City Council Chambers

125 South Main Street, Vineyard Utah

April 28, 2021 at 6:00 PM



Present                                                             Absent

Mayor Julie Fullmer                                                                                         

Councilmember John Earnest

Councilmember Tyce Flake

Councilmember Chris Judd

Councilmember Cristy Welsh


Staff Present: City Manager Jacob McHargue, Assistant Finance Director/Treasurer Mariah Hill, City Attorney Jayme Blakesley, Assistant Public Works Director Chris Wilson, Parks Manager Preston Jensen, Building Official George Reid, Sergeant Holden Rockwell with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, Community Development Director Morgan Brim, City Planner Briam Perez, Planning Technician Cache Hancey, Water Manager Sullivan Love, Recreation Coordinator Brian Vawdrey, City Recorder Pamela Spencer, Planning Commission Chair Bryce Brady, Planning Commissioner Amber Rasmussen


Others Present: John Bradley with Utah Recreation and Parks Association, Scott Zeidler with the Department of Natural Resources; residents Angela Trego and Aubrey Bills



6:00 Pm          Regular session




Mayor Fullmer opened the meeting at 6:00 PM. Councilmember Flake gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.



2.   Presentations

2.1   Play >>  Presentation – Utah Recreation and Parks Association (URPA) Awards

John Bradley, president of URPA will present recreation awards to Recreation Coordinator Brian Vawdrey and the city.


Mayor Fullmer turned the time over to John Bradley, president of Utah Recreation and Parks Association.


Mr. Bradley introduced himself and then presented Recreation Coordinator Brian Vawdrey with the Outstanding Department of the Year Class 1 Award and the Volunteer Coordinator of the Year Award. He mentioned that Mr. Vawdrey was the Treasurer of the Central Utah Recreation and Parks Association. He said that Mr. Vawdrey had received the Steve and Georgia Carpenter Professional Development Scholarship. Mr. Vawdrey had also received certifications from the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) and participated in the URPA’s Leadership Academy. He thanked Mr. Vawdrey and Vineyard for their support and vision in developing the Recreation Department.


2.2   Play >>  Presentation and Proclamation – 2020 Tree City USA© Recognition and Proclamation 2021-01

Department of Natural Resources State Forester, Scott Zeidler will present the 2020 Tree City USA Recognition Award. Mayor Fullmer will then read an amended Arbor Day Proclamation adding the City’s new designation.


Mayor Fullmer turned the time over to Utah County State Forester Scott Zeidler.


Mr. Zeidler introduced himself and explained that his department administered the Tree City USA® program. He said that he had watched Vineyard develop its tree inventory and tree population in the last three years. In the last year, Vineyard had qualified to be awarded the Tree City USA® designation. He mentioned that there were eighty-three Tree City USA® communities in Utah, with Murry having been one of the longest for forty-four years. He said that he had reviewed Vineyard’s requirements to become a Tree City USA® and on behalf of the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands, and in partnership with the USDA Forest Service and the Arbor Day Foundation, he presented the Tree City USA® recognition. Councilmember Flake and Water Manager Sullivan Love accepted the award for the city. Mayor Fullmer read the proclamation, proclaiming the last Friday in April as Arbor Day and urging all citizens to celebrate Arbor Day.



3.      Work Session

No items were submitted.



4.       Play >>  Public Comments

Mayor Fullmer called for public comments.


Resident Amber Rasmussen, living in The Meadows subdivision, mentioned that the city would be planting trees on May 1 and would have someone from a local nursery to teach residents how to plant a tree correctly.


Angela Trego, living in The Parkside subdivision, said that the grass on the northeast corner towards the walkway in her neighborhood had been watered every day for two weeks straight. She wanted the city to make sure they were watering responsibly. Mr. Love explained that the city did not own the property yet but would be taking ownership as soon as the development was finished. Ms. Trego mentioned that Salt Lake County offered water conservation tips for residents, where they came to your home and did a lawn and water analysis. She said that they did not provide this program in Utah County. She suggested that the city help support water conservation. There was a discussion about the water conservation program. Mr. Love mentioned that he had some audit cups and could provide video training so that the residents could do their own analysis. He said that he was hoping to find a conservation coordinator to assist the residents. There was a discussion about education tools residents could use.


Ms. Trego suggested that the city reevaluate its water rate structure. She said that there were several residents who did not use 5,000 gallons a month. Sandy, Taylorsville, and Kearns’ rate structure started at 1,000 gallons for their base rate. Assistant Finance Director/Treasurer Mariah Hill explained that they had done an analysis last year and would be changing the base rates.


Councilmember Welsh asked if anyone knew what the water rationing would be this summer and if staff had any landscaping advice for residents. Mayor Fullmer replied that there would be a roundtable at the state level on Thursday to discuss conservation efforts. She suggested that the city should hold more landscaping classes. Mr. McHargue suggested that developers postpone installing landscaping. There was a discussion about water conservation.


Mayor Fullmer called for further public comments. Hearing none, she closed the public comments session.



Councilmember Welsh reported on the Utah Leagues of Cities and Towns (ULCT) conference held last week. She mentioned that some of the problematic legislation passed this year would be coming back up in the interim committees or at the next legislative session. She said Vineyard’s issues with rapid growth, parking, etc., were now becoming statewide issues.


Mayor Fullmer announced that Vineyard had received the Healthy Utah Community Award at the ULCT conference, which was only given to eleven cities. She explained the things that the city had done to earn the award. She said that ULCT had asked for members to serve on their boards and asked the council to let her know if they wanted to participate. She said that the council and residents needed to speak up about the work the legislature was doing.


Councilmember Flake expressed concern over an email that he thought had come from the mayor asking him to purchase $800 worth of gift cards, but this was not the case. Sergeant Rockwell said that no one should respond to these types of emails. Mr. McHargue stated that he would never ask anyone to spend money over email and asked that they contact him if they had received this type of email.



6.        STAFF, COMMISSION, and committee REPORTS

6.1   Play >>  City Manager Jacob McHargue – Mr. McHargue gave an update on the parking

restriction form, which he anticipated having available on the city website soon. Residents would be able to find the form in the “I want to report” section of the website. He said that only one signature per household would be accepted and that they needed 75 percent of the homeowners’ signatures from the same neighborhood before staff could start the process. He mentioned that the form could also address other parking issues. There was a discussion about the form and how residents would submit it.


Mr. McHargue noted that Mayor Fullmer had participated on two panels at the ULCT conference where they had discussed issues that the city was facing. At the conference they also showed a video about Vineyard as part of the Healthy Community Award. Mayor Fullmer mentioned that they also showed a why we are different video that Vineyard had submitted. Mr. McHargue reviewed upcoming events: the MAYrathon race, giving registrants a month to run, bike, swim, scooter, etc., 26.2 miles; Bike Month would start on May 1; and the Earth Day cleanup was scheduled for May 1.


6.2   Play >>  Planning Commission Chair Bryce Brady – Chair Brady had no items to report.


6.3   Play >>  Code Enforcement – Planning Technician Cache Hancey – Quarterly Report

Mr. Hancey reviewed his report. Highlights were:

·         He met with the Homeowners Associations to address concerns or issues that they were having.

·         He worked with local businesses to update them on the sign code.

·         He worked with developers and residents on removing tumbleweeds

·         He addressed general complaints.

·         There were forty complaints in the first quarter. He noted that he spent about 12 hours per week on code enforcement and that all forty complaints had been addressed.

·         Seven of the forty complaints had escalated into cases. Most were accessory dwelling units or business-related complaints.

He reviewed the complaints by neighborhood. Mayor Fullmer asked if staff had to adjust their responses to ADU code enforcement after the changes made by the legislature. Mr. Hancey replied that they did not have to make any changes because the city’s code aligned closely with the legislative changes. Mr. Brim agreed. Mayor Fullmer suggested that they talk with the state before the next legislative session. Mr. Hancey explained how he handled the complaints. Mayor Fullmer asked if staff was collecting data points. Mr. Hancey replied that he was and would create a map to present to the council during his next report. He said that he would continue working with businesses on sign code compliance and work on creating a process to reduce the number of noncompliant ADUs in the city.


6.4   Play >>  Finance – Assistant Finance Director/Treasurer Mariah Hill- Quarterly Report

Ms. Hill said that the budget was right in line for the fiscal year, with revenues coming in above projections. The expenditures were below the seventy-five percent threshold. The Enterprise Funds revenues were below projections but expected to catch up as they entered the high utility billing months. She noted that enterprise expenses were below the seventy-five percent threshold.



7.          Play >>  CONSENT ITEMS

7.1  Approval of the April 14, 2021 City Council Meeting Minutes

7.2  Approval of the Sycamores Phase 4 Final Plat (7.4)


Mayor Fullmer called for a motion.


Motion: Councilmember Flake moved to approve the consent items. Councilmember Judd seconded the motion. Mayor Fullmer, Councilmembers Earnest, Flake, Judd, and Welsh VOTED aye. The motion carried unanimously.



8.      Mayor’s Appointments

No names were submitted.



9.      discussion

No items were submitted.


10.1  Play >>  Discussion and action – Gammon Park Swings

Parks Manager Preston Jensen will present plans for installing swings in Gammon Park. The Mayor and City Council will take appropriate action.


Mayor Fullmer turned the time over to Parks Manager Preston Jensen.


Mr. Jensen explained that they had ordered the replacement playground equipment. He said that he had been asked to include swings and had received a quote for a couple of different types. He recommended that the swings be placed in the area just south of the library where the old volleyball court used to be. He mentioned that there was not enough open space in other areas of the park. There was a discussion about how much space was needed for the swings and removal of the septic tank.  Councilmember Judd felt that they should order the swings now and look into the septic tank mitigation. Mayor Fullmer asked if they had looked into a swing for all abilities. Mr. Jensen replied that he had not. There was a discussion about the different types of swings they could install. Mr. Jensen agreed to look into the cost to purchase all-ability swings.


Mayor Fullmer called for further questions.


Motion: Councilmember Judd moved to approve staff to purchase and install the eight-foot swing structure as proposed with the amendment of looking into getting an all-abilities option as well as the baby swings. Councilmember Welsh seconded the motion.


Resident Aubrey Bills, living in The Elms subdivision, said that her children would like four big swings so they could swing with their cousin. Councilmember Welsh said that she appreciated the feedback from people that were using the playground.  She explained that the city would be doing a whole park plan and would take their comments into consideration. Mayor Fullmer asked if they could put two large swings together, and a toddler and an all abilities swing together. Mr. Jensen replied that the baby swings had to be separated from other swings. Mr. McHargue suggested that they purchase the swings and change them out periodically.


Amended Motion: Councilmember Judd moved to approve staff to purchase and install the eight-foot swing structure as proposed with the addition of an all-abilities swing option and finding out the option to remove the septic tank. Councilmember Welsh seconded the motion. Mayor Fullmer, Councilmembers Earnest, Flake, Judd, and Welsh VOTED aye. The motion carried unanimously.


10.2  Play >>  Discussion and actionCommunity Garden

City Manager Jacob McHargue will present a plan to add a community garden.

The mayor and City Council will take appropriate action.


Mayor Fullmer turned the time over to City Manager Jacob McHargue.


Mr. McHargue explained that Mayor Fullmer had worked with Orem Community Hospital to procure funding to purchase grow boxes and that staff had discussed where they could put them. He said the best option was to place the boxes on the property west of the tennis courts. There would be a minimal cost to the city, including removing the canal, which had already been done. Mayor Fullmer said that this pilot area was to help facilitate a partnership with Utah Valley University (UVU) and the Orem Community Hospital. This pilot program would help determine if the community would utilize the boxes and see if there was a demand for more. Mr. McHargue explained that this area gave them room for fourteen grow boxes, and they could create a drip system with the existing water on the property.


Mayor Fullmer called for questions.


Councilmember Judd expressed concern with maintenance and weed control. Mr. Love explained that they were able to get volunteers to run the facility. They wanted residents to take ownership. Mayor Fullmer said that she wanted the council to have the opportunity to designate the land as a community garden, but they would put the plan together once they determine who the partners were. Councilmember Judd asked if the city would need to bring in the soil. Mr. Love replied that the city already had topsoil and compost they could mix for the boxes. He said that the Orem Community Hospital had an application process for residents to use their boxes. They also had a two-page list of what the user’s responsibilities were. He suggested that the city modify Orem Hospital's guidelines based on how they wanted to see it operated. He felt that they could easily spray using a minimum of staff time. Councilmember Judd felt that the city was ultimately responsible because it was on their land. Mayor Fullmer explained that the land was available, and they were allowing staff to work out the partnerships, come up with a plan that would work well for the city, and then implement it. Councilmember Welsh asked if the city would be providing the water. Mr. Love replied that they would be connecting to the existing well on the property, so the city's cost would be less than the cost to use culinary water.


Councilmember Welsh stated she was not in favor of making a park plan around the grow boxes. She said that she would only vote for this plan if it was understood that this was a temporary location.  Mr. Brim said that if this plan were successful, it would tell them that there was a demand at this location and that they should find a way to incorporate it into the park design and possibly move it to a different location. There was a discussion about the boxes. Mr. Brim suggested that before it was opened, they should find someone who was not a staff member or create a committee and transfer the management. Councilmember Judd asked how the process of assigning the boxes would work. Mr. Brim replied that they could have the applicants explain why they should be chosen for a box, or focus on income, yard size, or assign boxes on a first-come-first-served basis. There was a discussion about the application process.


Councilmember Flake stated that he was totally in favor of a community garden but was not in favor of using this as a permanent location. Councilmember Welsh also liked the idea of a trial run to see if there was genuine interest. The discussion continued. Councilmember Judd suggested they have a produce share stand near the boxes.


Mayor Fullmer called for a motion.


Motion: Councilmember Judd moved that staff be directed to prepare the Gammon park site for a Community Garden, as presented. Councilmember Welsh seconded the motion. Mayor Fullmer, Councilmembers Earnest, Flake, Judd, and Welsh VOTED aye. The motion carried unanimously.




No closed session was held.

12.    Play >>  ADJOURNMENT

Mayor Fullmer called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Motion: Councilmember Flake moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:19 PM. Councilmember Earnest seconded the motion. Mayor Fullmer, Councilmembers Earnest, Flake, Judd, and Welsh VOTED aye. The motion carried unanimously.





CERTIFIED CORRECT BY:   /s/Pamela Spencer

Pamela spencer, city recorder