Utah Valley Convention Center

220 West Center Street, Provo Utah.

February 25, 2022, at 8:30 AM



Present                                                             Absent

Mayor Julie Fullmer (arrived at 9:13 AM)

Councilmember Tyce Flake

Councilmember Amber Rasmussen

Councilmember Mardi Sifuentes

Councilmember Cristy Welsh


Staff Present:  City Manager Ezra Nair, City Attorney Jayme Blakesley, Building Official George Reid, Public Works Director Chris Wilson, Finance Director David Mortensen, City Engineer Naseem Ghandour, Stormwater Manger Justine Marshall, Community Development Director Morgan Brim, City Planner Briam Amaya Perez, Planning Technician Cache Hancey, Water Manager Sullivan Love, Parks Manager Preston Jensen, Streets Manager Chris Thomas, Recreation Manager Brian Vawdrey, Albert Foster with Facil HR, Sergeant Holden Rockwell with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, City Recorder Pamela Spencer, Plans Examiner Patricia Abdulla


Others Speaking: Laura Lewis and Kate Werrett with Lewis Young Robertson and Burningham, and Utah County Commissioner Amelia Powers Gardner


1.      Play >> Arrive & Welcome

City Manager Ezra Nair opened the meeting at 8:45 AM.


2.      Play >> Staff Reviews

Each department gave a brief overview of the tasks that were completed in 2021.


3.      Play >> Mayor Fullmer gave a short speech.


Play >> The group took a short break at 11:40 AM. The meeting resumed at 11:45 AM.


4.      Guest Speaker

This item was postponed to later in the meeting.


5.       Play >> Finance Review  

Laura Lewis and Kate Werrett with Lewis Young Robertson and Burningham gave a brief overview of the Comprehensive Financial Sustainability Plan (CFSP). They also reviewed the Redevelopment Agency’s revenues and expenditures. There was a discussion about bonds.


Play >>  The group took a lunch break at 12:30 PM. The meeting resumed at 1:10 PM.


6.       Play >> Guest Speaker

Amelia Powers Gardner gave a presentation on “Thinking Differently - Innovation in Government.”


7.       Play >> General Council Discussion

The mayor and city council reviewed their goals for the year. There was discussion about the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Budget. There was also a discussion about a $500.00 project and medium level projects.


The meeting adjourned at 3:05 PM.



MINUTES APPROVED By CIty Council ON:   March 9, 2022


CERTIFIED CORRECT BY:    /s/ Pamela Spencer

Pamela spencer, city recorder