and 01:58:10
kind of how we narrowed in as we're just focusing in on this tonight. I think it's great. But in the future I would love to see 01:58:16
the report come back that says the Arc GIS projection showed This is why this spot delivers 4 minute time, you know response 01:58:23
times. And this is what's happening throughout our whole community and as we project this is how we can grow into it because you 01:58:29
guys did so much work and. 01:58:35
Met frequently with all of the different stakeholders in IT and so. 01:58:43
I think we could just pile on to the good work that we're seeing today. 01:58:47
Yeah Mayor if you'd like we could in a in a future meeting have show kind of that full analysis of of the four sites and then of 01:58:50
of of this location. What's what's also nice about this option too is you know as it is being built as a residential facility it's 01:58:58
something that the city you know if it decided to move forward with more of a traditional fire station somewhere else you could 01:59:06
you could sell this. This is obviously you know residential use as well it it will be a residential use. 01:59:13
And and and have that go to to to a new fire station. And so you know there's lots and lots of options, but it it is a, it will be 01:59:21
a really great facility and architecturally it's going to fit in with the neighborhood. Yeah, a good return of investment and I 01:59:27
know we already had our. 01:59:32
Chief and his crew kind of talked to us about what good neighbors they are, but. 01:59:38
I have people here, so they probably want to know what good neighbors you are. Can I ask you a quick question? Just for 01:59:44
clarification, I'm kind of, is this a mirror image of what the houses layout is? It is, yeah. Yeah. So it's going to have the 01:59:50
garages on the other side. OK That makes sense. Yeah. So when we do the billing, yeah. So 4th car, 4th. 01:59:56
Car that that attached garage will be removed. 02:00:04
But this, this is mirrored. So this, this will actually face the throat of of of the neighborhood. And so the fire truck will not 02:00:06
be like pulling out into the into the residential St. in front of houses. They'll be pulling out into the throat and being able to 02:00:13
get directly to 300 W, which is Collector Rd. Yeah, that's great. And that probably hits on what Nicole brought up earlier with 02:00:19
some logistics with parking. But I think that's still something that we can look at as a council and staff or kind of reviewing 02:00:25
how we do parking in that area. 02:00:31
Address some of the residential concerns. 02:00:38
Yeah. So are you inviting the Fire Chief? I would love to hear if you guys are down on your presentation. I would love to hear 02:00:42
from our scenes. Yeah, of course. 02:00:47
Mayor and council, thank you. My name is Mark Sanderson. I'm the Fire Chief for ARM, which is your Fire Chief, and I'm happy to be 02:00:57
here tonight. 02:01:00
This is the most positive thing that's happening in this meeting tonight is the discussion of getting our service into your 02:01:04
community, and it's my opportunity to commend you based off of being so flexible and fiscally responsible with $1.7 million that 02:01:12
you have the ability to turn around in years to come and sell and get your money back. Unlike other cities who like or who build 02:01:19
traditional fire stations, there's not an opportunity to sell our fire station if we want to relocate it. 02:01:27
And so I think this is revolutionizing potentially the fire services, especially in Utah County because as we speak, we've 02:01:35
actually acquired some property in Orem to relocate our fire Station #1. And this is something that we're going to pay really 02:01:42
close attention to how the community, how the neighborhood, how our employees enjoy running out of a single family residential. We 02:01:49
say we're a family, we say we're the fire family. Will we live in a house just like you and your family. So it makes sense. It's 02:01:56
just different. 02:02:02
And to this point, I can't come up with a reason why there's not a code. There's not a requirement. 02:02:10
To spend $650 a square foot, $12 million on a fire station that's happening in American Fork and in Lehigh currently and what Orem 02:02:16
would be looking to spend in relocating station 1 so. 02:02:22
It's it's amazing, this opportunity and it's the quickest way to get our services out here to provide a much quicker response to 02:02:29
the citizens that need us. 02:02:33
Yes. Thank you so much. We appreciate that. 02:02:39
All right. Any questions for our Fire Chief? Yeah. Nicole, why don't you come up to the microphone, state your name. I think it's 02:02:43
great to have you here and ask a question for your community. 02:02:47
We have a neighborhood chat and we've been talking about it and one of the only real major concerns besides parking, which was the 02:02:53
overwhelming concern from everyone, was just whether like. 02:02:59
Major equipment testing will be done and what hours? Just like a noise concern and then rules on when they would be turning on 02:03:06
their lights and sirens in the vicinity of the neighborhood? Yes, thank you. 02:03:12
Parking, parking is an issue that we've talked about the street. I mean on the West side there are some parallel parking we 02:03:23
consider utilizing that the discussion about providing a gate into that property from that. 02:03:28
And then of course, we can use the driveways and the cement that's in that project to facilitate parking and not be on your 02:03:35
streets. 02:03:39
Lights and siren, I mean, you guys hear us when we come through your neighborhoods. It's all depending on traffic flows and the 02:03:44
nature of the call. So at a common courtesy, if we could easily meet with the neighborhood and determine at a certain hour, we 02:03:51
certainly can pull out and get away from the neighborhood. But eventually when we turn our life as iron on, regardless of. 02:03:59
Where we're at in the city, we're gonna disrupt somebody. But but I understand that concern and it's something that we wanna be 02:04:07
good neighbors. We wanna we wanna have a really good relationship and be supported by the neighborhood. So it's just a matter of 02:04:14
opening those lines of communication and determining what's best based on the nature of the call and the urgency. So can I add to 02:04:22
that? I've actually been surprised at, excuse me, neighborhoods surrounding it concerned with that same thing because. 02:04:29
I said Oh yeah, they plan on doing it when they get to Center St. and the intersection or the roundabout is and they go, oh that's 02:04:38
my backyard and I go, Oh yeah, so maybe not the same spot every time and that's something that we can talk about. Yeah, I think 02:04:45
our employees really are are captains and our individuals that right in the ambulance I would say after 10:00 they look at Station 02:04:53
2 in Orem, which is 8900 N Main St. residential neighborhood. They're really courteous of waiting till they get to 800 N. 02:05:00
After hours when the people are asleep before they turn their lights on and our apparatus only goes so fast. 02:05:08
And we use our lights and sirens and request request them. 02:05:14
Right away, we could very easily travel the speed limit a mile from the station on a real emergency. But if there's not traffic, 02:05:17
we don't have to use our lights and sirens. It's the discretion of the officer. So all of this concerns, it's valid every nobody 02:05:24
wants the noise in their neighborhood, but they certainly love it in the neighborhood when there's an emergency. 02:05:31
And for yes, I agree I I am very excited about this plan, but I also want to just ask some questions publicly so that just for the 02:05:38
public's reference. 02:05:42
One concern was. 02:05:48
Oh my gosh, I lost it. And so I really am so excited for this. 02:05:51
Council, do you want to take over for a second while I get back to my first concern? 02:05:57
Nobody's more excited than we are as Fire Chief to provide these services out here. It's what you guys are currently paying for 02:06:02
and it's what your community deserves and needs. And it's exciting because we've been building up for several years saving up for 02:06:09
this and it's it's perfect. I think we've been able to come together. Thank you guys. So just throwing space, the money, average 02:06:16
average calls per day in Vineyard is a helpful thing for residents to know so they can understand how often. 02:06:24
I'm guessing without currently having those numbers we're probably 1.3. 02:06:31
Obviously it's right near the entrance, yeah. So the fire station is these two also will consolidate those into one under a 02:07:12
consolidation plot and the fire state, the fire truck will back out into the throat of the development. So most likely we would 02:07:20
have to have like a no parking signage at least in the throat so that there's no conflict with with fire. And then we do have 02:07:27
parking here on 300 W but also the the driveway is fairly large and so that. 02:07:35
You know, the firefighters could, you know. 02:07:43
I mean it's like a three car attached driveway next to the large detached garage driveway. So there's a lot of surface area. So I 02:07:45
don't believe the, I'm sorry, I don't believe the firefighters will have to take up more of the street kind of inventory. 02:07:55
Thank you. The other question also has to do with the street. I've had questions where people are concerned about children in the 02:08:05
area when the fire engines coming out and if they're in a hurry, they're wondering if there's an option to put possibly flashing 02:08:12
lights like a sign that is warning people that the engine's coming out. 02:08:18
During daytime when the kids are up, that would be the benefit of using our license to draw the attention. However, I mean we're 02:08:27
very responsible pulling out onto the road 25 mile an hour speed limit. We don't expect our points to exceed that and so. 02:08:34
I mean, last thing we want to do is have an accident for sure. 02:08:41
I want to address the parking too. Just one thing is that the intent would be to have our employees park in that off street 02:08:44
parking and so we really try to avoid the neighborhood we have here. Remember we do have several parka stalls adjacent on 300 W. 02:08:52
So there there, there's an overflow as well. 02:09:01
Employees that we're going to staff in an apparatus that is specifically responding to Vineyard out of our Station 3. As soon as 02:09:37
that house is available, we'll transition that staff and I'm guessing it would be this time next year. So the ask would be then to 02:09:45
provide six more would make 12, so you'd have four per platoon and then over the next coming years or whatever Vineyard could 02:09:52
afford, then we would ramp that up over the next. However to get us to 18. So there's six on each platoon, OK. 02:10:00
Thank you. 02:10:09
I have more questions. I just don't know who will want to answer them. This might be more for the council on our priorities. I had 02:10:11
a resident ask a. 02:10:16
And so really saying how where is build out coming and where do we make it in the future and that's why we looked at the entire 02:10:56
area. I think your questions will be better answered when we're looking at phasing and it's dependent right now, it's dependent on 02:11:03
the ER us, right. That's what we're measuring it off of is how many houses we have and yeah, OK. 02:11:11
That's our current contract. 02:11:19
With Oren and and we we were working renegotiating that contract so that it's true actual cost, it's based off of what we actually 02:11:22
spend on the budget. It's way more transparent for you all and their citizens to know exactly what Oren's providing based on, 02:11:29
based on the dollar that you pay. Yeah. And also kind of the different types of housing and who's there and who's same service and 02:11:35
things like that. So if I could just say I, I would I love this option because I really feel like we should slow down the of the 02:11:42
option of. 02:11:49
What we really want is to provide the best safety and care for the people that live here. 02:12:59
And then the last thing that was on my mind that I wanted to make sure we had in a public discussion was I thought it might be 02:13:05
helpful. Morgan, you touched a little bit on the process that we've gone through, but maybe just if it would be OK to maybe talk 02:13:13
about the timeline a little bit, how long this has been coming, how long we've been working on this. And just so that residents, I 02:13:20
know some residents feel like we're throwing this at them. I mean, change is always hard, right? 02:13:27
And I want to maybe just reflect on how the city's process, when it started and what steps, what made the steps we've taken to get 02:13:35
here. That's a great question. So I believe we've been saving, I mean, this is something for the last eight, maybe even 9 years, I 02:13:42
think we started saving in 18 or 19. 02:13:48
I remember the conversations even I saw about eight years ago. It was this was, this was like an important conversation that we 02:13:55
always had to like. We knew, we knew that there there would come a time we would have to do that. 02:14:02
And so we've been saving for it. I believe we did an analysis a few years back. Last year was kind of, I would say, like the most 02:14:09
recent analysis of CRSA. And So what CRSA did as they looked at 4 sites in the city for what I would have called like a 02:14:16
traditional fire station and and that would be City Hall. 02:14:24
In the forge, the East Geneva. That's the area east of the railroad tracks on the Northside. 02:14:32
Of 800 N and then the public workshop. So those were the four more traditional fire station locations that we looked at. We were 02:14:38
also looking at potentially. 02:14:44
A residential home, fire station. And so that that conversation. 02:14:51
Had also started a couple years ago, but it really became more concrete last year because the thought was, well, if we were 02:14:57
building our City Hall in in downtown. 02:15:02
Then we're going to need provide some space and transition to be able to do that. So the idea was that's kind of why it was 02:15:07
thought of maybe as a temporary station. The residential home is that we would have that in place that construction time frame 02:15:13
cracking up on my own mic, but about 9 to 12 months for about nine months. 02:15:20
Have you heard it directly from from like the builder? And so the idea was that would then give us the opportunity to have City 02:15:28
Hall built and that would transition staff. 02:15:33
And I just want to publicly state that I have been like my concerns have been answered really well and I'm really excited for it. 02:17:23
But residents, if you continually have concerns, which I'm sure you will, I really want to keep those on the table so that we can 02:17:29
make sure that we're addressing them. Because we're a community and this needs to be something that we can all support and wrap 02:17:36
our heads around. And I don't want to negatively affect anyone's quality of life by them feeling like we're forcing something into 02:17:42
their backyard. 02:17:48
And so I would say our next process sort of like a land use process would be Planning Commission. Planning Commission would 02:17:55
approve a site plan and a conditional use permit. So the public would have the opportunity to come and comment on the actual 02:18:02
layout and those types of comments. So that that'll most likely happen. 02:18:09
In in May. So we got about a month after that. Thank you. My questions have been answered. I hope that helps the community. 02:18:17
I I I think mine is also timing and going through that. There were quite a few people that said, hey, is this still going to go 02:18:26
through the Planning Commission and then go through that? 02:18:31
I'm also, I mean, maybe it's just in the last week, but in the last meeting it was like I went through that neighborhood and 02:18:38
knocked and nobody knew about it from the fires. And so I initially, when I heard this idea from Jim, I hated it and I was like, 02:18:46
Oh my gosh, this is the neighborhood. But then I went and knocked Orem and I knocked 15 doors. I got nine people and I was shocked 02:18:53
how much they love you as neighbors. So then I was like and and they a few of them were told me like when they came in. 02:19:01
And we listen to every individual concern of this is the impact of what it is in the next meeting when we vote. We're not voting 02:19:46
on it tonight, right? We are. Yeah. You're you're voting on a budget, the Planning Commission or on authorizing Eric to to to 02:19:53
enter into a contract and then we would do the Planning Commission. Planning Commission is more of the of the design, layout 02:19:59
design. OK. But my second concern is actually when we were campaigning we were talking about the fire and there were a couple of 02:20:06
surrogates that were saying. 02:20:12
He had no money at all in the budget. And then Jim had some good comments about, hey. 02:20:19
Let's not do the tenant, let's do this temporary. When we went through the budget, it was like we have 99 million in capital 02:20:25
assets. I'm actually for like I want to hear one more time, why couldn't we just do a full blown if we have, if we're only going 02:20:32
1,000,000, why not just invest in a fire station and do it once like now knowing we have a ton of money. 02:20:40
Let me address this because what I hope that you all will recognize, unlike Orem when they started laying out the location for 02:20:49
their fire stations, think of the population, think of the orchards, think of the fields, and they followed the national guideline 02:20:55
with a 1.5 mile radius to come to. 02:21:01
Cover the entire area well based on population growth, based on traffic patterns. 02:21:08
We did it way wrong. You guys have really essentially one opportunity without wasting taxpayer money and making the wrong decision 02:21:15
based on the location. I would never recommend based off of where Vineyard currently sits in building and and designating the 02:21:21
designing spending. What is what is the forecasted cost for traditional fire station. This is by far the best opportunity to get 02:21:28
us out here. 02:21:34
Reasonable cost with a return on your investment where you build a traditional fire station, nobody's going to want to buy that 02:21:42
because it's not a home to live in. And so I think it's educating the community. Just like just like the council members of why 02:21:50
this is the best decision because you may end up with based on traffic flows and population you could have, you may need 3 fire 02:21:57
stations based on location, which is easily to afford. Other than I mean personal cost is what's huge. 02:22:05
The capital expense at 1.7 or two or $3,000,000 while you can put 3 fire stations in for what communities are putting on fire 02:22:13
station right now. So I say we take our time and do it right for the residents that 20 years down the road don't even litter yet 02:22:19
and for the record. 02:22:25
You're the professional and you're actually not from vineyards, so it's kind of awesome that you're independent and I just want to 02:22:33
make sure I hear this independently. 02:22:37
You're you don't feel any political pressure, This is what you would recommend you wouldn't be asking for anymore or any less or 02:22:43
influence 100%, and that's why I shared that. 02:22:48
It'll be, you know, like more of the materials. I mean that that's kind of we need to get like the brick and then the garage door 02:23:57
for the for the detached garage worked out. And so that stuff that the Planning Commission would would make the determination and 02:24:05
then there's a sign we would probably have a monument sign that identifies it as the Vineyard fire station. 02:24:12
Do we know the houses, They're like 5 existing homeowners that are right there around it. I mean, I guess on the north side, 02:24:21
there's nothing, there's nothing on there. So as you go South, they're being occupied. There are homes that are being constructed 02:24:27
right now. So if you go out there, there's like foundations. So I don't know if any of those are occupied right now on the north 02:24:33
side of it, OK. 02:24:38
I want to just throw something out. I know the person who did RV's for Vineyard Book doesn't live here anymore. 02:24:45
But I think this fire station would be a really cool opportunity to get residents to create a children's book about our Firehouse 02:24:53
and have it in our library. 02:24:56
All right, I need a motion. 02:25:40
I am live to permit the city manager to enter into a contract with Home Center Construction and Orem City to purchase land and 02:25:45
construct a residential fire station facility not to exceed $1.7 million. OK, I have a first amber. Can I get a second, second, 02:25:51
Second by Marty? Any discussion? All right, Jake. 02:25:58
Amber. Aye, aye. Marty. Yay, Sarah. All right, we'll go back to. 02:26:07
Our consent items. 02:26:15
No, I have that in a different order. We're going to go back to our consent items. Is there can I get a motion or is there anybody 02:26:19
that would like to pull anything off for discussion? I need to pull off planning services contract 6.3. OK. Would you like to make 02:26:29
a motion to approve 6.16.2 and 6.4? I make a motion to approve 6.16.2 and 6.4. 02:26:38
At first I say can I get a second, second, second by Amber. I'm going to do this by roll call. Sarah. Aye. Marty. Hi. I am Amber. 02:26:48
Hi, Jake. 02:26:53
Aye. OK. We'll go ahead and discuss 6.3 Planning services, Contract renewals, Resolution 2024-10. 02:27:00
Oh, public comment, Yeah. Oh, we had public comment, didn't we? 02:27:10
Oh, I'm sorry, would you like to come do public comment on the fire station? It wasn't a public hearing, but I I invited Nicole. 02:27:15
But if anybody would like to come up, let's go ahead and open it. I just wanted to be here to support this. I have been, I have 02:27:21
been Jen McGill, Lakeview, Parkway or Lakeview, right. 02:27:28
I In 2019 your planning people called me. I was the Fire Chief in Provo. They called me asking me about a temporary fire station 02:27:37
and. 02:27:41
And and I Then I met again with Ezra a few years later and I just. I just wanted to. 02:27:45
This is an extremely exciting thing for Vineyard we have been. 02:27:55
I know there's been a sentence and Chief Sanderson is a dear friend of mine and and we worked side by side together for several 02:28:02
years. But there's a there's there's a a need in doing this. 02:28:08
That I'm not sure everybody really recognizes. It's funny. I called Chief Sanderson at 2 minutes to six and I said, hey, meeting 02:28:15
starting, where are you? And he said I'm stuck in traffic on Center St. just off the freeway, and I'm glad his ladder truck wasn't 02:28:22
buying him with his lights on. And so our community needs to understand what a wonderful thing this is for our community. 02:28:29
I've been involved in two neighborhood fire stations, and and, and I'd like to just say that if you look around the country, 02:28:37
probably 4 out of five fire stations to the neighborhoods, that's who we serve. They may be a little bit more on an arterial or 02:28:43
something like that, but they sit in neighborhoods. And if you look at Provo, if you look at Orem, they sit in the neighborhoods. 02:28:49
The general feeling when we move out of a home like this is a feeling of loss from the community. It'll take them about. It'll 02:28:54
take them a minute. 02:29:00
But they'll realize that we are exceptional neighbors and that. 02:29:07
For their children and for their needs. And we solve problems in the neighborhood. So I think that you can. I know there's a lot 02:29:12
of questions and there's a lot of trepidation about it, but I think that you can make this decision and move forward with this 02:29:18
decision knowing that at the end of the day. 02:29:24
Everyone I think will be pleased that we have a fire station in Vineyard. We are one of the most active communities I've ever seen 02:29:32
and active communities fall down and hurt themselves and have medical events and and all this stuff. So, so I I apologize. I just 02:29:42
was expecting a public, a public comment period or something because I did want to support this and express appreciation to Oren. 02:29:52
Or is our fire department Orem needs to be our fire department just like the Sheriff's Department. We couldn't do better in our 02:30:03
current situation, our current size, our current. We just simply couldn't do any better than the Orem fire department in the 02:30:09
Sheriff's Department. So grateful for the public safety that you are providing us as residents. Thank you. We really appreciate 02:30:15
your perspective. Was there anybody else that wanted to make a comment on this? 02:30:21
All right. We appreciate you and your comments. All right, we'll go back to this 6.3 finding service contract renewals, 02:30:29
resolution, resolution 2024-10. 02:30:35
I don't know if I need that presentation. Do you want to do something to organize? I think I understand. Yeah. You want to just 02:30:44
like a highlight I do for the public? Yeah. Yeah, sure. So this is a planning services contract and it has planning firms with 02:30:51
engineers and architects here SA, who's doing our fire station analysis and design is part of that. And so all that this is, this 02:30:58
is not, this is not giving them work. 02:31:06
There's no obligation. All this does is it extended the contract. So if we have something like a park design, it gives us firms 02:31:13
that we can go to say hey can you provide us a quote and then if the quote is great then we can we can start working with that 02:31:21
with that firm on it. And so these are pre approved, they went through an RFP process, pre extensive process about a year or so 02:31:29
ago. And so this is just keeping them on our list of pre approved consultants that we can use for planning services engineering. 02:31:36
What? Yeah, it's at the end of five years, then they would do a full RFP again. But there, there we can extend it, you know, and 02:31:45
these are year to year, right. So you can renew it. The only concern that I had was that you're not coming back to City Council on 02:31:52
a per project basis. It's more of like could you walk me through that like you're still with every, that's the budget. So you 02:31:59
would set your priorities sort of like Tucker Rd. Park. If you go to Tukaro Park, then we'll still come back to us. It doesn't say 02:32:06
it in this language. 02:32:13
And then you go to the paper list to get it done, Yeah, yeah. So the castle sets the priority for the projects. And then we would 02:32:54
use this list to choose a consultant to work on that project. OK, And no project. 02:33:01
You can't just grab a project and say hey these are pre approved. Let's start designing this for that. 02:33:09
And so. 02:33:15
So that the pre approval would be for the consultants, which consultant, right. It's just a pre approval. Yeah, it means that I 02:33:17
love pre approval. Yeah. So we don't have to go back through an RFP every time because those take forever. So since we already did 02:33:24
the RFP, now we have a list of qualified consultants and if you approve the one year extension, then this next year we can pick 02:33:30
one of those to to work on any of the priority projects that the council has in their budget, OK. 02:33:37
Yeah, My only concern was that I don't want obviously this is like hey these are the contractors that are pre approved and we have 02:33:45
this total dollar amount. So therefore I can spend this on any design project you know that I would want or anything that's clear. 02:33:50
That's all I needed. 02:33:56
OK. Any other questions? If not, I need a motion. I move to approve it. Approve consent Item 6.3. Second. OK. First by Amber. 02:34:03
Second by Marty. Will do. I need a roll call. Jake. Amber. Aye aye. Marty. Sarah. All right, we'll go to. Actually, why don't we 02:34:13
go ahead and finish your report, Sarah. OK, well, we went, we went to the. 02:34:23
The ULTC conference in Saint George. Pam was there, Jamie was there, the mayor was there, and Amber. 02:34:33
Umm, Eric and Josh. So umm, I just wanted to first say thank you to all of you because it was a great opportunity for me to go and 02:34:40
learn more about my job. 02:34:46
I there were there was a talk by Noel Picas Pace, is that right? 02:34:55
That was really impactful. She she had a really neat story of her success. 02:35:03
The thing that impacted me the most and and I wanted to share it and see if maybe we couldn't apply it in our community and that 02:35:10
was she had. 02:35:16
She had a lot of people that were accusing her of cheating and she she wasn't cheating, but it caught fire and and pretty soon 02:35:26
internationally they were accusing her of cheating. 02:35:32
And her first reaction was to fire back on social media And and she she waited and she consulted her husband and he said, well you 02:35:38
could say that but is that what you want to be remembered by? And so she thought about it for a minute and when she responded, she 02:35:48
take the venom out of her statement, her reply statement and she defended her her position without attacking anyone else. 02:35:57
And so as I apologize. 02:36:08
For my previous comments, I think it might be wise for us to take that into consideration on social media. I think it's easy to 02:36:11
get flared up and emotional in that regard, and I've had to catch myself a few times. 02:36:18
When you want to have the desire to engage back and forth in negativity, I've asked a few people if they'll just message me 02:36:27
directly Or we can go to lunch and we can figure out our differences, and even if we don't agree, it's OK. 02:36:34
There's still always common ground but but if we lose civility in our in our town. 02:36:42
Then we all lose. So anyway, that was a great lesson for me and apparently I forgot a little bit tonight. But anyway, I'm grateful 02:36:49
to have had the opportunity. It gave me a lot to think about one thing. That was the resounding message that I think. 02:36:58
We need to really get in the forefront of our mind is that they said to never trade efficiency for transparency. And in small 02:37:09
cities like ours it's easy to want to just check off the list and get the job done and not be transparent. But it it has a great 02:37:17
cost in the end. And I think if we start making sure that transparency is our goal that anybody can ask anybody anything at any 02:37:25
time and and get a clear and honest answer. 02:37:33
We'll start to see our city heal and that would be a good thing. 02:37:42
So that's all. Thank you. All right, we're going to go ahead and move on to. 02:37:48
8.1 This is discussing the municipal code Title 3 Amendments. Is Darius still here? 02:37:54
He's not here. I think she had a question about it, but we'll go ahead and discuss that. And Jamie, I believe you'll leave that us 02:38:02
in that conversation. Thank you, Mayor. I'll give a very brief introduction on this. I think we've had at least two work sessions 02:38:09
where we've talked a little bit about this, but it it is in the category for me of good fences make good neighbors that if we can 02:38:16
have. 02:38:23
Clear delineation of some of our processes that maybe we can get beyond some of the. 02:38:30
The difficulty of getting information, sorting out agendas, doing things of that sort. And so we have put together a draft 02:38:37
ordinance that's been reviewed and incorporated feedback from a number of different sources, including everybody on the council. 02:38:45
And the. 02:38:54
Pam has done a great job putting it into the ordinance software so that you can see in green all of the things that are new 02:38:57
relative to the existing ordinance. 02:39:01
The most significant change. There are a few clarifying changes since the last time you saw it, but the one section that has been 02:39:07
added since the last discussion. 02:39:13
Is right at the end of the document. Let me get the number for you so I can. 02:39:20
Is Section 3 point 12.020? 02:39:34
3.12.020. 02:39:39
And it's on notice of City Council and documentation and record keeping. 02:39:42
And this section delineates a process by which whenever the mayor in her capacity as chief executive officer of the city. 02:39:48
Sends a letter. On your PDF, it's page 86. On Pam's document, it's labeled page 15. 02:39:58
This is if the mayor sends out an official communication. 02:40:10
That after that communication is made, that a copy is provided to the city reporter and to the City Council so that everybody can 02:40:15
be aware of those communications and that they can be recorded and preserved. 02:40:21
And with that, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about. 02:40:30
The intent or the substance of the language but. 02:40:34
I leave it in your hands to consider and approve as you think appropriate. Are there any questions from the Council? 02:40:38
I don't need to go first. 02:40:47
Does anyone want to go? 02:40:50
Go ahead. 02:40:52
So I'd like to start with page 76. 02:40:55
On the document page 4. 02:41:02
Be members of the public wishing to speak must sign up before the meeting begins, providing their name on a topic they wish to 02:41:06
discuss. We start this meeting at 6:00. If the item is on, is on the agenda for 8:00 and they before the meeting starts. I just 02:41:12
think that we're already. 02:41:17
It's unrealistic for them to be at the beginning of a meeting. So to clarify, this is public comment that I thought it wouldn't be 02:41:24
for a public hearing. It would be specifically for the public comment period. Private public comment comes at different sections 02:41:30
throughout The Jets, like today we didn't do public comment for 45 minutes. So it's like, hey, you got to come here 45 minutes 02:41:35
early and sit here to be able to do it. 02:41:40
I'm not sure that's the intent. Do you feel like it's stringent on that? I feel like the intent is to sign it before public 02:41:46
comment occurs. 02:41:49
Yes, if we can reword that like it is an ordinance and so it would be more binding than if it were a policy document. So if if you 02:41:53
want to correct the language to make sure it reflects your intent. 02:42:00
I think that was inappropriate. It's sounding like you're concerned. 02:42:07
Prior to the meeting, This is just right before. Before the meeting is before the public comment period begins. Are you mayor, Do 02:42:12
you want to require a sign up or could it just be modified to say members of the public wishing to speak must provide their name 02:42:19
on the topic they wish to discuss? Yeah, I think that's great. I think our intent really is that we just get it into their 02:42:26
quarter, right? 02:42:32
Into the what? The recorder. Because that, Yeah, if it's like, hey, you got to be here earlier. That's that's how I read it. Yeah. 02:42:40
Good catch. 02:42:43
How are you going to guess on the wording on that, Jamie? No, I'm not gonna guess. I'm taking notes and then before you make a 02:42:50
motion, I'll I'll read into the record what those changes are. 02:42:54
You read my mind, taming. You're good. 02:42:59
See on page 77 it says speakers offering duplicate comments may be limited. 02:43:06
You know, we're all different. 02:43:14
An old person might come up. 02:43:52
Just different people. 02:43:55
I know, sorry. I know, right? Just different perspectives. So it's just like, why are we limiting it in code that, hey, you're all 02:43:56
the same, we're just gonna choose one. 02:44:01
I don't like that in our policy. 02:44:07
If we could just. 02:44:09
I mean everything else good, like during the time period. Public comment, Mayor, you choose. 02:44:11
You choose the time amount but. 02:44:16
I think it's clear. 02:44:20
Have the most amount of public comment possible, so if everybody is coming in to say we don't want. 02:44:22
Access on the specific road. And we know that that's the policy, even if they have different reasons for it. But we're like, 02:44:31
there's 27 people that don't want access on the road. Then we can take a bunch of other public comment. I think it creates the 02:44:36
most public comment. I agree. You want a different, like differing of opinions. Well, I don't even mean different opinions. I mean 02:44:42
different topics. 02:44:48
Yeah, I could. I could see that as well. But if it's within our 15 minutes, like because you've already put a total amount, well, 02:44:55
usually what I do is I'm telling the people and I'm saying, OK, two times the amount of the people. That's like 15 minutes and 02:45:03
then I close it so that we can move on to business. But I try to, what I try to do is look and see who's wanting to speak. And 02:45:10
then my hope is if there's repetitive comments that's saying we all want this, OK, let's group you together. 02:45:17
We'll give you a little bit extra time, you know, maybe 3 minutes or 4 minutes instead of the two minutes that we're giving. And 02:45:25
then you speak upon that subject where you're kind of convening as a group. But then it allows for multiple different topics so 02:45:31
that everything is being hit. And I just from my experience of being here for as long as I have, I feel like it, it allows people 02:45:37
to have the most amount of public involvement. 02:45:43
Anyone want to have a comment on you're I don't need to duplicate what I said, OK? 02:45:53
I think it's sensical to group them and expedite you through and just have a leader of your group unless they want to say more and 02:45:58
then we can vote on it as a council. And I like this kind of well it is an ordinance but it gives us a guideline and if the mayor 02:46:05
chooses to make it different I mean this I feel like this comment the language in this section is I wrote it with permissive 02:46:13
language on purpose. So it's a may not a shallow and. 02:46:20
And therefore the cherubim can read the situation and do the appropriate thing. OK, and I like that. And maybe that helps me with 02:46:28
the next one, which is 78 page 6, where it talks about council reports. That same thing in their reports should be concise. I like 02:46:36
that it's not has to be because obviously my my reports are longer than others, right? 02:46:44
On adoption Council reports. 02:46:53
And let me make sure I'm looking at the right section. Are you on 3.04 point 050? Yes, council reports and it just there's a 02:46:56
section last paragraph that says report should be concise and focused on the matter. I understand it needs to be focused on the 02:47:02
matter, public interest and council business, but like sometimes it's long. 02:47:08
I mean I think you're saying concise with like you don't want to write a book but you get from as fast as you can. Yeah again 02:47:15
permissive language and they do things so as long as it doesn't prohibit then that's good. And then next page on, I just want to 02:47:21
make sure it's in the record that. 02:47:26
It's recorded that we can now this one is shall not, so it's on. 02:47:33
Be limitations of information requests of US council members. So 3.04.070 yes B1. 02:47:38
Says individual council members shall not submit more than two significant requests for information at anyone time without 02:47:47
approval from the City Council or designee committee. 02:47:54
How do you? 02:48:04
We're on page 7. 02:48:08
79. 02:48:11
Page 7, Page 7B1. 02:48:12
To ensure. 02:48:17
Yeah, just shall not submit more than a council member shall not submit two significant requests for information at any one time 02:48:20
without approval from the City Council. 02:48:25
What is the designated committee? 02:48:32
Yeah. I don't think we have a committee, so. 02:48:36
Yeah, but my concern is, is that. 02:48:39
This is just information as a like sitting on the council. So it's like I could understand my grandma and stuff like, I don't 02:48:43
know, emails or something like that. But it's like this is just information requests. 02:48:51
OK, I want all the emails of this I can say OK, I can understand grammar requests. 02:49:02
Limitations. 02:49:06
But like, if we're asking hey finances, well, you've asked for too many financial requests, so you're just asking. So you want to 02:49:09
be able to ask for as many things as you want and you don't want the council to get their consent? 02:49:14
I think on like investigations and grandma stuff they put consent in that type of stuff but like for information it's just I 02:49:20
don't, I don't. So a few things that might clarify and give you some comfort with this. It relates only to quote significant 02:49:28
requests and we define that term 3 hours or more so it wouldn't limit you on more routine. 02:49:36
You know, say there was something you thought was incomplete in the City Council packet and you wanted to get an agreement or, you 02:49:45
know, look at something that would help you with that. 02:49:50
It would only relate to those significant requests. And then the intent here is to prevent anyone council member from 02:49:55
overburdening staff so other council members can't get their work complete. And so that's where we've tailored it to significant 02:50:01
request. And if you do have a legitimate need for more than two items to be going at once, then you would just have to go to the 02:50:08
council and get their approval. And then mayor, on your question about designated committee, I think that must be referring to a 02:50:15
committee of the. 02:50:21
City Council, But we can delete that. I don't know. I don't think it makes sense the way it's written. 02:50:29
On page 8. 02:50:36
Where it says E on page eight, Annual review of information request. The city manager shall compile an annual, I think that needs 02:50:38
to take clerk 'cause she's the one that's in it day-to-day. So it's her making a report of everything 'cause it. She can just keep 02:50:43
that throughout the month. 02:50:48
You know, hey, I'm doing this. I'm doing this. I'm doing that. 02:50:55
Tell me one more time when you're on your own page and I think we talked about that. E yeah, cuz didn't we put the clerk in charge 02:50:58
of this and not the city manager, so it makes sense to maintain city clerk? 02:51:03
On doing the annual review and it stays consistent with what you were doing. 02:51:09
So on east, you would like all, all of the references. The city manager would be, yeah, because you would change the city recorder 02:51:15
or sorry, city recorder because you changed everything and it just keeps it consistent like she's the one doing it. So why not 02:51:22
have her do the report just laying out ahead. There are other council members OK with that, Jenny. So I think anything that's 02:51:30
where under grandma makes sense, if it's a review of information request that's going outside of that. 02:51:37
That is going to stop their response and the person that they respond to would be the city manager and they would they would be 02:51:45
the appropriate person. This section refers only to grammar. There's a different section on the request. All of this is the clerk, 02:51:52
so it's like feeling the manager to go. 02:51:59
Might we ask the city clerk? 02:52:08
Because she's the one doing it, so it's easy for her to just OK, this is how much it was in time, So I have a question about that, 02:52:12
if this is only about Grandma. 02:52:16
As we read us. 02:52:20
Says respect for city resources. To ensure the availability of city resources for core municipal priorities or services, the city 02:52:22
manager may prioritize requests based on urgency. So it seems that F actually goes into the needs and decisions that are talking 02:52:28
about departments. 02:52:33
And so I wonder if grandma ends at D and then E switches. 02:52:40
There so 3.04.080 deals for council staff interactions and requests for staff to do things. The reason in the previous section it 02:52:48
refers to staff is. 02:52:55
Pam Shepherds records requests when they come in and does the paperwork on responding to them, but she doesn't always. 02:53:03
Have the records in her possession without doing a search or requesting information of staff. 02:53:14
So there's a little bit of an overlap there. 02:53:21
All right. So we're just saying anything that has to do with grandma on these things would go through. 02:53:25
So, but we wouldn't change F, we would just change E because it's a review of information request, right? It's a. 02:53:35
It maintains it consistency because the clerk is doing everything throughout the whole section so. 02:53:45
Why revert back to the city manager on this one tiny thing and let her give the annual review of if she's? 02:53:51
Compiling how much it is overburdened in her opinion. 02:53:57
Were you going to ask her? Can I read? Yes. 02:54:05
That I Yeah. Is this the E? Yeah, this is T It'll be E&FE&F OK E I've changed in the first line annual review of information 02:54:09
requests, the City Recorder shall file an annual report. And then on F, I've written and I've changed that says to ensure the 02:54:17
availability of city resources for core municipal priorities or services, the City Recorder or City Manager may prioritize request 02:54:25
based on urgency, legal requirements and resource availability. 02:54:34
Just to clarify between the different asks, I think that's appropriate. 02:54:43
All right. 02:54:48
And then after that, so on east, it says on Saint page right below. It says to ensure the availability of city resources according 02:54:51
to priorities, the city manager may prioritize requests based on urgency. Legal. So I just want to make sure this is clear for all 02:54:59
of us. It grandma will not be charged, we're going to the grandma process, but it doesn't cost anything. But that doesn't prohibit 02:55:07
citizens to still duly elect to do their grandma. But they're paying for it, right? 02:55:14
This doesn't impact. 02:55:25
Citizen made is this City Council that are getting it for free? OK, want that on the record And then page 8B where it says 02:55:27
limitations of directing staff. So at the bottom it says request for action or investigation by council member that involves 02:55:35
significant staff, time, resources or deviation from planned work must be communicated to the City Council, approved by the mayor 02:55:43
and city count and city manager are brought before the City Council and approved by a majority vote. 02:55:50
Where are you Jake? I'm on page 8, Bottom page 80 if you're on the big one, page 8 B 3.04.080. 02:56:00
I think. 02:56:17
I'm concerned about that because it is so vague of like who you're investigating. I mean it's like, hey, permit if it's somebody 02:56:19
below us and it's like, yeah, I mean I think HR and city manager is going to be doing that. And hey, are you looking into this? We 02:56:25
heard this. 02:56:32
But at the top, you're limiting the minority. If there were only two, I'm not assuming anyone is in or not. But then you're going 02:56:38
and saying, hey, the three of us, we need to get three people to investigate that problem. 02:56:45
So I just concerned about that. 02:56:53
On B like that that couldn't be interpreted that way. 02:56:57
On three-point 04.0. 02:57:06
80 What do you want to change it to? 02:57:11
Requests for action is investigated by City Council members involve significant staff time. 02:57:16
I think you should put something in there that. 02:57:22
That carves out. 02:57:25
Can I hop in? 02:57:32
I I actually don't see a problem with this one if it takes significant time and resources and deviation from her work because as a 02:57:36
council we vote together on what staff priorities are and so if we if we have a council member, that's going off of what 02:57:42
priorities are. 02:57:48
Let's say we all decided that we wanted a fire station in the cottonwoods in that spot and there was 1 council member that didn't 02:57:55
like it and they started requiring all the staff term and attempting to research other options. But we all just voted. I think 02:58:02
that that would be very confusing. Yeah. I mean I think we already cleared the like we don't, we're not supposed to interact with 02:58:09
stuff. I mean, I guess we can, but we don't. I don't think that's what Marty's saying. She's saying if there was a directive that 02:58:15
was put into law. 02:58:22
Or some kind of resolution that says hey we're moving this order and then council that didn't like it are going and having staff 02:58:29
move in a different direction. That's going against the order of the job that we're provided to do as representatives of the 02:58:35
community. So like you could you could go to the city manager specifically on the state. It's not like I'm saying department head, 02:58:41
I'm not saying you're going to go to a lower staff level. I'm saying if we all vote something through or if there's something 02:58:47
that. 02:58:53
We're going to put that into our code. I don't think you need to write that in. 02:59:31
Any of you can come to me for advice? This may come into play if all six of you were to ask for a memo at the same time and I 02:59:37
needed to know how do I prioritize my work? 02:59:42
On page 1082, if you're on the big side, emergency meetings, I think it's good. I do concern, I am a little bit concerned and I 02:59:49
think those that linear political or people that support me. One of the reasons why I was so grateful for the in good faith effort 02:59:57
of Marty and Jamie and also Representative Abbott was that this stays consistent with state law and that two people can call for a 03:00:05
special meeting, right. 03:00:12
Two council members. So it maintains that, correct? This is consistent with state law. It adds detail to what's in the state 03:00:21
statute so that we know how those requests anyone be processed. But it doesn't limit that in any way, right? 03:00:28
And then we deleted quite a bit of things that I agree with there. So I think I'm. 03:00:38
Not hearing anything. I'm on board. If we can get those changes, that's all I have. 03:00:44
OK. Any other comments by the council? 03:00:50
Just thank you, Jamie. I know that was a lot juggling all of our opinions and it's clear that we all had voice in there. So thank 03:00:54
you. So do you have, I do have one request as we move down the line? 03:00:59
On page 15. 03:01:07
I don't know what page it is. Maybe page 86 on the computer? 03:01:10
It's. 03:01:16
3 point 12.020 notice of City Council documentation. Part of it says that I it says the mayor shall be documented and submitted to 03:01:17
the members of the City Council and the reporter. I would love it if we could switch that language just a little bit. That says I 03:01:25
will submit it to the city recorder and she can disperse it to the council because sometimes I come in and they have a letter for 03:01:34
me to sign and I sign it. And what this feels like to me is that I would be required to watch it go get put into the copier. 03:01:42
Put into the files, wait till they have the opportunity to send it, call back and make sure that they send it properly. And that 03:01:51
feels like it's just going out of the process of what they're already talking about 3. 03:01:58
I think that's a fair request, OK. 03:02:06
Just one moment, I'll read the language in alright. 03:02:16
Couldn't we add that? 03:02:27
And be publicly made available. 03:02:31
Or a Ledger or held by the city recorder upon request. It is it is in here that she will keep a copy of all of them. So we there's 03:02:34
not a practice in the city right now just because there isn't a policy or ordinance that speaks to it of all formal communication 03:02:41
by the mayor being submitted to the city recorder. So this provides that process. It is by definition a record and if it goes out 03:02:49
publicly, it would be a public record. 03:02:56
So anyone that wanted to request these could make a request and they'd be available. But if it were like a letter that had 03:03:04
sensitive information, obviously, like if there was a move, if there was, I know that in the past we've had the mayor write a 03:03:10
letter of intent to. 03:03:16
With our businesses, yeah, With economic development, we would treat those things appropriately, yes. So the council would still 03:03:23
have access to it, but then it would be treated appropriately with the public, correct. So I guess that's good to state for 03:03:28
clarity that if you do receive it, you probably wouldn't want to make it public, You would want to go see how it was classified by 03:03:33
the recorders. 03:03:38
Yeah. And I should clarify that that. 03:03:45
The recorder romance the records officer and would make the classification. 03:03:48
On these kinds of documents. But my expectation would be that 99% of these kinds of records would be public records. Well, and I 03:03:52
feel even more comfortable than about my need to give it to her and her need to disseminate it because she can classify it upon 03:04:00
sending it out. So the amendment I've made it's 3.12.020 paragraph A and it now reads a copy of each formal official communication 03:04:08
made by the mayor shall be documented and submitted to the city recorder. 03:04:15
Period. The city recorder shall transmit a copy to members of the City Council no later than five business days after the date of 03:04:23
the communication. 03:04:27
OK. 03:04:32
Are there any further comments or questions? 03:04:34
If not, I need a motion. 03:04:38
So whoever makes the motion, just please make the motion to include the changes as I've read into the record. 03:04:43
While we've discussed. 03:04:50
Pretty good. I was looking at Sarah. I thought she was going for it. 03:04:55
I moved to adopt Ordinance 2024-05 with the with the discussed changes presented into the record by Jamie. 03:05:01
OK, we have a first time already. Can I get a second, second, second by Amber. This is run by Roll Call. Sarah Aye, Marty Young, 03:05:17
Amber and Jake Okay. Let me go through. OK, we're on 8.3. This is the Arts Grant Policy Manual and Application Resolution 2024-11. 03:05:27
And. 03:05:37
Will be presenting this to us. 03:05:39
It like circles like it's supposed to spread. 03:06:19
OK. 03:06:23
OK, so I have been working to implement a grant process, a policy and procedure manual and application for our wrapped tax funds