Start Position
Mayor Julie Fullmer called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM. Councilmember Flake led the Pledge of Allegiance and invocation.   2.     Canvass and swearing in of planniNg commissioner 2.1  canvass – 2023 Municipal General Election Canvass and Certification The City Recorder Pamela Spencer will present the results of the 2023 Municipal General Election. The mayor and City Council will sit as the Board of Canvassers to certify the results of the 2023 Municipal General Election.
City Recorder, Pamela Spencer presented the results of the 2023 Municipal General Election. Mrs. Spencer explained each category and the numbers/percentage of each category. She asked the council to certify the election with the results given.
Mayor Fullmer thanked the outgoing councilmembers for their service. She expressed her appreciation for the dedication and love it takes to serve in a community and presented a gift to Councilmembers Cristy Welsh and Tyce Flake. Mayor Fullmer turned the time over to the outgoing council members.
Councilmember Welsh expressed her gratitude for the time she served in the community.
Councilmember Flake shared his thoughts on his service in the community. 2.2  Swearing in of New Planning Commissioner City Recorder Pamela Spencer will swear in Nathan Steel as a new sitting Planning Commissioner. Mr. Steel was appointed during the City Council Special Session on December 6, 2023.
Mayor Fullmer announced a new Planning Commission member, Nathan Steel. She also thanked former Planning Commission member Anthony Jenkins for his service on the Planning Commission.
Ms. Spencer swore Nathan Steel in as the newest Planning Commission member.
Mr. Steel introduced himself and expressed his excitement to serve on the Planning Commission.   3.     Public Comments
Mayor Fullmer called for public comments.
Resident David Lauret asked if consent item 6.7 could be discussed publicly. Mayor Fullmer asked the council if they would be okay with this, and the council agreed.
Resident Daria Evans, living in The Villas, thanked the city for the holiday decorations. Ms. Evans asked how much Redevelopment Agency (RDA) money was going to be used for the cemetery and fire station spoken about in the previous meeting. She also had a question about the land donation agreement and the fire station being a part of it; and would like to know where that will be and also where the cemetery will be located. Ms. Evans then asked if she could comment on consent item 6.2 (Bicycle Advisory Commission) and Mayor Fullmer responded yes. Ms. Evans asked who requested the change and the reason behind it.
Resident Shawn Herring, living in the Ashely Acres subdivision, asked where public notices are posted. Deputy Recorder, Heidi Jackman responded that they are posted on the website, bulletin board in the city office and a park pavilion bulletin board. Mr. Herring stated that he thought public notices should also be posted on social media. He also expressed concern about feedback about meeting attendance and wanted to point out that now people are showing up and listening.
Resident Karen Cornelius expressed her concerns about the seating for the meeting and asked that it be postponed. She also expressed concern that residents are not getting enough credit for their time regarding meeting attendance and reading the materials.
Resident Chase Wheeler, living in the Lake Front subdivision expressed concern for safer parking and the city council’s response to his concerns.
Resident Sherrie Kaye Miller expressed her apologies to Planning Commissioner Brad Fagg, for a comment she made to him at the December 6, 2023, Planning Commission meeting.  She expressed concern about the conflict she felt around Vineyard City and spoke about a text conversation she had with Councilmember Cristy Welsh regarding a survey for the mural on the water tower. She expressed concern for the timing of items on the agenda and the meeting date.
After a question regarding how many minutes for public comments, Mayor Fullmer confirmed that the time was 3 minutes.
Utah County Republican Party Chair, Christie Henshaw commented on the Public Infrastructure District and Mayor Fullmer asked her to comment when the item came up on the agenda.
Resident Jacob Holdaway commented that he wished the meeting wasn’t held during the holidays. Mr. Holdaway thanked Councilmember Mardi Sifuentes for removing consent item 6.7 expressed concerns about issues he wishes to investigate.
Resident Keith Holdaway expressed concern that the agenda was dropped 24 hours before the meeting. Mayor Fullmer asked the audience to please raise their hand if they agreed with a comment to obtain order in the room. Mr. Holdaway expressed concern about respect and communication.
Mayor Fullmer asked City Attorney, Jayme Blakesley to explain the timing of noticing for meetings. Mr. Blakesley explained what is required in noticing.
Resident Tristy Lee commented that the attendees in the lobby were having trouble hearing. She also expressed her concerns that the meeting be postponed due to limited space. Mayor Fullmer responded that they will notice the attendees in the lobby what item was being discussed and they were welcome to come in and comment.
Resident David Eitel, living in the West Brook subdivision, expressed concern about the traffic caused by an accident earlier that week and what could be done about it.Mayor Fullmer responded that there is a form he can fill out asking for information about the transportation plan. Mr. Eitel also expressed concern about fiber lines being installed and spray paint on his property. Mayor Fullmer responded that they can give him information on who he can call regarding that.
Resident Chris Price, living in the Providence subdivision, expressed his love for his country and the constitution. He expressed concern for the direction the city is going.
Resident Julie Cox, living in the Providence subdivision commented that she would like the meeting postponed.
Resident Jason Christensen expressed concern about items on the agenda.
Resident Ryan Holdaway spoke about comments made previously about vesting rights and developer rights. He expressed concern regarding public safety and protecting children.
Resident Clayton Prete, living in the Solstice subdivision expressed concern about the attendees not being able to hear out in the lobby.
Resident Jim McGillan expressed concern regarding timing, noticing and space for the meeting.
Mayor Fullmer stated she would close public comments at 7:15 PM.
Resident Sara Cameron, living in the Parkside subdivision, expressed concerns regarding parking at Lake Front Town Homes and Condos. She asked Mayor Fullmer if she would remove parking restrictions during the dark months for overnight parking. Mayor Fullmer responded that she had called the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) and they told her that because they had worked on the permit process together that they did not need additional parking. Mayor Fullmer also stated that she has been in touch with their management company to get data, and if Ms. Camerson would like to speak to them, she will connect her to them. Mayor Fullmer said she will follow up with Ms. Cameron as information comes forward.
Resident Tyler Haroldsen, living in the Edgewater subdivision, wanted to clear up a rumor he had heard and apologized to the council. Mayor Fullmer responded that they have been proactively working to address the issues at the intersection in which a Vineyard resident was killed in October of 2023. Mr. Haroldsen suggested some ways to fix the problem.
Ms. Cornelius expressed concern that the attendees in the hall were not able to hear and reiterated that she would like the meeting cancelled.
Resident Parker Edwards expressed concern regarding the meeting agenda noticing. He also expressed concern regarding social media posts.
Resident Ann Taylor expressed concern regarding the timing of the meeting, the space, and items on the agenda.
Mayor Fullmer asked Mr. Edwards to clarify the social media posts he was referring to.
Mr. Edwards came back up to the podium and briefly shared his concern. Mayor Fullmer responded that he can speak with Councilmember Amber Rasmussen in a private conversation.
Resident Mike Cox commented that he had asked the council members questions the week before and would still like to know the answer.
Mayor Fullmer closed the public comments.   4.     Mayor and COUNCILMEMBERS’ REPORTS/DISCLOSURES/RECUSALS   5.     STAFF, COMMISSION, and committee REPORTS                                                                                                          (3 minutes each) 5.1  City Manager Eric Ellis
City Manager Eric Ellis gave updates on each department.   6.     CONSENT ITEMS 6.1  Approval of the December 6, 2023, City Council Meeting Minutes 6.2  Approval of Bicycle Advisory Commission Amendments (Ordinance 2023-31) 6.3  Vineyard Grove Park Slide Hill – Site Design 6.4  Vineyard Grove Park Slide Hill – Contraction Bid Award (Resolution 2023-57) 6.5  Adding Street Lights to Main & Center St. 6.6  The Yard Plat ‘F’ Subdivision 6.7  Municipal Code Amendment for Appointment and Removal of City Officers (Ordinance 2023-32) 6.8  Approval of Economic Strategy Contract Extensions (Resolution 2023-60) 6.9  Vineyard City Seal (Resolution 2023-52)
Mayor Fullmer stated that they are removing consent item 6.7. Councilmember Mardi Sifuentes asked for an explanation on consent item 6.8.
City Attorney Jayme Blakesley explained consent item 6.8 regarding economic development.
Mayor Fullmer asked the council if anyone wanted consent item 6.2 removed for further discussion. Councilmember Sifuentes responded yes.
Mayor Fullmer presented consent item 6.2 (Approval of Bicycle Advisory Commission) and responded to Mrs. Evans’ questions about changes.
Mrs. Evans asked how someone not living in Vineyard knows what Vineyard needs. Mayor Fullmer responded that the commission wanted to have more expertise when it came to planning.
Bicycle Advisory Commissioner Caden Rhoton approached the podium and responded to Mrs. Evans’ concerns.
City Attorney Jayme Blakesley presented consent item 6.7, Municipal Code Amendment for Appointment and Removal of City Officers (Ordinance 2023-32). He explained the amendment in detail. Councilmember Sifuentes had questions regarding the wording and a discussion ensued.
Councilmember Sifuentes expressed concern regarding the changes and requested moving it to a different week. Mayor Fullmer responded, and a discussion ensued.
Councilmember Sifuentes asked that the attendees be respectful during this time.
Mr. Blakesley, for point of order, clarified that there was no second on Councilmember Sifuentes’ motion.
Mayor Fullmer stated that Councilmember Sifuentes made a motion to continue the item and since no second motion was made the motion did not pass. She welcomed people to come to the podium if they wished to speak on consent item 6.7.
Jacob Holdaway expressed his concerns regarding having four elected officials to make a vote instead of three. Mayor Fullmer responded to his concerns and a discussion ensued responded.
Mr. Blakesley called for a point of order. He explained that on every item on the agenda there would be an opportunity for them to come to the microphone and make comments. He stated that the sheriff would remove anyone talking over a commenter or interrupting the council.
Resident David Lauret read the state code regarding city managers. Mr. Lauret expressed concern about enacting the amendment. Mr. Blakesley responded, and a discussion ensued.
Jacob Holdaway further expressed concern. Mr. Blakesley responded that the future council has the same rights that the current council has. Mayor Fullmer and Councilmember Sifuentes responded, and a discussion ensued.
Mayor Fullmer stated they were closing public comments and went into deliberations with the council.
Resident Darlene Price thanked Councilmember Sifuentes.
Motion: COUNCILMEMBER FLAKED MOVED TO APPROVE CONSENT ITEM 6.7, UNDERSTANDING THE NEW COUNCIL CAN REVERSE THIS MOTION IN TWO WEEKS. COUNCILMEMBER WELSH SECONDED THE MOTION.  MAYOR FULLMER, COUNCILMEMBERS FLAKE, RASMUSSEN, AND WELSH VOTED YES. THE MOTION CARRIED WITH ONE NAY.  7.     Appointments 7.1  Planning Commission No new appointments were made.   8.   Presentations/recognitions/awards/PROCLAMATIONS No items were submitted.   9.     BUSINESS ITEMS 9.1  PUBLIC HEARING – Inland Port (The Public Hearing may be continued to a later date) City Attorney Jayme Blakesley will present a proposal for the creation of one Utah Inland Port Authority project area to allow for public input on (i) whether the requested service (described below) is needed in the area of the Proposed Project Area, (ii) whether the service should be provided by the City or the Proposed Project Area, and (iii) all other matters relating to the Proposed Project Area.
Executive Director of the Inland Port Authority, Ben Hart, gave a presentation about the inland port authority and what the purpose is.
Mayor Fullmer commented that she was excited to learn what the inland port is and did not plan on holding a public hearing tonight and wanted an opportunity for the council to learn about it. Mrs. Fullmer said she wanted to have more understanding of what an inland port was.
Mr. Hart continued with the presentation. A discussion ensued.
Mr. Blakesley pointed out that since the item was noticed for a public hearing, a motion to table would need to be made.
Motion: COUNCILMEMBER FLAKE MOVED TO TABLE BUSINESS ITEM 9.1 TO THE PLEASURE OF THE NEW COUNCIL WHEN THEY COME IN. COUNCILMEMBER WELSH SECONDED THE MOTION.  MAYOR FULLMER, COUNCILMEMBERS FLAKE, RASMUSSEN, SIFUENTES, AND WELSH VOTED YES. THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.   9.2  DISCUSSION AND ACTION- East Geneva Right-of-way and Land Donation and Development Agreement (Resolution 2023-51) (A Public Hearing was held for this item during the Joint Planning Commission and City Council meeting December 6, 2023.) City Attorney Jayme Blakesley will present a request for approval of a right-of-way and land donation and development agreement between Vineyard City, Utah, The Vineyard Redevelopment Agency, and Anderson Geneva, LLC, for the following parcel numbers: 17:019:0047, 38:437:0001, 38:437:0002, 17:022:0006, and 46:870:0004. The Mayor and City Council will act to adopt (or deny) this request by resolution. (This item was continued from the December 6, 2023, City Council Meeting.)
Mr. Blakesley introduced item 9.2 and explained that this item accomplishes two different things, the Land Donation, and the Development Agreement. Mayor Fullmer asked about stipulation and a discussion ensued.
Pete Evans with Flagborough explained that they did not put the cemetery in because they did not know where it would go, but in good faith would add one.
Motion: COUNCILMEMBER FLAKE MOVED TO APPROVE THE TWO AGREEMENTS, LAND DONATION AND THE DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT WITH ANDERSON GENEVA LLC WITH THE ADDITION AS NOTED BY THE OWNER. COUNCILMEMBER RASMUSSEN SECONDED THE MOTION.  MAYOR FULLMER, COUNCILMEMBERS FLAKE, RASMUSSEN, SIFUENTES, AND WELSH VOTED YES. THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.   9.3  DISCUSSION AND ACTION – First Amendment to Geneva West Side Property Land Donation and Development Agreement (Resolution 2023-55) City Attorney Jayme Blakesley will present a first amendment to the Geneva West Side Property Agreement. The Mayor and City Council will act to adopt (or deny) this request by resolution.
Mr. Blakesley introduced item 9.3. He explained the four things that it primarily does: separates the tax increment collection period into two phases, it authorizes the Redevelopment Agency Board (RDA) to reimburse the developer for parking costs, the developer donates the Lake Promenade property to the city, and the developer donates public roadways throughout the project. He explained why a public hearing was held on the first agreement and not on this amendment.
Resident Tiffany Stevens asked for clarification on Redevelopment Agency Board (RDA) funds used, how much and if item can be tabled for more time.  Mr. Blakesley responded how RDA funds are used to reimburse and explained tax revenues.
Councilmember Sifuentes asked to summarize. Mr. Blakesley responded, and a discussion ensued.
Ms. Stevens asked about triggering and how public hearings are noticed. Mr. Blakesley responded that notices are published on the city website and the Utah Public Notice website. Councilmember Sifuentes commented that subscribing to receive notices on the website is very helpful. Ms. Stevens then expressed her concerns regarding the tone of the meeting.
Mr. Holdaway commented on the cultural shift with the election. He mentioned the RDA being public money, Mr. Blakesley responded that it is complicated and RDA funds are committed at different times and gave an explanation about the funds. Mr. Holdaway expressed his concern about the large sum of money and the importance of RDA meetings.
Parks and Recreation Director Brian Vawdrey presented the final design for the shade sails.
Councilmember Welsh asked if the Arts, Recreation, Cultural, and Heritage Commission (ARCH) approved the blue color for the sails. She understood that ARCH recommended gray to match the building.
ARCH Commission member, Sherrie Kay Miller approached the podium and stated that the commission had suggested they wanted gray. Councilmember Welsh responded they wanted to match the building. A discussion ensued.
Councilmember Sifuentes asked for confirmation if color choice makes a difference.
Rob Donigan with Blue Line Design approached the podium and stated he could answer questions. Councilmember Sifuentes asked if the color of the shade affected the temperature of the shade below. He stated that it is more for visual purposes than influencing the shade and the shade can be any color with no price difference. Mr. Vawdrey explained that the blue color was due to the park considered the “blue park.” Councilmember Welsh suggested they use the color the ARCH Commission recommended.
Mayor Fullmer stated that there would be a 10-minute break.   9.5  PUBLIC HEARING – FY 24 Budget Amendments (Resolution 2023-56) Finance Director David Mortensen will present proposed amendments to the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Budget Amendment #2. The Mayor and City Council will act to adopt (or deny) this request by resolution.
Finance Director David Mortensen gave a presentation on the FY 2023-2024 Budget Amendments. He shared the adjustments made as requested.
Mayor Fullmer asked about the additional cost for a full-time employee in the Planning Department. Development Director Morgan Brim responded, and explained what the costs could be.
Mayor Fullmer stated that she would like the council to add to the budget for a senior planner in the Planning Department. Mr. Mortensen responded that further analysis would be needed and could not give an answer right away. A discussion ensued.
Motion: COUNCILMEMBER WELSH MOVED TO APPROVE THE VINEYARD CITY FISCAL YEAR 2023-2024 BUDGET AMENDMENT #2 AS PRESENTED BY STAFF. COUNCILMEMBER SIFUENTES SECONDED THE MOTION.  MAYOR FULLMER, COUNCILMEMBERS FLAKE, RASMUSSEN, SIFUENTES, AND WELSH VOTED YES. THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.   9.6  PUBLIC HEARING – Consolidated Fee Schedule Amendment (Resolution 2023-53) Finance Director David Mortensen will present proposed amendments to the Consolidated Fee Schedule. The Mayor and City Council will act to adopt (or deny) this request by resolution.
Mr. Mortensen gave a presentation on the Consolidated Fee Schedule changes.
Councilmember Welsh asked how often residents were coming in to renew permits. Mr. Brim responded about 5-10 per year.
Resident Chip Price asked if it was possible to do permit renewals. Mr. Brim responded they would have to check with the vendor but could be possible. Councilmember Sifuentes commented that she wasn’t sure that would work because of the color of the permit. A discussion ensued.
Mr. Mortensen continued with the presentation.
Mr. Brim wanted to clarify regarding the Planning Commission special meeting administrative fee. He stated that it would take a quorum to decide if a special meeting was necessary.
The presentation continued.
Regarding “barricade cost” in the presentation, Mayor Fullmer asked Mr. Mortensen about who it pertained to. Public Works Director Naseem Ghandour responded it pertained to special events in the city, or emergency closures. A discussion ensued.
Resident Janae Riley asked a question regarding requesting a streetlight on her road. Mr. Ghandour responded that the city council can waive the fee or reduce the cost. A discussion ensued.
Motion: COUNCILMEMBER FLAKE MOVED TO ADOPT BY RESOLUTION THE AMENDED CONSOLIDATED FEE SCHEDULE AS PRESENTED. COUNCILMEMBER RASMUSSEN SECONDED THE MOTION.  MAYOR FULLMER, COUNCILMEMBERS FLAKE, RASMUSSEN, SIFUENTES, AND WELSH VOTED YES. THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.    9.7  PUBLIC HEARING – Forge Development Agreement (Resolution 2023-54) Community Development Director Morgan Brim will present the Forge Development Agreement. Dakota Pacific is proposing a development agreement for The Forge property. The property is located at 769 N Ingot Road Vineyard, UT 84059, and is zoned within The Forge Special Purpose Zoning District. Parcel IDs: 39:258:0001 through 39:258:0007.
Mr. Brim introduced the Forge and went over items in the agreement and a discussion ensued.
Steve Borup, Director of Development with Dakota Pacific gave an overview of their general plan for the Forge development.
Resident Jeff Porter asked how many residents it would allow and if there was a multi-level parking structure. Mr. Brim responded to his question.
Resident Barbara Porter asked how many parking spaces are being assigned. Mr. Borup responded that it is based on occupancy and there are two different parking structures and detailed how many cars per units/bedrooms. A discussion ensued.
Ms. Riley commented that she was excited to get new places in Vineyard and expressed her concerns about parking and if she isn’t a resident of the Forge, she can walk through it.
Planning Commission Chair Bryce Brady commented that they spoke about the anchor being regionally significant in their last Planning Commission meeting. He expressed concern about some language in the plan didn’t align with what they had discussed. Mayor Fullmer asked for clarification and a discussion ensued.
Ms. Evans asked if a Public Infrastructure District (PID) had to be developed before a development agreement is ratified. She was under the impression that this would go through the RDA. Mr. Blakesley responded that any landowner can petition the city to create a PID and a discussion ensued.
Resident Sarah Williams asked how many parking spots there were for the 1100 units. Mayor Fullmer responded that there is a code for how many spots are required. Mr. Brim responded that they have to submit a site plan and then would be analyzed.
Resident Chip Price asked if this was a request to change the zoning. Mr. Brim responded that the zoning is open-ended with 1/3 of the square footage dedicated to residential parking. Mr. Price appreciated the due diligence the Forge is doing for parking and expressed concerns if we don’t make changes.
Resident Shawn Herring asked if there was a percentage mix of the 1100 units, rental to owned. Mr. Borup responded, said there is an incentive to own it and explained how they might go about that. A discussion ensued.
Resident Kimberly Olsen, living in Lake Front expressed her concerns about people “cramming into housing” because it’s fun. Mayor Fullmer wanted to clarify that Vineyard has sufficient parking, manage parking, and correct policing. A discussion ensued.
Resident Barbara Porter commented that her experience with Affordable Housing was great.
Mayor Fullmer addressed the questions she heard during the public hearing. She asked Mr. Borup to clarify the parking.
Mr. Borup stated that parking would be 100% permitted. He explained that every stall would have a permit associated with it and discussed what would eventually happen as time went on. Councilmember Sifuentes requested not to use tandem parking and a discussion ensued.
Mayor Fullmer asked the council if they had any commentary or questions regarding the “for sale” units and the Affordable Housing units.
Councilmember Rasmussen commented that she pushed to get as many Affordable Housing units as she could. Mr. Brim responded that there is a designated 60% Area Median Income (AMI) set aside for firefighters, teachers, etc. Mr. Brim asked Mr. Borup to talk about market rate. Mr. Borup further explained how the developer wants to contribute and spoke about where they would be withing the community. Councilmember Sifuentes asked about the number of units and a discussion ensued.
Resident Elizabeth Holdaway asked for clarification on cap and the number if units. Mr. Borup stated that it would only be 1100 units. Mr. Brim explained there is no cap in the current zoning code and a discussion ensued.
Mayor Fullmer stated that her question was not answered. Mr. Brim explained what the development agreement would do, and a discussion ensued.
Mayor Fullmer addressed the question regarding parking with a complex for RDA funds on the site. She stated that there is always a potential for people to come with an application and discussed how that would be handled.
Mayor Fullmer asked if Exhibit F was addressed that it was not regionally significant to Planning Commission Chair Bryce Brady. Mr. Brim responded what they would do from a staff viewpoint with the text. A discussion ensued.
Mr. Blakesley recommended a revision to the text and discussed what the line said and suggested what it could say.
Mr. Borup stated he was not comfortable with the suggestion from Mr. Blakesley. He explained his reasons behind it. Mayor Fullmer made some recommendations. Mr. Blakesley gave legal advice and a discussion ensued with Mr. Brady and the language written.
Mayor Fullmer asked the council to decide if it was “regionally significant.” A discussion ensued regarding the term and the possibility of issues.
Mayor Fullmer asked Mr. Borup if there was any opportunity to expand green space along the belt on Geneva Road. Mr. Borup responded that he understood the desire. He stated that they were open to expanding it if a middle ground could be found. A discussion ensued.
Mayor Fullmer asked the council if they felt good about the following: no tandem parking, remove PID language, strike Exhibit F section 4.4 with the appeal process to go back to city council with option on land. Mr. Brim asked for clarification on acreage size.
Mr. Blakesley read what the motion would be.
Mr. Borup clarified where tandem parking could possibly go. Councilmember Sifuentes expressed concern about tandem parking counting towards the tenant parking. A discussion ensued.
Mr. Blakesley gave a presentation on items 9.8 and 9.9.
Ms. Evans asked if a PID is developed will it be tax exempt. Mr. Blakesley responded that a PID is a government entity and explained how it works as an entity and how it works with the RDA. Ms. Evans asked a question about defaulting. Mr. Blakesley responded that if a PID defaults, the city has no financial obligation. Mac Woodbury and Pete Evans with Flagborough responded to Ms. Evans’ concerns and a discussion ensued.
Mr. Herring asked if the council feels the PID’s are in the best interest of the city. Mr. Blakesley responded the city council will want to hear from everybody. Mr.  Herring expressed concern about the PID’s and the timing of them being on the agenda right now.
Mr. Ryan Holdaway expressed concerns about the timing of the PID’s on the agenda and who will assume risk.
Mr. Jake Holdaway commented that this is the first time he has heard about this item. He expressed concerns about the developer creating a public entity and what it would entail. Mr. Woodbury and Mr. Evans responded to Mr. Holdaway’s concerns and a discussion ensued.
Mr. Price expressed concern about not understanding what a PID was. Councilmember Sifuentes responded with her understanding of what a PID was. Mr. Price further expressed his concerns and a discussion ensued.
Mr. Jake Holdaway commented about his concerns with the PID’s and government money.
Ms. Williams asked what the risks and rewards were.
Nate Hutchinson with Flagborough answered Ms. Willams stating he thinks its lack of understanding and explained what they were going to do with the PID’s. Mr. Hutchinson stated that sitting down with the citizens and sharing what they’ve been working on will be very helpful. He shared that they have worked with previous mayors and city council members for the last 10-11 years and nothing has been done in the dark. Mr. Hutchinson stated that everything has been done in a public meeting. He also said that in no way, can anyone in the city be responsible for their PID. Mr. Evans commented on why PID’s were designed.
Resident Jeff Thompson asked the council if they had to vote tonight.
Mr. Ryan Holdaway commented that he appreciated the information about the PID’s. He expressed his concerns about creating the PID’s right now.
Mr. Evans commented that what Mr. Hutchinson said was right, and that PID’s were created to reduce the cost of infrastructure and explained why.
Mr. Lauret commented that he appreciated the discussion and asked if the land would be leased or sold. He expressed his concerns about selling to a big box user and the consequences.
Mr.Woodbury responded to Mr. Lauret’s concerns regarding whether they sold to a big box user or other commercial users. He stated that the commercial users value property based on that income. Mr. Woodbury said that it can fall apart when an individual home buyer is comparing a $500,000 home to another $500,000 home. He said a large user is going to want to have a say over the PID.
Jeff Olsen asked again if the council needed an answer tonight.
Mr. Hutchinson commented that the timing of interest rates is an incentive. He stated that there is already twenty million dollars of infrastructure in, and they are about to break ground on twenty-five million dollars of the park. Mr. Hutchinson said they want to borrow money at a cheaper interest rate to put in the PID.
Sherrie Kaye Miller expressed her concerns to have more time to understand.
Resident Clayton Prete expressed his concern about the timing and would like more time.
Mr. Jake Holdaway expressed his concern about the processes in place.
Ms. Cameron asked if there were codes for the PID’s. Mr. Blakesley responded that there is no land use authority granted with a PID.
Resident Geoffrey Wixom asked if the city had to give up anything for the PID’s. Mr. Blakesley responded that it doesn’t change the funding and finance options for the city. A discussion ensued.
Mayor Fullmer addressed comments about due government process and stated that they were following all of the processes correctly.
Councilmember Sifuentes read a statement about PID’s, asking the question: if you have a PID on a site and bond for infrastructure, what’s to stop that from happening again? Mr. Evans responded that statutorily there is a maximum mil rate that can be levied on any property as part of the PID. Councilmember Sifuentes asked for clarification regarding PID’s being different from a special district and not being tied to a local district once permission is given. Mr. Evans responded that it was a true statement and that the reason special districts need to be tied to governmental oversight and representation is due to it being a general tax on everyone in that area, and it’s a property tax that doesn’t go away. He stated that in the proposed PID on the governing documents there is no non-represented tax entity. Mr. Evans responded to a question regarding rentals and taxes within a PID.
Councilmember Sifuentes asked if there was a meeting at the end of the month. Mayor Fullmer responded that there was. Councilmember Sifuentes wanted to make a motion to push the item to the next council meeting.
Mr. Evans stated he would be happy to have a meeting with citizens before the next council meeting to educate about the PID’s.
Motion: COUNCILMEMBER SIFUENTES MOVED TO CONTINUE RESOLUTION 2023-58 TO DECEMBER 27, 2023, COUNCIL MEETING. COUNCILMEMBER RASMUSSEN SECONDED THE MOTION.  MAYOR FULLMER, COUNCILMEMBERS FLAKE, RASMUSSEN, SIFUENTES, AND WELSH VOTED YES. THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.  9.9    PUBLIC HEARING – West District: The Creation of Public Infrastructure District (Resolution 2023-59) City Attorney Jayme Blakesly will present the proposed creation of five Public Infrastructure Districts (the “Proposed Districts”) and to allow for public input on (i) whether the requested service (described below) is needed in the area of the Proposed Districts, (ii) whether the service should be provided by the City or the Proposed Districts, and (iii) all other matters relating to the Proposed Districts.
Mr. Herring asked about meeting protocol. Mr. Blakesley responded that the meeting could go on the next day. Mr. Herring asked about the Inland Port item and Mayor Fullmer responded that tonight was just a presentation to understand it.
Resident Janae Riley expressed her concerns with the agenda process and items being removed after they have been posted. Councilmember Sifuentes asked if these were regarding documents on the website. She let Ms. Riley know that the documents were indeed still online and had not been removed. Ms. Riley expressed her concerns with due process and Mayor Fullmer responded that the city follows the state statute.
Resident Elizabeth Holdaway commented she would like more time for the PID’s and was grateful they continued the item. Ms. Holdaway asked about attendance at city council meetings. She expressed her concern about having more time to understand items on the agenda.
Mr. Ryan Holdaway asked what the difference was between the East and West District. He also expressed concern about this time of year being busy and needing more time to understand the PID’s. Mr. Blakesley explained the difference between the districts.
Mr. Jake Holdaway expressed concern about the timing of the item and how it came to be on the agenda at this time.
Motion: COUNCILMEMBER SIFUENTES MOVED TO CONTINUE RESOLUTION 2023-59 TO THE DECEMBER 27, 2023, CITY COUNCIL MEETING. COUNCILMEMBER RASMUSSEN SECONED THE MOTION. MAYOR FULLMER, COUNCILMEMBERS FLAKE, RASMUSSEN, SIFUENTES, AND WELSH VOTED YES. THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.    9.10   DISCUSSION – Lease Agreement for The Promenade Aquatics Facility City Attorney Jayme Blakesley will lead discussion about the lease agreement for the Promenade Aquatics Facility. No action will be taken at this time.
Mayor Fullmer asked the council to continue item 9.10 to the next meeting.
It is Wednesday, December 13th. The time is 6:00 PM. I'm going to go ahead and call our Vineyard City Council session to order. I 00:00:00
am going to ask. 00:00:05
If Ties will read this in the Pledge of Allegiance and an invocation, all right. 00:00:12
Please stand. 00:00:18
I pledge allegiance to the flag. 00:00:22
Thank you. 00:00:35
The most gracious Father in Heaven would give you thanks for this day. 00:00:37
We're thankful for this fine land that we live in, for the freedom that we have. We ask that blessing to be upon those who protect 00:00:47
us. 00:00:50
Our fire. Our police. 00:00:54
Soldiers, theremen, whoever they may be. 00:00:57
We give you thanks for all the blessing that is bestowed upon us on this fine day when we say it in Jesus Christ. Amen. 00:01:00
All right. We're going to go ahead and start with our. 00:01:07
Canvassing of our municipal 2023 election results and Pamela Spencer, our recorder, is going to. 00:01:13
Present the results of the election. 00:01:20
Well, there we go. Swears that off. Sorry. OK, we finally got them. 00:01:28
Few minutes ago. 00:01:37
I'm going to read the statistics that are up there. 00:01:39
So, so some of the things we have to include in the report for the Board of Canvassers. 00:01:58
Is the voter turn out? 00:02:04
And so, so bear with me as this is I just received this information, so we had 28.5% voter turn out. 00:02:07
Over from 6000 plus registered voters. That's that's how many actually returned their ballots. 00:02:17
So. 00:02:24
Number of counted ballots with 1779 number of. 00:02:27
In person ballots, those are in the mailbox or in their Dropbox that they have. In person were 16. 00:02:33
Nine that returned electronically from those that are overseas. 00:02:40
Or disabled. Number of counted ballots provisionally meaning they hadn't registered to vote yet was one. 00:02:44
So the total number of ballots counted was 1805. 00:02:52
Does the and they and the counties put this together for us and it does say that it matches? 00:02:57
Their account given the vote. 00:03:02
So then the next piece is any if there were any challenged or uncounted ballots and the statistics for those. 00:03:05
The number of the envelopes with signatures that did not match the voters signature was 34. 00:03:13
And just a brief explanation on. 00:03:20
A lot of times that somebody signing the wrong envelope. 00:03:23
So. So their name isn't on that envelope and that's and but they do send those back and and try to gather at the signatures from 00:03:27
from them. Number of unsigned envelopes was five. Same thing with that they will reach out to those voters and ask them to return 00:03:33
the signature. 00:03:40
Total number of ballots that were. 00:03:47
Meaning there was something wrong with the ballot extra pen mark or something that got kicked out. And so they have to what they 00:03:50
did cure them and and look at them and correct them and that. 00:03:57
3921 of those they were not able to use at all. 00:04:05
So it says 53.8% of curable ballots that were not cured. Total number of ballots. 00:04:09
Where the voters submitted a disability affidavit, there weren't David. There weren't. 00:04:17
So for the next section, rejected ballot statistics that could not. Those are the ones that cannot be cured, which is what I just 00:04:22
explained The number of those ballots is. 00:04:27
Were returned after the postmark date. 00:04:33
There were seven. 00:04:36
Umm, there weren't any for non curable reasons. There were seven. So there were seven total that were not able to be be counted, 00:04:38
which is which is actually really good. 00:04:43
So that's I feel like that's really good provisional ballots statistics you you had the one ballot that they mentioned already. 00:04:48
Sorry. OK. And so that is the end. 00:04:57
Of the actual report, how we've gone. 00:05:03
Because we do this by ranked choice voting. 00:05:06
Oh, is it not going to come? 00:05:10
Hold on, I might have to drag it over. 00:05:13
And if I do that, oh wait, there it is. 00:05:16
Ha. Oh, I love culture. OK, let you guys watch these rounds that we're done. 00:05:19
At one point in time, we did have to. 00:05:25
Do a coin toss if I can say that because in one of the rounds they had a tie vote. 00:05:28
For. 00:05:34
Needed to be eliminated in that round. And so that was done and they, the county did a recount. And that's why I'm asking you to 00:05:35
certify this election tonight. There's your first seat. 00:05:41
And then the second seat. 00:05:48
And here's your second seat. So you have. 00:05:55
Jacob Holdaway and Sarah Cameron are your. 00:06:03
Newly elected? 00:06:08
Council members, and I just am requesting that you certify the election results that you just given. All right, Council, please 00:06:09
look over the results. Do you have any questions for Pam at this time? 00:06:16
OK, if not, I just need a motion. 00:06:26
Present. 00:06:29
Second First by ties, second by AM. 00:06:31
Please do a local. This is done by roll call. Amber, I, yay Marty. Yay, Christy. Excellent. As new people step forward to serve, 00:06:36
let's go ahead and give them a round of applause. 00:06:43
Thank you. 00:06:58
All right. We also have to say goodbye to people that have come before them. And I wanted to there. There are no words except it 00:06:59
was a privilege and an honor to serve with you guys. Obviously your work's not done. You're not done until you're done. But we 00:07:06
just wanted to say thank you and let you say a few words. 00:07:13
Today, so we have a few things for you. 00:07:21
There you go. You need to actually keep this right here. 00:07:28
Goodness. 00:07:38
OK. And then we have another gift. 00:07:40
Let's see. I'll talk to the microphone. 00:07:42
It takes a lot of time and dedication and a lot of love to serve in a community. It takes a lot of work and advocacy, and I 00:07:45
couldn't really think of a way to describe what that looks like or feels like. 00:07:51
Except for an hourglass. And so I want you to. I wanted to present you with this hourglass, and I thought it was really an 00:07:59
interesting thing when I thought about both of you, that a lot of your stories actually start with trees. 00:08:06
In this community. 00:08:13
And a lot of love for the community and you guys are pillars in the community and so there's little pendants inside there that 00:08:14
represent what you've given back to our community and then you also. 00:08:19
Get these plaques that talk about the time that you've been here. Anyway, we appreciate you and just another round of applause for 00:08:25
all the work and dedication. 00:08:30
All right. So I'm going to give you a little bit of time to say something at this meeting. So whoever wants to go first. 00:08:43
Ladies first. 00:08:51
I am just so grateful for the time I've had to serve this community. 00:08:55
It's been 8 years actually. 00:09:05
It's been, I don't know that I would have gotten involved in the community the way I have here if it wasn't for a Vineyard and 00:09:09
what they're doing, What we're doing here in Vineyard is so uniquely special and. 00:09:15
Tice actually was one of the first residents that helped me see the potential and vineyard because like most residents when I 00:09:23
moved here. 00:09:27
I didn't know what was what was happening in Vineyard and I moved here in 2014 when there was. 00:09:32
Probably most of you didn't even live here at that point. 00:09:38
And in my first council meeting, I went to another resident, Tice. 00:09:41
Had gotten really involved and explained to me, you know, we were very many residents at the meeting and explained to me what was 00:09:47
happening in Vineyard and. 00:09:51
I was shocked and then excited at the opportunities and I appreciate. 00:09:58
Watching Tice, you know, serve and then get involved and eventually run for council and he's done incredible things. I'm so 00:10:04
grateful to you as a friend and a mentor and. 00:10:10
A companion in this journey. 00:10:17
As well as all the council members I've served with before this and. 00:10:20
Planning commissioners over the years and our incredible staff who has taught me so much, I am so grateful for. 00:10:25
The knowledge I get to take with me of stuff that I. 00:10:36
Knew about. 00:10:40
That to me is so valuable and I just am truly grateful and staff have someone to say I've lived there before, many of the 00:10:42
residents I've lived here before. 00:10:47
Most of the staff in this room so separate Pam and Sullivan. 00:10:52
Seeing all of you guys come and serve in our community. 00:10:57
It's just. 00:11:02
One of the the best things I've ever done and. 00:11:05
I've enjoyed what we've built here together. There's nothing I enjoy better than being a member of an awesome team. 00:11:09
And the team at Vineyard is incredible. 00:11:17
I'm just so grateful for the time I've had and. 00:11:22
And to all those who serve after me. 00:11:25
And pray that you will serve. 00:11:28
Thank you. 00:11:30
You can have a great to clap for you and tell me different type. 00:11:31
I thought the hourglass was appropriate. 00:11:35
Since I'm the old man. 00:11:38
I never intended on staying for eight years. 00:11:43
I've spent a majority of my life. 00:11:48
And service. 00:11:52
And. 00:11:54
I haven't found a way to get away from it. 00:11:57
Right now I'm trying to dodge my ecclesiastical authorities. Who found I'm. 00:12:00
Retiring. 00:12:05
My wife has allocated my future time. 00:12:09
Since I have had to ignore her for most of my life. 00:12:13
I've enjoyed this immensely. 00:12:17
I came here not looking for this job. 00:12:19
I tried to not run again, and yet I was talking to running again and this time I refused to be talked into running again and I 00:12:22
didn't. 00:12:26
And I'm quite happy with the party, with what I've done. 00:12:31
I'm proud of the efforts that. 00:12:36
I am thrilled with the association I've had. 00:12:39
With my fellow Council members of this Council and the two previous councils. 00:12:42
They were all sterling individuals who served well and I appreciated their efforts and. 00:12:47
And I learned from them. 00:12:52
I've also served 2 mayors which were equally. 00:12:55
Fabulous in their efforts in their own ways. 00:12:59
I leave with things unfinished that I started, but that's normal. 00:13:05
But I'll leave it up to some of the members of the council to carry on doing the. 00:13:10
That we've begun. 00:13:16
I leave it to Flagborough to finish downtown that I said that I wanted. 00:13:18
And I. 00:13:23
But I also must know I'm just one member of five. 00:13:26
It takes a majority of the people who sit up here to make. 00:13:31
So I can't take credit for any decision. 00:13:36
And at the same time when you serve up here. 00:13:39
You have to. 00:13:42
To do that dirty word these days. And that's compromised because you can't get your way. 00:13:44
It's basically almost impossible for one person up here. 00:13:49
To demand cajole or whatever you wish to use to get your choice. 00:13:54
You have to get what you can and. 00:14:00
Either vote to support that compromise or stand your ground. 00:14:03
Vote No. 00:14:07
I had to vote no very often. 00:14:10
All the decisions of a major proportion that have been done by this council and the previous councils that I've been on. 00:14:12
Have been done by a majority. 00:14:18
And I think that's. 00:14:22
It says something about the governance of this group. 00:14:25
Local government is the most basic form of democracy. 00:14:29
I had the. 00:14:34
One of my jobs to. 00:14:36
Immigrants. 00:14:38
The American citizenship course, so they could get their citizenship. 00:14:40
And I used to hammer them hard that they had to participate. 00:14:45
Or they would live in a country much like the one they had fled. 00:14:49
Democracy is a precious thing. 00:14:54
And it's very fragile. 00:14:58
I do not say this to demean the new members. 00:15:03
But it's unfortunate that. 00:15:06
Only voted for them at 28%. 00:15:08
They des. 00:15:11
And all of. 00:15:15
Who have? 00:15:18
Should not abstain from doing this again. 00:15:20
In my 8 years of serving the average group in this room. 00:15:25
Was. 00:15:29
And that's wrong. 00:15:32
When I would vote for a budget. 00:15:34
Mary, a question was ever raised. 00:15:37
So it's rather difficult to do this job when people don't participate. 00:15:42
I hope you support the new council better than you have supported this. 00:15:48
I thank you for your. 00:15:55
And for your efforts to build this community, which I think is a fabulous community. 00:15:58
It's founded on good precepts. 00:16:04
Thank you. 00:16:08
All right. 00:16:10
Thank you so much again for your service and we welcome our new members and I. We've got a long agenda, so I'm going to pop right 00:16:21
into this. Our next thing is we're going to swear in one of our new Planning Commission members, Nathan Steele, if you would come 00:16:27
on up, I don't see Anthony Jenkins here. 00:16:32
We did a little farewell for him online, but he also has a plaque for serving on the Planning Commission for so long and touching 00:16:38
our city as well, so we'll make sure he gets that. 00:16:43
Welcome. Come on up. Follow. 00:16:49
Right. 00:16:52
I say your name. I need to feel having been appointed to the Planning Commission, have you been appointed Planning Commission? 00:16:58
That I will support. 00:17:06
That I will support Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of 00:17:11
Utah, and the Constitution of the State of Utah, and that I will discharge the duties of my office, and that I will discharge the 00:17:16
duties of my office with fidelity. 00:17:22
Congratulations. 00:17:28
Thank you so much for being here and for your willingness to serve. We really appreciate it. 00:17:35
All right. 00:17:40
Nathan, I don't know if you want to say a few words and introduce yourself to the community before I go into public comments. 00:17:45
Sure, I'll be brief. Come on. I appreciate overwhelming support of everyone coming out for me. Very generous. 00:17:51
But really, I'm just I worked for over 10 years and. 00:17:58
Urban planning, economic development and everything in between and I'm just so excited to continue doing that here in Vineyard. I 00:18:02
love this community and love this home and want to keep working to make it a wonderful home for everybody. Awesome. Thank you for 00:18:07
the opportunity. Thank you so much for being with us tonight. 00:18:12
All right. We'll go ahead and move into public comments. This is to address anything that is not currently on the agenda. If you 00:18:21
want to come up, come to the podium, state your name where you're from and then share your comment with us and also if you have a 00:18:27
similar comment to somebody before you. 00:18:33
And you agree with their comment, you may raise your hand. But to keep business moving along, please do not get up and repeat the 00:18:39
comment. Just raise your hand, all right. If you have a comment, come on up, state your name. 00:18:44
I still need you to be recorded. I'm sorry. Yeah. 00:18:52
Come on up. 00:18:58
So I'm Chris. Chris Price. We're not allowed to talk about the stuff that's on yes. And you live in Vineyard in Providence, OK. 00:19:00
Yes, at that time. You can raise your hand and ask to speak at that time. But this is about public comments to be addressed for 00:19:09
things that are not on the agenda. 00:19:13
OK. Thank. 00:19:18
Hi, David Larae, President Midard. I would like to ask that your consent item number 697 be to be discussed publicly. 00:19:21
I think there's a lot of what could be done there. OK, thank you. Would the council feel, do you want to discuss 6.7? OK, Heidi, 00:19:31
the commentary about 6.7 that we were going to read during public comment, we will now refrain and take that agenda item off. 00:19:39
OK. 00:19:48
Resident OK. 00:19:54
Just want to start off with something positive like I always try to do. Just want to say thank you once again for all the holiday 00:19:57
decorations I really enjoy. 00:20:02
Seeing them all around. 00:20:07
Umm, Main Street Center St. the the trees and the train. It's very nice. It kind of gives me that Mayberry feel that I like and 00:20:10
but I do have a question or two about. 00:20:16
Last week. 00:20:24
Last week, a City Council meeting. 00:20:25
You mentioned the cemetery and fire station using RDA money. 00:20:28
And I would like to know. 00:20:34
Where? How much money you're planning on? 00:20:38
For the RDA. 00:20:42
I noticed today that in the land donation. 00:20:45
That the fire station is part. 00:20:49
But it doesn't say exactly where that will. 00:20:52
And also I'd like to know where the cemetery will be located. 00:20:55
And then also I had a comment, I'd like to know if I can comment on a consent item. 00:21:00
About the bicycle. 00:21:05
And let's see, Bicycle Advisory Commission 6.2 Yeah, go ahead. OK, I just have. 00:21:08
A question about that, I'd like to know who requested this. 00:21:16
To become three resident members, two alternate residents and then two at large, was it the staff, the council, a resident or the 00:21:20
Commission? 00:21:25
And what was the? What is the reasoning behind this? 00:21:30
Amendment. 00:21:34
OK, OK, so hold on. Who requested it? 00:21:36
Staff Council. 00:21:42
The Commission or resident and reason for it. OK. Thanks, Daria. Thank you. 00:21:43
Sean Herring, Vineyard resident Just two quick questions in a statement. 00:21:55
Since there's so many here tonight. 00:22:00
Where are public notices posted? 00:22:02
Heidi, Anybody want to talk about where public notices are posted? 00:22:07
They are posted on. 00:22:17
On our website and in our bulletin board upstairs and then I think there's a pavilion area at one of the parks. It's also posted 00:22:18
there. OK, to that point, just a general observation where most people are on social media I would think. 00:22:26
Facebook would be a great place to post. 00:22:35
Public notices. I think a lot of people get their information there, They look there first before. 00:22:38
Driving over here, getting out of the car, walking in to see a hard copy. 00:22:44
So just a suggestion I would. 00:22:49
Up that public notice game a little bit. 00:22:52
Do you have more? Sorry, I got plenty. OK. 00:22:56
Go ahead. Do you have a question? No, I just thanking you for your comment. I thought you were done. That's one. And then social 00:22:59
media one. 00:23:02
On top of that, but the biggest thing tonight I think, because we hear a lot from council. 00:23:05
And we hear a lot from Planning Commission and we hear a lot from employees of the city. 00:23:10
Online and here at these meetings. 00:23:15
This was approved two years ago. You should have been here two years ago. 00:23:18
Tyson's point? Not a lot of people showed up. 00:23:21
So we hear that often. We hear that often. 00:23:25
And I just hope tonight as you. 00:23:27
You know, the people are getting more and more engaged, which you guys have asked for. People are getting engaged. There's going 00:23:30
to be people here for or against all these. 00:23:34
I just want you to listen. 00:23:38
Give everybody their 3 minutes and whatever it wants to be. 00:23:40
Give everybody 3 minutes and just please listen tonight. 00:23:44
Thanks, son. All right. Any other comments? 00:23:47
Come on up. 00:23:52
Karen Cornelius, Vineyard resident. 00:24:00
I'm going to speak directly into the mic because the people in the hallway cannot hear. 00:24:02
My first thing I'd like to say. 00:24:07
This is a very important meeting, I think we can all agree on that. 00:24:10
There are many people who have come because it's a very important. 00:24:14
And I would ask you. 00:24:18
To postpone it until we can find a place where these people in the hall. 00:24:20
And in this room can both hear what's going on. This is a stand to do it this way. 00:24:26
For just a second, if you agree with somebody, please raise your hand. We're going to avoid clapping so that we can hear people. 00:24:33
Thank you. 00:24:36
My other concern is. 00:24:41
And this is a tough one to bring up, but I'm going to do it anyway. 00:24:44
It's a very, very difficult, time consuming and requires a lot of effort on the part of the citizens of this city as well as. 00:24:48
The councilmen and women that are. 00:24:58
But I don't think we are given credit for following and coming and speaking what we feel. 00:25:01
It takes time and effort, especially when 199 page document is posted at 4:00 the day before is going to be heard. 00:25:09
That is. 00:25:19
It's Christmas. 00:25:22
We have so much going on in our lives and if we want to stay up online we can read it and then we can come for prepared. I think 00:25:23
this meeting needs to be postponed so we have a time and a place where people can sit and be heard and speak. 00:25:32
My last comment has to do with and I know I won't get an answer. 00:25:41
But where did the money come from for Amber to send a text to every citizen? 00:25:46
And this this. 00:25:53
To bad mouth a man who won the election. 00:25:56
That's just wrong and it doesn't speak well. I'm going to say. I'm going to say something really quick just about your comment. 00:26:00
Let's refrain to things that are not in our jurisdiction. If you'd like to talk to Amber, you can talk to her after. Thank you. 00:26:05
It is in your jurisdiction. You are the mayor. If Ivan as a citizen, I would have heard from you. 00:26:12
But I just feel like this meeting should not be held at this time. Yes, I had it sent. Please stop. 00:26:19
We want to hear it. We want to hear it. 00:26:29
Thank you for. 00:26:31
Well, can we can we pause this meeting to a time and a place where we can all hear? Because these people out there want to hear 00:26:33
too. And this is wrong. OK. Thank you. 00:26:39
Raise your hand, please. 00:26:46
All right, if somebody wants to go out from our staff and just let people know that they can sign on to the. 00:26:48
The link so that they can hear it and then they can come in and make commentary. 00:26:55
That would be helpful for them. 00:27:00
Thanks. Go ahead. Hi, my name is Chase Wheeler. I'm a venue resident in lakefront. 00:27:03
And I'm not even really going to talk to them because I've been doing this for like a year. They don't listen anyway. So public 00:27:09
comments, I'm going to tell all of you my experience with them. 00:27:14
So I'm a local firefighter paramedic. My wife's a first grade teacher. What got me involved was. 00:27:20
You know, all my calls. I see a lot of bad things. You know, people, sexual assault, domestic violence, a bunch of stuff. 00:27:27
And I saw my house, and I think we all witnessed with like, the front runner, there's not enough parking. And so I saw women 00:27:33
walking home late at night. 00:27:37
And I came here and said, hey, this is like a women safety issue. Like, can we just takedown these signs? There's parking spots 00:27:42
already there. And there's a cycle that I kind of went through with the City Council where at first I heard a lot of, like great 00:27:48
things like, man, there's silver tongue. 00:27:54
And so they said they do a parking study and all we. 00:28:00
And so I kind of went away and they blamed the HOA. So I was like, OK, so then I went and became the HOA president and found out 00:28:03
that it wasn't the HOA's fault. 00:28:08
And so we came back and we actually got a bunch of college girls to come and plead with the City Council to let us park in front 00:28:13
of the house and. 00:28:17
My experience, like I just want to get back to like humanity and like common human decency in this like city. 00:28:22
Because like I've just been met with such, like, hostility, cold hearted. 00:28:29
And uh. 00:28:35
It's it's just really disappointing. And so, I mean, I'm not even going to listen to what they say because I've wasted a year 00:28:36
already. 00:28:39
But I just am proud of all of you, like the people to getting up and like taking a voice back. You know, I heard certain people 00:28:43
talk about me, me, me and our choices and the five council members. But like. 00:28:49
They don't have power. We gave them this power and they are stewards of us. 00:28:55
And what we want. 00:29:01
Not oh, we built the city. City Council built this city. Like this is our city, and I hope that. 00:29:03
Like, I know they won't listen, but. 00:29:10
Look at the facts, like the voting, like people are upset. 00:29:13
And. 00:29:16
I don't know. I just hope that someone has integrity, you know? 00:29:19
I thought it was like, hold on Chase, you're running out of time. 00:29:23
We kind of passed it. I'm just giving you a little bit extra. 00:29:27
OK. Thanks Face. 00:30:03
Next. 00:30:06
I'm Sherry Kay Miller. And actually last week when I made a comment, it did not go the way I intended. So I wrote it down so that 00:30:08
this time it doesn't go that way. And I just want to add that nobody knows that I'm making this comment okay. So the first thing I 00:30:15
want to do is to apologize to Brad. I don't know if he's here. 00:30:21
Because last last week. 00:30:27
I pointed out his expressions and his eye rolling, and I realized as soon as I sat down that that was wrong, that that was 00:30:31
confrontational. 00:30:36
That it was unkind and I am sincerely sorry because what we need right now is communication, clearly without insulting. 00:30:42
Anyway, and he wasn't the only one in the room, and it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. And I knew, and I 00:30:52
know that I'm responsible for my words and actions. 00:30:56
Wrong to do. And I'm sorry. I am not Jake's wife or child. I am not his mom or dad. 00:31:01
I am not his brother, sorry. 00:31:07
But I am his aunt and neighbor and the feelings that have been building up. 00:31:10
Last week they came out as a Mama bear and I. 00:31:16
But I do think the attacks on him, especially that citywide text, was wrong. 00:31:20
At main. 00:31:24
And I was raised that my behavior does not is not justified even because of someone else's behavior. So again, I'm saying that 00:31:26
that's this is not an excuse but a shallow explanation. I grew up here in Vineyard and there was a very there were very real 00:31:33
situations of conflict. At times these conflicts you got to go a little bit faster. I've got one minute, 38 seconds. OK, sorry, 00:31:39
I'm just listening to the people telling me time. 00:31:46
And there was a situation of real conflict at times. 00:31:54
Conflicts were solved without blasting or bullying and with much listening and respect of others opinions. 00:31:57
I heard many times that conflict is inevitable, but contention is optional. 00:32:03
Anyway, the second thing I wanted to clarify is the example of the mural I made. I actually went home to look for and found the 00:32:08
text thread on my phone. 00:32:12
Christy and I have worked together and I've enjoyed working with Christy and we were talking about Arts committee stuff and at the 00:32:16
end of the text this is what it said. 00:32:20
Also, you will see a survey that just went out about the mural. The mayor wanted to make sure residents felt included. Overall, 00:32:25
she loves the mural and just wanted to make sure we cover all of our bases. I responded with great 2 exclamation points and this 00:32:30
is a good idea. 00:32:35
The point that I was trying to make is we as residents want to feel included and listened to and. 00:32:41
That's a good, important part I needed in our city governance. We haven't felt included through all the saga of the lake 00:32:47
restoration. 00:32:51
So listen, Fiasco and we want to fill, we don't want to fill the same now tonight with the inland port issue. 00:32:55
I'm hoping that you won't vote for it until the residents have enjoyed their Christmas time with their families and if it's a good 00:33:01
thing tonight. 00:33:04
Like I said last week, it will be good in a few weeks or. 00:33:08
The last thing I want to. 00:33:13
Is that what I'm really standing for? As someone who grew up here in Vineyard, I'm really sad at the reputation that I'm hearing. 00:33:15
That citywide text went to people who haven't lived in vineyards for 2 1/2 years. 00:33:23
And I was getting texts like. Why am I getting this text? How did I have me in a database? What is going on here? 00:33:28
And also for everybody's information, it's 2 minutes. 00:33:36
So I thought it said three months, that's OK. 00:33:40
OK, All right. Anyway, Heidi, where does it say? 00:33:44
Listen, I understand there's restoration. Hold on, Sir. Hold on, Sir. OK, thank you. I just need to confirm the time because I 00:33:47
have people telling me two minutes and then we have 3 minutes. OK, so if it says three, it is 3 minutes. 00:33:54
All right. Thank. 00:34:02
All right, come on. If anybody remember, please do not repeat what other people have said. 00:34:03
So 3 minutes. 00:34:12
And it's for things that are not on the agenda if you were out in the hall and you did not hear it. 00:34:15
That infrastructure to corporations. And so my concern with the cities is to let them know that once you sell infrastructure to a 00:34:51
corporation, you are going to end up in a civil court which is different. And so giving the the what should be public to private, 00:34:57
it sounds like we're still talking about one of our items which we can totally reserve for you to talk about later. But this is 00:35:03
for things that are not currently on the agenda. Come back to it and you can talk about it. When it comes to since I'm here my my 00:35:09
hope is that. 00:35:15
As you guys listen to them, you have an opportunity to stand in between in a role of inner position. 00:35:22
And so my hope is that you don't take what people have is fear and concern and translate it into US versus them. And I I realize a 00:35:28
lot of people have a lot of passion here and it can get really defensive. And so there's a lot of information. And I just want to 00:35:34
echo what everybody else is saying, that there is kind and there's plenty of information and like Salt Lake County, you can't undo 00:35:40
this once you do it. So please don't do it tonight. Please do it later. Thank you. OK. Thanks for your comment. 00:35:47
My name is Jacob Holloway. 00:35:58
I'm grateful for everyone that's here. 00:36:06
And I apologize that we have to do this during the Christmas season. 00:36:10
We shouldn't be here right now. 00:36:15
US state law putting out the schedules. This isn't an emergency, like an act of God. I have something to say. 00:36:18
I know that you guys want us to postpone this. We have heard that comment. I know that you don't want us to listen. We have heard 00:36:25
that comment. I know that you want us to make sure that we are open if this comment is something else. 00:36:31
Please go ahead and share it. If it's the same thing, let's go ahead and move on so we can keep business going so everybody here 00:36:38
can get their comments out for the agenda. 00:36:43
I also want to respect and thank Marty for taking off that consent item of restructuring. 00:36:47
That was on there that there was an attempt to change that. 00:36:55
That that sends. 00:37:00
You know, we we ran an election. 00:37:02
Getting to the bottom of the LRS. 00:37:05
Getting the grammar documents out, interviewing staff. 00:37:08
Not. 00:37:12
But to get your involvement, Mayor Eric's involvement? 00:37:14
And understand how many were defrauded. 00:37:20
How many were? 00:37:22
And we were very transparent in that over a year and a half process. 00:37:25
Once seated and getting access to those documents, we, Sarah and I. 00:37:30
Would like to do and we will be doing a complete investigation. 00:37:34
Keeping six point. 00:37:38
As our authority and equal is very important to the form of our government. The second we're going to be talking about that off 00:37:40
the agenda. So if anybody else wants to make a comment that has to do about 6.7. 00:37:46
You'll be able to talk about it because it was removed from consent to discuss. 00:37:53
So anything that's on the agenda, please refrain from talking about it so we can get through business because there are so many 00:37:59
people here tonight. 00:38:02
In 1980, my grandfather Robert, with four of his cousins and uncles, recognized that they were not being listened by. 00:38:06
And found that during the planning. 00:38:14
That they wanted to design their their city. 00:38:16
Their voice needed to be heard. The 12th West trailers were coming in, chemical plants were coming in, and they wanted to design 00:38:20
their city. 00:38:24
I stand before you. 00:38:28
As a third generation person, that's going to be serving on this council, and it's not the council, it's the citizens that have to 00:38:31
be heard. It was the dream of those men. 00:38:36
They came forward and ran legislation to create this. 00:38:41
And and it wasn't of the council. It was for the people and of the people, and to throw this through. 00:38:46
And potentially and the last thing I want to say is. 00:38:54
I've spoken with the developers that are trying to do this pit and I've spoken to them directly on having a good relationship 00:38:58
after this. 00:39:02
I might not be able to kind of the previous. It's been few minutes. I'll say this because you spoke for 20 seconds, OK, I might 00:39:06
not be able to hold this council accountable. 00:39:11
But if this is pushed through, I, Sarah, and I are viewing this as bad faith, and allowing us to be involved in the process is 00:39:16
important to us, and it's important you're still talking about. 00:39:22
That will be on the agenda and you'll have an opportunity at that time. But now I've heard your comment. 00:39:28
All right. Any other comments before we move on to the agenda items? OK. Remember, this is about something that has not been said, 00:39:33
something that is not on the agenda. I'm really amazed that even though you may have a, excuse me, I'm Keith Holdaway, I might be 00:39:38
the longest. 00:39:44
The oldest resident of the vineyard. 00:39:50
That that had had to do with the City Council. I tried to get others who have been on the council here. 00:39:52
But. But that's a tough thing to ask. 00:40:00
When they've dealt with. 00:40:03
I am. I've just come from a Christmas party. I am highly offended. 00:40:06
That this came, this agenda was dropped 24 hours ago. 00:40:12
When I had my Christmas party. It's going on right now. 00:40:17
And I can't be there. I got to welcome them there, and I've got to come and take care of this Dang mess. 00:40:22
The timing on this sucks. How in the world can we make such great decisions when we only have 24 hours to actually address? 00:40:28
That is, that is ridiculous. 00:40:39
OK, remember, refrain. Just raise your hand so we can hear. 00:40:42
This is our time. 00:40:49
I've never, I never had ruined gammon make those kind of comments. Everybody was able to speak their heart. 00:40:50
So, so Please be patient. 00:40:57
Because we're frustr. 00:40:59
Because we've seen a lot of bad stuff in the past. 00:41:01
Why? Why this comes up in between the election until the new citizens? 00:41:06
Are are seated as ridiculous. It's obvious what the game plan is You're not hiding. Please raise your hand. 00:41:11
So that we can hear, be respectful of the order that we're trying to do. 00:41:20
Listen, I I need. I need you to understand something. This is a room that is going to have order in it so that we can all respect 00:41:26
each other. I understand you want to be heard. Raise your hand when we see you and we are hearing what you're saying. 00:41:34
Go ahead. Thank you. At the same time, we expect respect from our elected officials. 00:41:43
On that, on that respect INVOL. 00:41:51
Being open, communicating. 00:41:54
Closed door sessions. I've never seen one before. When my father and I were on the council. Why are we doing this sort of thing? 00:41:57
Let's be. 00:42:01
Let's talk about things. Why do we have to rush things? 00:42:06
A rush decision is always a poor decision. 00:42:11
It always has been and it always will. 00:42:15
And I'm not sure what your backdoor game plan is, but it really stinks to high heaven as we view it from your 200 page agenda. 00:42:18
Though we only have a hard time understanding this, and I don't know who wrote it, I'd like to know who actually wrote it for you. 00:42:28
Because I and I wonder what's? 00:42:36
What's in it for you, Mayor? 00:42:40
And and. 00:42:42
Because, because anybody in their right mind wouldn't give away our tax base. 00:42:44
Nobody in their mind. Thank you. I'm done. Thank you. Did you did you want to? Please refrain? Raise your hand if you agree. Did 00:42:51
you want to explain the public process they're talking about? 00:42:58
Closed sessions, backdoor meetings, and I I don't know if we should talk about how things are posted or processed or anything like 00:43:05
that. 00:43:09
I'm not sure. I'm not sure what he's referring to on closed door meetings or closed sessions or that kind of thing. The. 00:43:16
Our meetings are noticed through the state has a public website where all cities are required to publish their notices. 00:43:24
The requirement for all cities throughout the state is 24 hours. 00:43:31
Beforehand for the agenda, The city complies with that. There are some items that require longer notice if they deal with land 00:43:34
use, if they deal with property disposition. 00:43:39
There are a handful of other items that might require different notices than that. 00:43:44
When items require that kind of notice, we publish. 00:43:49
Hold on Tristy, let me respond. 00:44:34
We have an online portal that you can use and these people, if they have a comment on something, can walk into the meeting and we 00:44:36
can hear them. I can't hear you out there to even hear what's happening. 00:44:41
Is it possible that we can put one of our videos, like our screens out there that they can access what we're doing right now? Will 00:44:47
we get feedback? 00:44:52
Well, we do. We do meet the candidates at an elementary school. You guys have been telling me for 10 years that I've been here. 00:44:59
Please come and participate. You have people participating. If you choose to vote on this without listening to us, it's on you 00:45:03
guys. 00:45:07
That's all I expect if if the items come up, we will let you know what item we're on and people from that room can come and speak 00:45:12
about it if they would like to. 00:45:17
We will go and notice what item we are on and they can come and speak about it if they would like to. 00:45:23
Go ahead. Hi there. My name is David. I tell I'm a vineyard resident. I live in Westbrook. I don't know if you have to say where 00:45:29
you're from. 00:45:33
I just have two quick questions. I promise you this is something separate one. The other night there was a crash out on 800 and I 00:45:37
don't know if you guys are driving on the road during that time, but holy hell. 00:45:43
The traffic was insane. 00:45:49
Like I I don't always commute, but it was really bad. 00:45:51
You go one way, there's people going through parking lots. I just want to like bring that up as like as like a hey, what are we 00:45:54
going to do about those type of things? I mean it's Utah, someone dies on the 15 every day. So like what is our plan? Would it be 00:46:01
like a police officer standing up with the lights and and got in traffic or if it's like getting the lights to do something? 00:46:07
But like I was stuck in traffic for like 35 minutes to go a block or two. So but also thank you to the EMS like I'm a health care 00:46:14
worker. Thank you for the EMS workers. I'd have to do a great job to handle that situation. 00:46:19
Second of all, David, just on your question, you're mostly talking about access or was there a problem with the signal or? 00:46:25
And. 00:47:07
You need to get everyone on the same page going the same direction. I don't know. 00:47:42
Second question, a second problem I have, I want to bring up the city was I don't know if everyone had this, but there was a bunch 00:47:46
of people laying fiber lines in like city in like different subdivisions. I don't know if that was a city thing or subconscious 00:47:51
thing but they spray painted all over my property. 00:47:56
And that stuff's not coming off and they ****** ** my lawn. Sorry. And there's this cones that have been here for like 3 weeks and 00:48:01
I just think that's like a really bad showing. Like I've called the city office, but I haven't really gotten any response. I think 00:48:08
it was a private industry, but I there are several people here that you can talk to, so. 00:48:14
I really didn't get any help in the city, so OK, Yeah, we'll make sure that you do. Thank you so much. 00:49:11
Chris Price, Providence Vineyard Vineyard resident I'm I'm super nervous, so I hope that I can. 00:49:24
Get out what I what I'm what I'm trying to say. Umm. 00:49:30
There's a ton of stuff that I that I would like to talk about on the agenda, but I don't think I'm going to make it that far. And 00:49:33
so I'm just going to, I'm going to talk to the the. 00:49:38
And. 00:49:43
I want you guys to know how much I love. 00:49:48
Our country. I love our country. 00:49:51
Our Const. 00:49:55
Was forged out of blood and sacrifice. 00:49:57
Of all of the greatest people in our country. 00:50:02
Each of the people that signed the Declaration of Independence. 00:50:06
Pledged their lives. 00:50:09
And all that. 00:50:11
To this idea of. 00:50:14
And many of them. Most of them. 00:50:18
Lost their treasure and their families. 00:50:21
And many of them. 00:50:24
Through this pledge to bring about freedom. 00:50:26
That doc. 00:50:31
Is alive in every single tiny town. 00:50:32
From Washington, DC to Los Angeles. 00:50:37
When you're sworn. 00:50:43
You pledge yourself to abide by the state. 00:50:45
And the federal constitution of this country. 00:50:49
Part of that. 00:50:54
Is that the citizens of this state, the citizens of this community and this city? 00:50:57
Give each and everyone. 00:51:04
Power to make decisions on our behalf. 00:51:07
With that we. 00:51:12
That you be our voice. 00:51:14
And I want you. 00:51:17
That the voice of the citizens have made their voice heard. 00:51:21
This ele. 00:51:26
Was a massive wake up to the trajectory that you're taking the city. 00:51:27
We don't want it. 00:51:35
We want development. We want this place to be developed, but not in the vision that you guys are taking. 00:51:37
I am asking each and everyone. 00:51:46
To look at this room. 00:51:50
And the people who are. 00:51:52
That feel the same way that we. 00:51:54
I ask that you guys. 00:51:58
In accordance with the way that the citizens are showing up. 00:52:01
And making their voices. 00:52:05
And not in. 00:52:08
Of. 00:52:10
We elected you and gave you power from us. This is what the Constitution is, Amber. 00:52:12
You can disagree with. 00:52:20
This is what people thought and. 00:52:22
Died. 00:52:24
To make this happen to give you power to. 00:52:25
On my beh. 00:52:29
Thank you. 00:52:32
My name is Julie Cox. I've been a resident of Vineyards since 2019. I live in the Providence neighborhood. I have two primary 00:52:39
questions to ask our mayor and our sitting City Council Why are you in office and who are your constituents? 00:52:45
I'm quoting from the Vineyard Utah org website of our Mayors bio, she says. In 2017 I spoke about the need to create clear 00:52:51
communication and transparency in the city. 00:52:56
A constituency facing atmosphere within the city. I've been serving the people of our community for almost 10 years, actively 00:53:02
engaged in bettering the community, coming to the table if decision making and fighting for the needs of the individuals and the 00:53:08
neighborhoods of Vineyard. 00:53:13
I find time to know the needs of your communities. 00:53:18
You've talked tonight about respect. Do you respect the people that showed up tonight enough to not move forward with the agenda 00:53:22
tonight? 00:53:26
Who are your constituents? 00:53:31
Are they? 00:53:33
Or are they develop? 00:53:34
Are you willing to sell Vineyard and not listen to the residents of Vineyard tonight? 00:53:36
I would tell. 00:53:43
If you respect your constituents, constituents, you will not move forward. 00:53:45
You will listen to us. 00:53:50
And you will take our opinions into consideration prior to making these important decisions. 00:53:52
Stop the meeting. Don't move forward. There should not be a vote tonight. 00:53:57
Jason Christiansen, I have my comments are regarding at one of the action items on the agenda tonight, but I just want. 00:54:10
Hold on, I just want to make a brief comment regarding this time public comment. 00:54:19
Is there's too much contention? 00:54:25
We are supposed to be a Christian community. 00:54:29
All of us. 00:54:34
Are supposed to be gravitating towards God. 00:54:37
Can we and those wrongs on both sides? 00:54:40
The action I am I came for tonight was on the agenda 2 weeks ago. 00:54:43
There was a lot of confusion from the public. 00:54:48
Populace. There's also a lot of. 00:54:52
Low tolerance and tyrannical. 00:54:59
Opinion funded from this governing. 00:55:01
Can we please? 00:55:04
Just take two minutes 3 minutes. 00:55:07
All of us come together in sacred, humble prayer. 00:55:10
To put aside contention to have reasonable discussion. 00:55:16
And for for. 00:55:22
Thank you. 00:55:26
Ryan, Holdaway resident I'm sorry my mom couldn't make it to the family reunion. 00:55:35
Because all of us have spoke. 00:55:40
And I just, I've been thinking a lot about last week and last week we talked a lot about vesting developers rights. 00:55:42
And forgive me for not recalling who who said it, but. 00:55:49
Somebody said at some point that developers have rights, which I agree with. Land owners have rights, however. 00:55:53
As a City Council and as a Planning Commission, it's your responsibility to represent the citizens, not the developers rights. 00:55:59
And I would call upon you to consider that in your actions. 00:56:06
My major concern last week was about public safety and about pedestrian safety, specifically on the road where. 00:56:10
Allowed public parking. 00:56:18
So a high school senior died this. 00:56:20
Engaged in that I drive by that memorial every single day, and it's a stinging reminder of government's failure to protect our 00:56:23
citizens because no one has done anything about it. 00:56:28
Somebody died there. That park is full of parking all the time. Nobody's done anything. What's happening? 00:56:32
And it frustrates. 00:56:38
That last week. 00:56:40
After. 00:56:43
It was very frustrating to me as a citizen who wants to protect my own children because my children walk in that park. 00:56:44
And it scares me. 00:56:51
My last comment is developers do have rights. 00:56:53
And some of those rights, if it doesn't comply with what your direction is or the planning direction is, is to sell their 00:56:56
property. 00:56:59
They can choose to not comply with what is the best solution for our community and I challenge you guys to find the best solution, 00:57:02
not the developer's best solution. 00:57:06
But our city's best. 00:57:11
And all the actions that you're doing, like I call upon that and call upon your greater sense of good. 00:57:13
What up, council? I'll be short and sweet. My name is Clayton Preet. I live in Solstice. 00:57:24
I know it's kind of been said. I know we don't want to rehash anything, but literally I'm standing right at the door and I can't 00:57:29
hear a word this dude said into his microphone. Is there any way we can turn these up just a little bit? There's probably 50 or 60 00:57:33
people outside we cannot hear a word. And with the delay with Facebook, there's like 9 different phones going out there. It's 00:57:38
crazy. 00:57:42
So I mean, unless I'm breathing on it, they can hear me outside. So is there anything we can do about that? If so, that would be 00:57:47
awesome. We're all trying to show the support. Thank you. 00:57:51
Appreciate it. 00:57:55
Heidi, were you able to? 00:57:57
Razor. 00:57:58
My name is Jim McGill and I've been your res. 00:58:01
In a transparent government. 00:58:05
This subject, starting last week, this subject would have come out to the residence and it would have come out in the form of town 00:58:07
hall meetings. We had a lot of. 00:58:12
And there's been maps and explanations. There were people I wanted to stop you just for a second. I don't know if you were out in 00:58:17
the public, but let me tell you what we've already heard. 00:58:21
Out in the hall, I get my listen. Hold on one second. We've already heard I can talk over each other. 00:58:26
Because I get my 3 minutes and I haven't gotten. 00:58:32
I'm just wondering, were you out in the hall or were you in? 00:58:35
All I want to say. 00:58:40
Is that we would have. We would have town hall meetings. There would be explanations. There would be time for each one of us to 00:58:43
get our questions answered. We would get. 00:58:48
We would be in a venue that would allow us all to participate as citizens. 00:58:54
And in actually a real city government, like I said last week, we would be celebrating our outgoing council members. 00:58:59
Educating our. 00:59:07
Coming to excuse me, incoming council members and we would be all home at Christmas parties. 00:59:09
This is not how government is. 00:59:16
Hold on one second. 00:59:22
All right. We are going to close public comment at a quarter two. So you still have a few more minutes and then we're going to 00:59:44
wrap up and go on to the agenda items. So if you still have something that's not on the agenda has not been set, please come 00:59:48
forward and state your comment. 00:59:52
1/4. 00:59:57
What time is it? Just kidding. Not 1/4 to quarter after. 01:00:00
Thanks Sarah Cameron, Parkside Vineyard resident So. 01:00:05
That's really loud. Is that intentional? Can you guys hear me out there? 01:00:11
Umm, so for three weeks after, it looked like Jake and I had been elected, I've been in contact with you, Julie, to be able to 01:00:14
cover the signs in lakefront so that people could park there overnight. 01:00:21
During the dark time and the cold and it's been a back and forth exchange, there's never been, yeah, I'll go ahead and do that. I 01:00:28
think that would be really nice to the citizens, especially the young women who are coming home from work at midnight or 1:00 in 01:00:35
the morning to not have to walk so far. So I'm wondering if you would give us permission to do that this weekend. 01:00:41
All right. 01:00:49
Just to answer your question. 01:00:51
When I called the ETA, it said because we had worked on that permit process together, they did not need additional parking. I've 01:00:54
been in touch with their management company to get. 01:00:59
Data to show whether or not they still need it. 01:01:04
And so if you would like to talk to them and ask them why that is. 01:01:08
And they've made it very, very clear that they need extra parking. That's and clearly. 01:01:46
I hear you and I will. I will send you that data that they send me and you will have access to it to see what they said and you'll 01:01:52
get the response that I'm getting back from it. And I appreciate it. I appreciate that you cared. I appreciate that you brought it 01:01:59
to my attention and we're having this conversation. So thank you. I do care. And it's cold right now, so. 01:02:06
Just a simple yes or no would be awesome. 01:02:14
Thanks. There's definitely a. 01:02:16
My name is Tyler Harrelson. I live in Edgewater. 01:02:25
I last time I came to City Council meeting, I talked about the accident on 400. SI kind of heard through the Grapevine after that. 01:02:30
One or more of you had thought that I was accusing you of killing the pedestrian, Which? 01:02:39
I didn't realize I'd be politicizing in front of this many people, but that is not at all. 01:02:46
Meant to communicate. I may disagree with the design over there, but I don't think any of you wanted the best thing to be killed. 01:02:50
I don't think the driver wanted the pedestrian to be killed. I don't think anyone wanted the pedestrian to be killed. So I want to 01:02:55
do portraits for that and. 01:03:01
For not keeping my cool, a little bit more about it. You don't need to apologize. I think everybody here understands how sad it 01:03:07
is. Sienna Life is meaningful to all of us. I think that if anybody said anything, I imagine that it was. 01:03:15
We have been proactively working on that street for sidewalks and crossings and making sure that access is meaningful. And I would 01:03:23
say that that particular intersection is not designed for anybody to cross it because of the glare and the sun. And so it's 01:03:30
engineered for the people to go down to different crosswalks. And so we talked about how there needs to be more education for why 01:03:37
people need to walk to this cross box and there's no parking in that particular area because of where it is as an access point. 01:03:45
So the jurisdiction also doesn't fall into our city. And so when we're talking about our policy, even though we're being proactive 01:03:53
and we're working with the other city and we're trying to come together to a resolve finding the right thing, to say we want 01:04:01
people to go to different corners, it was not lost on us. And to say maybe we need to put a sign there that says This is why. 01:04:08
You cannot cross at this intersection, whatever it is. But whatever your comment was, it was meaningful. It's meaningful to all of 01:04:15
us. The loss of that life is meaningful to all of us. So you don't need to apologize. Just thank you for sharing your comment. I 01:04:19
did also want to clarify. 01:04:24
I want to apologize and clarify because two council members leaving, I I didn't want them leaving with bad terms, but I also want 01:04:29
to clarify. 01:04:34
You kind of have two strategies that would be effective there. You could choose one of the two. The first one is. 01:04:38
So at sort of the base level of the physics of what happened was a car was going fast enough to be lethal and it hit a pedestrian 01:04:45
and the pedestrian died because the force is transferred, right? 01:04:51
So your first strategy would be to slow down the cars through design so you could put in different design options of juror 01:04:57
engineering planning has. 01:05:01
Lots of ideas. 01:05:06
So that would be good. The second one would be to take sort of a firing range approach and a firing range. They don't try to slow 01:05:08
down the bullets so there's safe enough to hit people. They just get the people out of the way and they have fences up and they've 01:05:13
got the one little tiny doorway that you can go through and people are watching that, making sure you don't go through. They close 01:05:18
it while it's going. 01:05:23
So putting up a sign would be good for education, but I think that you kind of like putting up a sign. 01:05:29
Next to it would be better ones there now, but it'd be like putting up a sign of the firing range that. 01:05:36
Dunk over there. I think you you'd probably be better off putting up a fence so that the pedestrian has to walk down a ton. 01:05:42
Offensive. They couldn't climb it, so they have to walk down to the correct intersection that way. 01:05:48
Think they're good and try to cross illegally and then get in. So thank you. Thank you. 01:05:55
Karen Cornelius, vineyard resident. I know I spoke once, but before you go to business. 01:06:08
Please step outside. 01:06:13
And look at who cannot. 01:06:15
It's not working. 01:06:18
There's a delay from what's going on in here to what's going on out there. It's on cell phones, there's no speaker system. 01:06:21
How can you carry on business of this import? 01:06:28
To every citizen of this. 01:06:33
Without being willing to allow them to hear, I beg. 01:06:36
To cancel for go and move it to another day. 01:06:40
When we don't have Christmas concerts that we're trying to. 01:06:44
Fiddle with when we don't have family commitments. This was wrong, is wrong and we are pleading with you. Somebody go out there 01:06:49
and see. 01:06:54
This is a circus. 01:06:59
Thank you. 01:07:01
All right. Parker Edwards, vineyard resident. 01:07:06
So I think this all comes down to transparency. 01:07:10
Right. I don't know if you guys have ever done anything else except for this, but like on the first page, I think this is a really 01:07:13
good example. 01:07:16
You guys have on the first page here that somebody has 3 minutes to speak and this page, this document is 3 pages long. 01:07:20
Yesterday you released a 200 page document and expect everybody here to understand it. 01:07:27
So yeah, I think that would be a really good idea. I think you guys should step outside and just see, like, how many people are 01:07:32
here, they can't hear a thing. 01:07:36
So yeah, this all just comes down to transparency. My aunt and uncle. 01:07:40
It's they're the Holder ways. 01:07:47
And the things that I saw on social media that I'm assuming are posted by one of you actually. 01:07:49
We're absolutely unbeliev. 01:07:56
Like, absolutely unbelievable. 01:07:58
I'm not. I'm not as old as some people here, only 24 years old. 01:08:01
But I'm just letting you know that. 01:08:05
If you guys have to go that low. 01:08:08
To win an election. 01:08:11
Like, give me a freaking break. So thanks, bye. 01:08:13
I don't know what he's talking about. 01:08:17
Good evening. My name is Ann Taylor and I have never been to one of these and I'm. 01:08:23
Wish I had done, but I actually left the grand. 01:08:28
Concert to come. 01:08:32
Because I feel like it's this important and I did not know and you're not listening. 01:08:34
I'm sorry, can you repeat that again? I would be happy to. I apologize. 01:08:41
Listen, I understand you might have said that we don't listen, and then there's this catch and it's really funny. But what we were 01:08:49
trying to decide is if we needed to clarify what the gentleman in the back said or whether or not we understood him. So we're 01:08:54
trying to listen and I understand that. It's frustrating. 01:08:59
You have to understand that we're doing our best to hear you and we're doing our best to conduct business. 01:09:04
So we are trying to listen. So if you told me that, we're not listening. 01:09:09
I apolog. 01:09:15
We are here trying to listen. 01:09:16
And just for your for your sake, would you please come back to the microphone because none of us knew what you were talking about. 01:09:19
So we just wanted a quick clarifying point on what you're talking about with the Post. 01:09:25
OK, so my name is Ann Taylor. This is the first time I've been to one of these meetings and I lived in Vineyard for three years 01:09:34
and was really I'm thrilled to move here from Las Vegas. 01:09:39
And it's I feel like was sold a different bill of goods than what's happening here and I don't feel like. 01:09:44
I've there has been. 01:09:52
And communication of what's going on. And the only reason I knew is because of a few neighbors. And I would just really appreciate 01:09:53
that. Yeah, that's something as important as. 01:09:58
Some of the things that are on the agenda tonight should not be handled and this quickly. I'm not sure what the rush is on all of 01:10:04
these different items. It seems like that are really, really important. 01:10:09
And I just, you know, like I say shame on me for not being able to be here before, but also like I I left a grand. 01:10:15
Band concert. So I could come here and then there's not even a place to sit or here or anything. And I'm just kind of like, wow, I 01:10:23
don't. I realized it was this chaotic. 01:10:27
And so it's a little frustrating to see this and this little stage of that I really love and appreciate and so I hope that you 01:10:32
would reconsider some of these things and when like I think some other people said and I wasn't here earlier. 01:10:38
That we need a venue where people can. 01:10:46
I'll be here and be heard and be and also hear you. 01:10:51
And what's going on and and what the motivations are behind all these things that have to move so quickly? 01:10:55
I'm not sure if they're so major. 01:11:01
That. 01:11:03
We'd really like some understanding. 01:11:07
And some better communication. 01:11:09
Thank you. 01:11:12
OK, so I can just read it. 01:11:13
Well, I don't need you to read it. Just briefly state what it is so that we can understand the text from Amber. OK. Yeah. I think, 01:11:17
I think we all know what you're talking about. I would assume so. Yeah, so, like, how is that OK? 01:11:25
OK, I'll just state this. If Amber at any time would like to clarify her personal choices, she may. 01:11:33
The council does uphold the Constitution, and there's the Freedom of Speech Act. And even though she serves on the City Council, 01:11:41
she does not speak for the City Council when she does things like that. So if she's talking about something that she believes to 01:11:46
be fitness of character, it could come off bad as somebody else. 01:11:51
And to somebody else. 01:11:57
Provides fitness of character. May be something that somebody else doesn't agree with. That's going to have to be something that 01:11:58
you talk to her individually about. And we will give the freedom of speech to everybody, including the City Council person. Thank 01:12:03
you for your comments. 01:12:08
Just to respond, I don't mean to be confrontational and what I'm about to say so. 01:12:14
It's my understanding and Amber, obviously you know way better than I do, but that Jake was working at a software company. 01:12:18
I'd just like to say I actually own a software company. 01:12:25
I think as of, I'm sorry, last week, I think, hold on, hold on. I want to tell you something really quick, but you don't 01:12:29
understand. I want to tell you something really quick. 01:12:33
When I said she does not speak for the Council. 01:12:38
What you're doing is you're addressing a public body about something we don't have any ability to control. And you're talking to 01:12:41
an individual on a personal matter that doesn't represent her as a City Council person. And while she may be your representative, 01:12:47
and you gave me, gave me mad, at some point you have the ability to vote for somebody else. And this is, and this and this is the 01:12:53
public process. But this conversation does not involve the business of this council. And so I need the conversation about this to 01:12:59
be. 01:13:05
Directed to the private conversations where they belong. And if you would like to talk to Amber afterwards, you can do that. If 01:13:12
she would like to make a comment during her personal time to talk, she may do that. Until that time, I'm going to stop this 01:13:17
comment. Thank you. Thanks, Amber. 01:13:22
As a side note, that that text came from Councilwoman. 01:13:32
Amber Rasmussen, I'm OK. Please raise your hand. Please raise your hand. 01:13:36
And refrain just because somebody states their title like I told you earlier. 01:13:43
That does not mean they speak for us. She holds the title. 01:13:49
Just like a a professor might say, I'm from this university, but they cannot speak for the full university. 01:13:53
All right. Mike, I apologize. Go ahead. 01:14:00
Indian Res. 01:14:04
I asked each one of you a very simple question last week. None of you answered me. 01:14:06
But the head of the Planning Commission did have the integrity. 01:14:15
To answer. 01:14:20
And I would like to ask that question again. 01:14:21
When did each one of? 01:14:25
1st. 01:14:29
About Vineyard and the Utah Element Port, thank you very much. 01:14:32
All right. It looks like we've come to our time. So we're going to go ahead and close the public session or the public hearing, 01:14:38
and we will move on to our agenda items. We'll start out with our mayor and council member reports. 01:14:44
Case. 01:14:51
Amber, did you want to make a comment? No. OK, Marty, Christy, OK, we'll move on to Eric. 01:14:54
OK. Thank you, Mayor. And council just wanted to give some updates from our different departments. So we'll start with the 01:15:01
building department. 01:15:05
The city has issued building permits for blocks five and six in the downtown area, which consists of 6/4 story apartment 01:15:10
buildings. We're currently reviewing commercial plan reviews for Kung Fu tea. 01:15:16
Office space in the industrial area and a Jersey Mike's that are close to submitting their plans for review. 01:15:23
We're finishing up five residential plan reviews for Iron Gate in the Cottonwood subdivisions. 01:15:31
From the finance. 01:15:38
The financial audit of the city is for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 2023 is coming to completion. 01:15:40
And expect a presentation from the auditors in January or February. 01:15:47
Budget season is quickly approaching so we'll have a detailed calendar distributed here soon for the Council. 01:15:54
From Parks and Rec. 01:16:03
We had our grand opening of the OR we have our grand opening of The Vineyard Connection. 01:16:05
Extension. 01:16:09
This is an event to continue the growth of Image Downtown with hopes to open the Vineyard Connector extension near the middle to 01:16:11
end of December. I think it's actually with with Public Works. I'll give you an actual date, I think it's the 23rd but. 01:16:18
Also the memorial site for Sienna. This project is in response to the Vineyard resident who recently passed away due to the tragic 01:16:26
vehicle accident that we heard about earlier. 01:16:31
And we've been in contact with Orem City to help locate a memorial site for Sienna. 01:16:36
I also wanted to let you know that the holiday tree lighting was quite a success. We had over 200 attendees. This was on November 01:16:43
20. 01:16:47
And the residents were able to go through 25 gallons of hot chocolate just. 01:16:52
From Public Works. 01:17:00
All the public, all the pedestrian flashers have been installed to include. 01:17:01
Along Grove Park at 400 N and then a flasher activated area lighting will be installed by January of this coming year. 01:17:06
The School zone flashers have been all updated to be fully on a remote system. 01:17:15
The trail along the lake that has had a constant water icing issue that has now been fixed by a contractor with the with the help 01:17:22
of the city staff. 01:17:28
Just as a heads up, as we enter winter season, snow removal operations are up and ready to roll. We've even had a couple 01:17:36
opportunities to use that. Just wanted to remind residents. 01:17:42
To be sure to clear the public streets when we have a snowfall so that our crews can get out and remove that snow effectively. 01:17:49
Multiple infrastructure master plans are underway and just wanted to kind of point what these are as I've heard a couple. 01:17:57
Interested parties talking about these. 01:18:06
A Sewer Master Plan, a Water Master Plan and a Transportation Master Plan that are all underway and should be completed during the 01:18:09
year 2024. 01:18:13
City water tank and booster station are nearly completed with the exception of some electrical components. We expect to have that 01:18:19
project completed no later than January of 2025. 01:18:25
And in the meantime, city residents and businesses will not see any reduction in the water service. 01:18:32
Quality or capabilities as those are being satisfied through Orem and Century to water. 01:18:37
Lastly, U dot vineyard connector. 01:18:43
I will be at 100% completion. 01:18:47
On December 22nd and we have a grand opening plan for. 01:18:51
The 23rd, Is that right? The Saturday? 01:18:57
Between 10 and noon. 01:19:00
That's all I have. Thank you. OK. Do we have anybody from the Planning Commission here that would like to give a report? 01:19:03
We were with you last week, so it doesn't need to be on anything that we really discussed, but you're welcome to Yeah, just real 01:19:10
quick. 01:19:13
All right. We're going to discuss some of the consent items. I do need somebody to go to the hall and let them know that we will 01:19:23
be discussing the consent items and that we are removing 6.7 in case they did not hear it. There were some people that were 01:19:29
concerned about it. Was there anything else that the council would like to pull off before they make a motion for the consent? 01:19:35
Yeah, I actually apologize. I don't know what 6.8 is. I. 01:19:44
Could someone briefly explain that to me? 01:19:49
Where is Morgan? 01:19:53
Morgan is not here. 01:19:54
I can. I can talk about it and everybody, you're going to hear more from me tonight than usual. Our planning director had a 01:19:57
medical emergency with his family and so he's. 01:20:01
I'll do the best I can on the on the things that he had been working on. There are agreements the city has with a number of 01:20:08
economic development entities. 01:20:13
And this? 01:20:18
Closer to the. 01:20:21
There are a number of agreements the city has with economic development. 01:20:24
Entities and. 01:20:28
This resolution is intended to allow the mayor and the city manager to renew. 01:20:33
And continue with those relations. 01:20:40
There is that in a nutshell. What it is? Do you have any further questions? 01:20:44
OK. 01:20:48
I can make a motion OK. Also, Daria had asked some questions on 6.2. Did anybody want to take that off for immediate discussion? 01:20:51
I'm sure. Go for it. OK. We can do it. Are you darling? There you are. 01:21:00
Yeah. OK. So I moved to approve the consent items as presented. 01:21:06
The removal of items 6. 01:21:11
.297 point 2 and 6.7. 01:21:14
OK, first by. 01:21:18
Second, by Tice, all in favor. Aye. All right, we'll go ahead and discuss 6.2 approval of the Bicycle Advisory Commission 01:21:20
amendments. I already had some questions about just the changes that had happened. I'm sorry, those were just recommended by the 01:21:27
Commission and some of the staff that we're talking about inviting more experts into the the Commission. 01:21:35
Did you have any other questions you want to come up to the microphone And I I mean I want to guess that Darius probably just 01:21:43
making sure that the bike commission's comfortable with the change. Is that, is that I mean I guess you need to come to the 01:21:47
microphone. 01:21:51
I'm assuming if the Commission did make this recommendation, they are comfortable with what they're deciding, but I'm just 01:22:04
wondering. 01:22:08
How would someone who lives in Monticello or Kanab or Richmond know exactly what's in your needs as far as the Bicycle Commission? 01:22:13
That's my concern. 01:22:19
Yeah, I think one of the things that they requested was that they wanted to learn more and have more expertise when it came to 01:22:26
actually planning. But as far as what Vineyard wants and needs, I think that's where the majority of them sits on the board itself 01:22:32
from our city. But is anybody here for a bicycle Commission? Go ahead. 01:22:37
Yeah, Kidron, I'm. I guess I'm not the chair anymore. I was just. 01:22:48
We just had a We just selected a new chair. But yeah, it's just. 01:22:53
To get more outside expertise, more. 01:22:58
Obviously there's people in Utah County or in in the area that are doing great things when it comes to bike infrastructure and 01:23:01
pedestrian safety and so we want to be able to learn from them. But yeah, when it comes to decisions that are made, we're going to 01:23:07
recommend the Vineyard. Residents on the Commission are going to be the ones to make those recommendations. 01:23:14
And present them to Council. The Bicycle Advisory Commission has no like legislative. 01:23:20
Decision making ability, we just provide recommendations to the City Council and then go from there. So yeah we're we're a 01:23:26
advisement group and Tyler is actually here because we spoke. Can somebody from that back, one of our staff or commissioners just 01:23:32
run out and get Tyler if he's out in the hall and he can't hear what's going on with us just so he can come and ask answer Gary's 01:23:37
question. 01:23:43
If he's still here. 01:23:51
Tyler Haroldson. 01:23:52
Just one of our staff members, please walk out. 01:23:55
Thank you so much, Bryce. You're on staff that you are wonderful. You were blocking the way of the staff. Thank you. 01:24:00
Well, just wait a second just to check if he's here. I mean, was your answer sufficient from Kayden? 01:24:08
I just want to keep it local. OK, OK. Any questions from the council on the specific item just because I sent people out? I'm just 01:24:15
going to wait and see if Tyler comes, just for a minute. 01:24:21
And actually now oh wait. 01:24:29
Line a discretionary. 01:24:32
Mayor one up here, could you answer my other question about the cemetery? 01:24:38
That'll be a non different item. So thanks Aria. No. Tyler's gone. OK, Thank you for your question. Council, can I get a motion to 01:24:44
approve that item or whatever you want to do with that? I move to approve consent. Item 6.2, Bicycle Advisory Commission 01:24:52
Amendments or Minutes 2023, Dash 31. OK, First by Marty, second, second by Amber. Any discussion All in favor? Aye. 01:25:00
All right, 6.7 Municipal code, amendment of appointment and removal of city officers. We'll go ahead and have Jamie present this. 01:25:09
So this is an amendment to city code that relates to the appointment and the removal of appointed officers. There are a few 01:25:19
officers in state code that were not included in the current city regulations. 01:25:25
And then the this. 01:25:32
Adds to that with all of the. 01:25:35
Officers of record for the city. So this is the city record of the finance director of the city treasurer, the city attorney and 01:25:39
the city engineer. 01:25:43
Clarifies that those of the appointments for any of those positions come from the mayor, are ratified by the City Council, and 01:25:47
then has removal procedures. 01:25:52
That are similar the mayor with the City Council ratification. 01:25:57
If the mayor doesn't agree with the removal decision, the City Council can make that removal by the unanimous. 01:26:01
Can you explain the difference between? 01:26:10
The governing body versus having a supermajority. 01:26:14
Is that my understanding that correctly, on a lot of these motions it has to be for council members? 01:26:18
On the on the removal language, that's how it's written that if the mayor's not part of the majority. 01:26:24
Than the other four council members can override the mayor. 01:26:30
And by unanimous vote of those four make the removal even over the mayors objection. 01:26:35
And could you also explain? I think we spoke about this earlier. 01:26:42
The communications department was what was the change down here? Yeah, so there there are a few different sections of code that 01:26:48
are affected by this. 01:26:52
Section 2.04 that's That was a placeholder for. 01:26:56
The general appointment of officers and employees and then section 2.08 relates to the appointment of the city manager, the 01:27:00
removal of the city manager, but also the function of the city manager and the mayor relative to each other. And there's. 01:27:09
Paragraph in. 01:27:18
It is. 01:27:20
Well, there's a, there's a section in that that relates to. 01:27:27
Few positions. 01:27:32
That report directly to the mayor and are hired directly by the mayor, but are not city officers. 01:27:34
It's a communications director and I think another communications staff member. And so there was a request, I think on your part 01:27:40
to change a comma to a semi colon so it was clear. 01:27:46
Which positions would? 01:27:52
Appointed by the council and then which positions report to the mayor and are just hired by the mayor but are not officers? That 01:27:55
was our discussion and I I think we should add that the powers haven't changed. It was just clarified according to the removal 01:28:01
process because the whole area was being clarified as far as the removal. Is that right? 01:28:08
That's correct. OK. 01:28:15
So you're saying that we've been performing this way all this time, we just didn't have it in code? 01:28:17
This is not a departure from the approval process that the city has followed, at least in the time that I've been. 01:28:23
The city attorney, there has not been language in the code about removal. We haven't ever confronted that issue, at least in the 01:28:29
time that I've been the city attorney. And so the thought was if we're going to be clear about how someone's appointed, we ought 01:28:34
to be clear about how someone's removed. 01:28:39
Yeah, I understand that. I think my concern is I'm seeing the cross outlines where we're changing it from the governing body, 01:28:44
which would be 3 votes. 01:28:48
Would make the decision like most of our votes do. And I know that there's exceptions to that rule, but I just don't understand 01:28:53
why there's an exception to this rule. And I would feel really comfortable just moving this to a different week if you'd like so 01:28:58
we have time to work on this and make it better. 01:29:02
Or at least have time for me to fully understand the. 01:29:08
The long term consequences because. 01:29:13
With whatever we have now, let's look at the dynamic of, you know, Mayor Julie Fulmer and the council that's sitting here and what 01:29:16
our intentions are. I just want to make sure that in the future, we don't know who's going to be on the council. We don't know who 01:29:22
our mayor is going to be. And I want to make sure that these rules are consistent and appropriate for long term. 01:29:28
Sammy, did you want to clarify anything on that or talk about the long term feel like the form of government doesn't change or 01:29:36
processes don't change and the the real power over the council is the same. Our government, our governing form remains the same. 01:29:42
Well it says right here it's changing now in certain areas. 01:29:48
Yeah, it's it's outlying, outlining a process. 01:29:56
So there's nothing. It's giving a process for how we do things and functions, so it's just clarifying the code. 01:30:00
Well, hold on, hold on. We're having a deliberation when you have an opportunity to make a comment or you agree with something you 01:30:08
can raise. 01:30:13
Go ahead. So Mayor, to your quit. I apologize. 01:30:18
To your question, Mayor, it doesn't change the form of government. It does. 01:30:23
State what the appointment and the removal process is for that I I don't want to. 01:30:27
My role is to advise the Council and to give you my best advice. 01:30:34
I don't vote and so I just want to be sensitive to the fact that Marty does, I don't and and it's her choice. 01:30:38
Procedurally, if it's something that you wanted to move to a later agenda, you could make a motion, see if the council supported 01:30:45
you, and it could be moved. 01:30:49
Otherwise, the mayor sets the agenda. 01:30:54
When the time comes to call for a question, you can vote. I think the question I was hoping you would answer, she had a question 01:30:57
on the long term effects of this and she was concerned about the long term effects of it. 01:31:02
And I think that it should be widely discussed. I think that it shouldn't just be something that we feel rushed and then making a 01:31:08
decision about, because I think that the powers and duties. 01:31:13
Of the council on the mayor important and I think that this to me if it's. 01:31:17
If it's not dramatically changing it if it's the. 01:31:23
What we've been performing. 01:31:28
I just don't know why there's so many things red. 01:31:30
Because that to me is a big change. And then the other side of it and this. 01:31:33
No, I agree with you. There is a process that's happening that there's been clarifications when I say that our government, our 01:31:38
form of government shouldn't change, the real, the real authority of the council didn't change was still A5 member with a quorum 01:31:44
of three. So all things are done by that standard. This is just a process that lets us know how we've been running our 01:31:50
appointments and now it clarifies how we can remove them. I think it's a good process for a lot of reasons It's it gives a lot of 01:31:56
comfort and solidifies. 01:32:02
Protections for our. 01:32:08
For our directors and our the appointments that are here. 01:32:11
But like I said, no real authority is changed in this. If you don't feel comfortable with it, that's OK. If you're asking me how I 01:32:15
feel about it, I feel comfortable with it. I think it's a simple terminology. 01:32:21
That I don't. Like I said, it doesn't change the actual. 01:32:28
Authority of the Governing Body. 01:32:32
So and I appreciate that you're comfortable with it. 01:32:35
If I would like to make a motion to postpone the vote so that you could help me become more comfortable with, that's great. 01:32:39
Can I get a second on Marty? 01:32:46
All right. Please just raise your hand if you agree. Can I say something? 01:32:53
Right, this is there's a lot of pressure on everyone here and I don't want booing. I feel like we're all listening to you and I am 01:32:58
trying to make a motion, and booing doesn't necessarily make my council members want to support me more. 01:33:04
So I would really appreciate if you guys were respectful to them. I'm asking them to support and giving me more time to understand 01:33:10
this and if they choose not to and they feel comfortable with it, that's their choice and I respect that on the council. 01:33:16
As much as it would disappoint. 01:33:23
OK, I don't have a second. Hold on. Oh, OK, hold on one. 01:33:27
Now that we're in this, do I need to take comment from the public? 01:33:33
You'll need to note for the record of the meeting. But there was no second. There wasn't a second. It sounds like there was not, 01:33:37
and so note that and then when you're prepared to receive. 01:33:41
Public comment on this. 01:33:46
I will ask everybody in the audience to please refrain from interrupting us when we're talking. You will have an opportunity on 01:33:48
the items on the agenda to speak. 01:33:52
But we need to make sure that the recorder has down what has occurred with the vote before we move to that point. 01:33:57
OK, Marty made a motion to continue this. There was no second because we're not going with all the things or because there's no 01:34:05
motion on what was currently addressed by some of the members of the public. There were some people that wanted to talk about 6.7. 01:34:12
Please come to the podium, state your name and if. 01:34:19
If you agree, raise your hand. 01:34:26
And do not repeat the comments please, so that we can move through the agendas on the business items on the agenda. 01:34:29
Over 18 months ago. 01:34:37
Jacob hold. 01:34:39
We found the with the alone and documents and letters OK. 01:34:44
And you denied they existed, Mayor, and that's when we started down that path. 01:34:48
That's what this entire campaign was in. Our original Vineyard Politico meeting was getting access and the oversight and the 01:34:56
ability of the council, and that's why the entire citizen process took place. 01:35:03
The entire process #3 on the Vineyard political platform. So then I'll answer your question. I'll let you continue. 01:35:12
I know. Let me get. 01:35:20
We also have it on record. Hold on, let me respond to you for a second and then I'd like to continue. OK, so. 01:35:22
This does not take any opportunity for you to put in an investigation. 01:35:30
To it changes the ability for me to vote because it would be a supermajority once seated if you wanted to fire somebody. 01:35:35
I don't need an extra vote. It's changing, it's it's delineating and specifying different from what it has. It wasn't written 01:35:42
before in code. 01:35:47
Let me explain it to you so that you understand it better. Everyone understands it is there. 01:35:53
I think everyone understands that it would take four and it was not written in code before that. 01:35:58
Yes, according to I know, but we're not going to be spoken down, right? 01:36:04
We're adding something to a. 01:36:08
Right. And constitutionally, it was not in there. And you guys, we just barely won an election. 01:36:10
On. 01:36:19
OK. And after winning the election, you're changing the rules on this? 01:36:21
When that investigation is placed, we already have Lehigh, we already have Provo. We already have American 4 constituencies. We 01:36:27
have the state forestry and fire and state land already on the record about what our city manager did. Have we been able to bring 01:36:33
the documents? No. Have we had a public hearing? No. We will do that in in January and I will have that ability. But by 01:36:40
handcuffing the ability to go from three votes to four changes radically, what happens? 01:36:46
Radically. 01:36:55
What I'm trying to explain to you is that you still maintain the same powers. 01:36:57
OK. 01:37:05
Somebody else can explain it to you, but no real powers change. I'm trying to clarify it to you so that you can understand no real 01:37:07
powers change, so you're actually your hands are not tied. 01:37:12
If you put an investigation, you can actually proceed if there's something wrong. If somebody has done something wrong, this does 01:37:17
not tie your hands. You don't actually need 4 votes. 01:37:22
Well, can I ask for a clarification? I guess what I don't understand is this. 01:37:28
You're asking us to postpone standard business for something that you don't understand. 01:37:36
You're. 01:37:42
Hold on. You are concerned that these things will occur. I am telling you it is not impede your ability to put an investigation or 01:37:43
fire somebody that's done something illegal. 01:37:48
And so there's no reason for us to stop that from happening. I mean, Jamie, if somebody has done something illegal and if somebody 01:37:54
wants to put in an investigation, that has nothing to do with this process, is that correct? We're not here today fighting for the 01:38:01
ability to have an investigation because one will be done. What we are fighting for is that the counting and the ability of the 01:38:07
power of the council over your authority is equal. That's what we're fighting for. So we're not talking about the investigation. 01:38:13
You're doing a word salad here. 01:38:19
What I've told you, and I'll try to be clear, is that this is a process that talks about the majority and how the majority works. 01:38:25
Your I understand. Jake, let me explain it to you. 01:38:32
But you are in the governing body. I have a 5 member council. 01:38:40
That means that free can always change the law, so your hands are never tied. Do you understand? So AM. 01:38:45
So why codify it to 4:00 to 1:00 if you're on the side? Because it gives you authority more. 01:38:52
There's nobody here. If you don't want it, you just change it. 01:39:00
That's the point. 01:39:05
OK, everybody, if you want to make a comment, you have to come to the microphone and state your name. 01:39:09
Come to the microphone and have it on record what you're saying. 01:39:16
On every item on the agenda there will be an opportunity for people to come to the microphone and make comments. 01:39:28
But if people speak over either the common. 01:39:35
Or the members of the council that are speaking, we'll have the sheriff remove you. 01:39:38
So that we can keep order in the meeting. 01:39:44
We don't want to do that. 01:39:46
So Please wait until that opportunity. 01:39:49
Do you? Do you have a different point than where? 01:39:52
I just wanted, I just wanted to read to you what's in the municipal code right now. I'm sorry David Delay in your resident. 01:39:56
I'm looking here in the Unicode section of our website. 01:40:02
And it's this section 2.810, Item East. 01:40:07
And here it says and this is regarding City Manager. This is the only one that specifies. So it's the line go with you know you 01:40:12
want to add others. 01:40:15
That makes sense probably, to do that, but it says the city manager self-serve at the place of the governing body and may be 01:40:20
removed anytime, with or without cause by a majority vote. 01:40:25
Of the Governing. 01:40:30
Studied, however, to the provisions and so forth. 01:40:32
And so it seems to me that by enacting. 01:40:35
This amendment, you would be increasing that. 01:40:39
Requirements. So it no longer would be a majority of the governing body, but it would be a supermajority, would take four of the 01:40:43
five. Jamie, do you have anything that you want to add on that? 01:40:50
No I don't I I think that is the change the the the code right now has states governing body please stop doing it. 01:40:58
So that that section of the code speaks to appointment and removal by the governing body period and then we have additional 01:41:08
contractual obligations. 01:41:12
Sure, there's an employment agreement with the city manager. 01:41:18
There you have to abide by the provisions of that agreement, and state law allows for that. 01:41:22
What this does is clarify the removal process for. 01:41:28
The city manager and all of the appointment officials with the. 01:41:32
On removal, it's a majority vote with the mayor. Or it would. 01:41:37
A vote of four if the mayor is not part of that majority. 01:41:41
So I understand that this is a change you specified and if I understand properly, it'll take four members of the City Council to 01:41:46
vote in favor of a removal the current, the current, if we accept this amendment. 01:41:53
If not, then it looks like it's the majority vote of the governing body, which I have interpreted as three of the five. 01:42:00
Is that a correct assessment of that? 01:42:07
I I just read what the changes are. 01:42:11
OK, so. 01:42:14
So thank you for the clarification. 01:42:16
David, did you feel like you? I feel that understanding. I understand it. I feel like it's also a paragraph. 01:42:19
Thank you. 01:42:27
OK, all right, Council, how do you feel? Because this is up to you. 01:42:28
I think, I think that we've heard the comment and that we know that you guys don't want it. I just want one clarification. If 01:42:37
there's somebody that wants to say something where they do want it, you can go ahead and otherwise just raise your hand that you 01:42:41
don't want it. 01:42:45
I just want one clar. 01:42:51
Everyone knows what this is this is about. 01:42:54
A previous Council cannot bind the hands of the current Council correct on this statute, an ordinance, a future. 01:42:58
I'm asking the attorney, so if if come January 1st. 01:43:09
Three of us come back to change the ordinances. 01:43:13
And we want to change it back to go back to since there wasn't a change tonight apparently. 01:43:16
I'll answer your question when when the new council members are seated. 01:43:22
The council will be the governing body for the city, right and and a. 01:43:27
Council cannot find the current council on this decision and ordinance, right. Future council has the same right this council does 01:43:31
to change the past city ordinances. That's that's what I was explaining to you. That's why I said no real power has changed. And 01:43:38
even though you're a 5 member council, you always have the majority to change the law. So I'm going to end our comments on this 01:43:44
because we understand. Yeah, go ahead. 01:43:50
Does it take a supermajority to change this ordinance or is it just the majority? No, it's just that majority. OK, OK. All right. 01:43:57
Can I get a? 01:44:06
Are you're closing public hearing? It's not a public hearing. You're closing public comment. 01:44:08
Yes, because we understand what the concerns are, we understand we are now in deliberation for it. 01:44:13
OK. Would any other council feel like they need more to understand that the people here do not want us? Or would you like to talk 01:44:23
more? 01:44:27
OK. Would anybody else like to hear additional public comment? Would you like to hear additional public comment? 01:44:31
You are judged by your last, worst act. 01:44:36
How many are we talking? I don't want to be here till midnight. 01:44:42
Now you need a second. 01:44:49
So. 01:44:52
Not about. 01:44:55
Minus about supporting. 01:44:57
Councilman that called for. 01:44:59
And the silence from everybody else. 01:45:03
Volumes of how you believe. I want to support Marty for having the courage to step forward and explain. Please raise your hand. We 01:45:07
need you to stop clapping. Thank you. 01:45:13
I live in Vineyard. I've been there for three years. Good morning. Thank you. 01:45:21
At first I think all right. 01:45:27
I need. 01:45:29
Please give me a motion, whatever you want to do. Madam Mayor, I move that we approve, 6.7 stated. 01:45:32
Sheriff, would you like to remove some people? 01:45:40
Well, if they don't shut up, then we need to remove them. 01:45:44
All right, Tyson, we're in the middle of the motion. Please continue. 01:45:50
That we approve the motion understanding that the new Council can reverse this motion in two weeks. 01:45:54
All right. Can I get a second? 01:46:01
2nd. 01:46:04
This is done by ordinance. I'm just going to do a roll call size. 01:46:07
Amber, yay. Marty, Christy. OK. Thank you. We can go on to our. 01:46:11
Next agenda items and. This brings us to. 01:46:18
Public hearing this is 9.1. Jamie, will you go ahead and introduce this item? 01:46:22
So item 9.1 and I'm filling in here for Morgan Brim Morgan's, our Planning Director. 01:46:34
He had a medical emergency on his way. 01:46:41
I've been asked to introduce the item briefly. 01:46:44
There. 01:46:46
There has been an. 01:46:50
Buy into the Utah Inland. 01:46:52
To create an inland port project area. 01:46:54
Within the municipal boundaries. And so the mayor has invited the executive director from the Inland Court to come and speak a 01:46:58
little bit about that process, what it entails. 01:47:03
What it would mean for the? 01:47:10
And then an opportunity for the council to educate itself through that conversation. 01:47:12
I was just asked if I had my bulletproof vest on. I really hope I don't need one. 01:47:16
Let me just take a step back. State your name, please. Yes, my name is Ben Hart. I'm the executive director of the Utah and Port 01:47:24
Authority and. 01:47:28
So, and I'll speak to both the crowd into the council. 01:47:32
Look, folks, and I'm not from your community. 01:47:38
And but one of my jobs professionally, In fact, not only professionally, but also academically. 01:47:43
Is to understand communities and regions, particularly through an economic perspective. 01:47:49
A couple weeks ago, last month, I had a chance to bring my son Spencer. He's a great kid. They had the special needs like football 01:47:56
tournament down here in Vineyard and so I had a chance to. 01:48:02
Had a chance to ride front Runner into your beautiful station and to walk up 800 N. 01:48:08
You get a feel for a community when you walk through a community. 01:48:14
So whether you want it or not. 01:48:18
Give you some advice and what I see happening in vineyard. 01:48:21
I think this is a community that, more than anything else, is growing really, really fast. 01:48:26
And I'm going to say way too fast. 01:48:32
You are in the fastest growing county. My guess is you might be the fastest growing city. 01:48:35
In the fastest growing state in the country. 01:48:40
What I've heard tonight and what I've seen is I've walked through your community. 01:48:44
Is you are struggling to come to terms with who you are as a city. 01:48:49
The Inland Port Authority is not going to be the reason that this community tears itself apart. 01:48:55
We won't. I won't allow it and I'm not going to bring it to my board. 01:49:02
So let me just say conclusively that regardless of what happens tonight and what decision this Council chooses to make. 01:49:07
If the will of the council choose or changes a month from now. 01:49:14
There is no inland port moving forward in Ven. 01:49:19
Understand. 01:49:25
OK. Can I move forward now? Perhaps give some education as to what we actually do? 01:49:26
Because I think it's been misrepresented in the community the last couple weeks, if that's fair. 01:49:33
Now let me also say that tonight we are not creating an inland port in vineyard. That's not what we're here to do. 01:49:37
What is allowed for and what is? 01:49:45
Statutorily required. 01:49:50
Is that a community? 01:49:52
Must give their permission for the inland port to come in. 01:49:54
Again, and I want to reiterate this, if the will of the council changes over the next month and I've had a chance to speak with 01:50:00
Councilman elect pulled away on this, I understand his position. 01:50:04
If the will of the Council changes, we will not be moving forward with an end report. 01:50:10
The process from. 01:50:16
With an adoption, should the Council choose to pass this resolution tonight? 01:50:20
It's the start of a. 01:50:25
Our process is that we then come in, we identify what the public purpose actually is. 01:50:28
I'm going to share this story. I don't know if anyone can relate to this, but I'm going to share it anyway. 01:50:36
I judged my time, my drive time tonight to get into Utah County and to get into Orem. 01:50:40
I thought 45 minutes was going to be plenty. Guess what? Wasn't nearly enough. I don't know how people stay in that traffic day 01:50:47
after day, week after week, year after year. It's insane. 01:50:52
What I've heard tonight. 01:50:59
We don't, We don't like. 01:51:01
And yet we're going to continue to put everything on cars. 01:51:04
And I understand there's feelings of we want to grow the right way. I hear that as well. But the whole notion of we don't want to 01:51:08
keep putting everything on cars. Utah is overly dependent on our vehicles. 01:51:15
If you have not figured that out after this meeting to this group of folks tonight, let me tell you, a lot of the problems that 01:51:22
I've heard about are too many cars coming through your community. 01:51:26
Too much volume. Utah has a higher percentage of trucks on the road than any other state in the country. 01:51:31
We also send more of our cargo outside of the state of Utah. 01:51:40
Than we like to admit Eric Cargo for example, we send 92% of air cargo out of our state on a truck. 01:51:44
As opposed to actually being able to send it within our community, Utah is horribly underserved when it comes to multimodal 01:51:52
transportation. 01:51:56
So let me talk about what the port is actually doing. We have two missions. I have a beautiful slide show. Not going to show it 01:52:00
because I don't think it's relevant. 01:52:04
But what I am going to talk about, you can see our front side is beautiful. If we want to go to the next slide, I'm not sure who's 01:52:09
got the. 01:52:12
But let me. 01:52:16
What our goals are are two. 01:52:18
And this is absolutely related to growth in both. 01:52:21
One, we can't continue to put everything on the road. If we do, we're going to fail future generations. 01:52:25
We have to become a much more sophisticated multimodal state. 01:52:31
Or else we're going to continue to put more crap in the air. Pollution in the air, We're going to leave behind a lot of 01:52:36
communities economically. That's the reality. 01:52:40
So you have a choice in terms of how you're going to grow as a community. Are you going to continue to rely on the status quo? 01:52:44
Or the 2nd. 01:52:52
Which I believe is absolutely critical for communities. 01:52:54
Is Are you going to understand who you want to be? 01:52:57
This struggle for identity. 01:53:01
I'm telling you, you let issues rip you apart. This community is never going to get to be where any of you want it to be. I 01:53:03
promise, I've seen that happen. 01:53:07
All up and down the Wasatch Front. It's really unfortunate. Suburban sprawl is an absolute problem in the state of Utah. You want 01:53:12
to know why it happens? Because people can't work together. 01:53:17
Dividing lines start to occur. I'm going to tell this entire community you don't get along. 01:53:23
You're headed that same dire. 01:53:28
That's what I've heard tonight. 01:53:31
So I. 01:53:32
You want to come together and be able to fix these issues. Please do. 01:53:34
Be willing to put down some of your swords and be willing to work together in terms of what you all want for your community. 01:53:38
If the inland port can help you get there. 01:53:45
If we can create better multimodal transportation. 01:53:48
And that means that rail has to be part of your future. I know that's not a popular dynamic here in the city. 01:53:52
But the other part of this too, is you can't keep sending your kids into Salt Lake to work. You have to have good economic base. 01:53:58
Here within the county. 01:54:05
We've relied on tech. We love tech here in Utah County. The reality is you have to diversify into other types of economic growth. 01:54:06
If you don't, then you're going to see that continued economic sprawl that's destroyed so many other parts of the state. 01:54:14
You have to diversify what you have locally. That's what the inland port is about. How do we create multimodal transportation? 01:54:22
And second, how do we create better economic growth within the within the community? 01:54:31
Anybody that's here to tell you that we are here to destroy the wetlands or to destroy your quality of life, that is absolutely 01:54:37
not correct. 01:54:40
And for us, I think the most important thing that we can offer and that we can help with is helping you achieve your long term. 01:54:45
Growth goals. 01:54:52
And I'm going to tell you got him like look around. I think it's obvious to see that you guys are growing like crazy. If if you, 01:54:55
if you can't grow the way that is going to best serve future generations, you're just going to end up in the same stalemate. So 01:55:01
mayor and council, it's your choice if you want to move forward with this resolution. It's up to you. 01:55:07
And if you choose to postpone it, we're fine with that if you pass it and a future. 01:55:13
Council decides to. 01:55:20
Then that we will respect the will of the Council. 01:55:23
In any situation, then I can't speak for the full council, but I think we were just excited to learn what an inland port, what is 01:55:26
and isn't. And as we've been exploring this together with you, we kind of just want to be here options. I didn't plan on holding 01:55:34
the public hearing tonight. As we've said, it may or may not happen because I can't vote for the whole body, but I expect that the 01:55:42
majority of the council wants to just learn about it and understand it. And so that's kind of what we're hoping for. 01:55:49
And you know, a lot of people are feeling a lot of passion about it, but I think that's why we wanted to do this, so that we 01:55:57
could. 01:56:00
Understand it. Well, let me walk you through a couple slides and if we can go to the next slide. So let me just explain and what 01:56:03
our goals are in terms of what we bring. So what it is, if you think about the point of the mountain, you think about a lot of 01:56:09
entities that are coming together to serve one economic area, specifically the point of the mountain. How do you bring that same 01:56:15
concept and bring a lot of different resources to help communities grow? 01:56:20
And So what we bring is an infrastructure bank that the city would have access to help with different types of growth needs. 01:56:26
We also bring the ability to create tax increment. Tax increment is tax based property taxes that ultimately are derived from a 01:56:33
specific geographic area. We are not going to take any funds out of your community. Everything will stay locally within Vineyard, 01:56:39
everything will stay within the project area. For those who worry that there's an existing RDA, these can layer on top of each 01:56:46
other and you can reinvest both. 01:56:52
Not only the existing tax increment that other available resources as well. So in terms of being able to create a process that 01:57:01
allows you again to reinvest and tap into resources to help with growth. 01:57:07
That's absolutely what we're about. If we go to the next slide real quick, let me just say our first area is in the Northwest 01:57:13
quadrant. I'll just use that as a really quick example. That area we're looking at how volume rolls in and out of that community, 01:57:18
the Northwest water and Salt Lake City. 01:57:24
And as a secondary source of strength as well, the types of jobs that that community wants. 01:57:30
So biotech, you know research based advanced manufacturing, Boeing is in that area, L3, Harris, Northrop Grumman, BD Bio, Mary 01:57:36
you. I mean it's an area of economic strength. We don't have enough of those and that's why we're sending more and more people to 01:57:43
work in Salt Lake City. How do we create areas, particularly industrial economic strength in other places along the Wasatch Front? 01:57:50
How do we make sure that volume is flowing in the right ways? If we can go to the next slide, again, just an aerial shot. Oh, 01:57:57
sorry, next one. 01:58:01
Aerial shot of what the northwest quadrant looks like. That is 1 area if we can go to the next. 01:58:06
These are our existing areas, so these are communities that we have already worked with to create existing project areas. Spanish 01:58:10
Fork, obviously just down the street, Golden Spike and Box, Elder County, Willow Valley, 21 Wells and Grantsville. 01:58:17
Burke is the one in Spanish Fork, Central Utah, Agra Park, Mineral Mountain Iron. 01:58:25
And and just if you can go to the next slide, whoever's controlling? 01:58:30
But, and let's go to the next one. 01:58:34
So what I'm going to say here just in conclusion. 01:58:37
Look, we want to be something that can help the community. If we're not, we don't need to be here. 01:58:41
If we're something that continually helped bringing the resources of the state to try and create a place of economic strength for 01:58:46
the community to help you with some of your growth needs, we're all about that. That's what the Inland port represents. 01:58:52
Not just growth, but how do we grow in the right ways? I know you're going to hear a lot of different things about the port, and 01:58:58
I'm sure you already have, but at its heart, that's what we're trying to do. The county or excuse me, the community council, 01:59:04
whatever version and whatever current form is going to be able to choose and bind the inland port to act in a way that they feel 01:59:10
appropriate. We've done that in several other communities through interlocal agreements. 01:59:15
And and so. 01:59:22
I know I'm not going to convince everyone here tonight. I hope I can at least educate the council and give you a sense for what we 01:59:25
do and how we can help. 01:59:28
So I read a little bit about the financing that goes into this and I understand how it layers. Can you talk a little bit about the 01:59:33
controls as far as if you weren't to enter into a resolution like this, would our land vest or would you use that zoning from when 01:59:40
we start the agreement and then it kind of changes or how does that work? No. So we don't have any land use authority. The city 01:59:47
will maintain zoning throughout the process. So there's no vesting if you choose to go from M1 to M2 or from M1 to R1, It's 01:59:54
totally up to the City Council. 02:00:01
So there's no vestige of rights at the time of adoption and I do want to stress this, it's not the City Council that will adopt 02:00:08
the project area, it is the Utah and the Port Authority. 02:00:12
So the Board ultimately has to go through a two cycle process. Both of them will allow for public comment and public hearings. And 02:00:18
then ultimately what we do is totally defer to the local community with regards to land use. But then again, our approach with 02:00:25
regards to the financing is making sure that all of the money is reinvested back into the community how the community wants. 02:00:32
And so we're not coming in saying this is a predisposed, you have to do this. We want to make sure that we're growing in ways that 02:00:40
are targeted around smart transportation growth. 02:00:45
And also smart economic growth and we have added a third one as of late that is also environmental stewardship. 02:00:50
And is it still in effect until the project area is adopted and then it starts having considerations? Or how does that 02:01:31
relationship work long term? 02:01:35
No, we're here to help the community achieve their goals. And so as we're working through what is a 25 or 40 year partnership, we 02:01:41
do have a baseline that we established up front. But what it is, is we come back for an annual review and I'll tell you right now 02:01:47
we do a weekly meeting with our cities as well. So when we're talking with cities, it's what are you looking for? Do you want to 02:01:53
attract the right type of business to your community? And I'll tell you, I see a really strong residential base in Vineyard, I 02:01:59
mean to keep. 02:02:05
Taxes from skyrocketing having into an industrial base is really going to help and it's not just about jobs, but it's also about 02:02:11
helping develop a good quality of life in terms of tax structure etcetera. So you and I'm taking all the questions, but you kind 02:02:17
of mentioned that there were several different projects. 02:02:23
Are there different types of projects? I know a lot of it is based around rail, but there's different modes. I thought I read 02:02:29
something about an Agra, like an Agra project cite or yeah, it's totally it. It's the behest of the county. Or excuse me in this 02:02:35
case, the city, Niagara Park was part of Juab County, so they gave us the direction there. In this case, it's totally at the 02:02:42
direction of the city. So is the city wants to see certain types of growth? 02:02:48
And we've done growth related to trails up in. 02:02:54
North of Boxelda, Garland, we've worked on some economic projects up there. We really have the flexibility we feel like to come in 02:03:01
and again help to reinvest in the right. 02:03:06
Somebody mentioned this earlier, but it's not just about development. Development can happen. 02:03:11
It's about the right kinds of development and it's about making sure that you don't overpower in your community. 02:03:16
That's not what we're about. So we want to make sure that whatever we're doing is right size and is in accordance with how this 02:03:22
city is developing. OK. And just a little bit extra, could you just kind of briefly explained a little bit more about the 02:03:27