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Wednesday February 1, 2023, 6:00 p.m.

Final Meeting Minutes


Commissioners: Tay Gudmundson, Bryce Brady, Anthony Jenkins, Craig Bown, and Graden Ostler


Staff: Cache Hancey, Planner; Briam Perez, Senior Planner; Morgan Brim, Community Development Director; Rachel Stevens, Planning Technician; Naseem Ghandour, Public Works Director


Others Present: Daria Evans, Wendy Purrington, Don Overson, Russell Evans, Karen Cornelius, Residents; Steve Borup and Brian Dilley, Dakota Pacific




Bryce Brady gave an invocation and led the pledge of allegiance. 


 Play >>  Daria Evans made a comment regarding public infrastructure and road congestion in Vineyard and suggested improving infrastructure before moving forward with other projects.

 Play >>  Karen Cornelius made a comment regarding parking and asked how it will be guaranteed that parking is available to those who are already here. She stated it is a quality-of-life issue. She also made a comment regarding community development and the lack of a grocery store and other daily businesses. She also asked a question if the state regulated the proportion of single family residences versus high density housing in communities.

 Play >>  In response to Karen Cornelius’ comment, Community Development Director Morgan Brim stated that the state requires a moderate income housing plan which can include higher densities. He mentioned other requirements that the state has. He also stated that the zoning has already been established. He also stated that Utah County is projected to grow very quickly. He also addressed several ways the City has addressed parking issues.


3.1    January 18, 2023

MOTION: Anthony Jenkins moved to approved the January 18, 2023 minutes. Craig Bown seconded the motion. Those voting aye: Tay Gundmundson, Bryce Brady, Anthony Jenkins, Craig Bown, and Graden Ostler. The motion passed unanimously.  


4.1    PUBLIC HEARING – General Plan Amendment – Moderate Income Housing 

 Play >>  Senior Planner Briam Perez presented six strategies and implementation plans to be adopted as the Moderate Income Housing Plan (MIH) as part of the general plan amendment. He explained the requirements of Housebill 462 and the benefits and consequences of not complying with the State mandate. He gave an overview of all six selected strategies.

 Play >> Anthony Jenkins asked when more detailed plans will be made and questioned some of the vague wording in the proposed language.  Briam Perez explained that the general plan should be brief and serve as a guiding document. Anthony Jenkins also recommended defining high density.

 Play >> Craig Bown clarified that the Planning Commission and City Council had previously heard all of the strategies except for Option O.

 Play >> MOTION: Bryce called for a motion to open the public hearing Tay Gundmundson made motion to open the public hearing. Craig Bown seconded the motion. Those voting aye: Tay Gundmundson, Bryce Brady, Anthony Jenkins, Craig Bown, and Graden Ostler. The motion passed unanimously.  

Play >> Daria Evans asked what strategy G was. She stated that strategy H should not be adopted because senior residents need vehicles. She also stated that the City should only adopt the minimum number of required strategies. It was clarified that there was a typo in the packet.

 Play >>  Wendy Purrington made a comment that senior living areas have a need for parking due to visitors, residents, employees, deliveries, and other services.     

 Play >> Daria Evans stated that Vineyard should plan for higher density judiciously and carefully. She also made a comment regarding ADU’s.

 Play >> Wendy Purrington made a comment about defining assisted living and memory living facilities.

 Play >>  There was a discussion concerning strategy H and reducing or increasing parking requirements. It was clarified that the language was broad in reference to senior living facilities.

 Play >>  Bryce Brady gave a statement about finding a balance between city enforcement and property rights.

 Play >>  Russell Evans gave an analogy about insulation. He stated the building, and developers, will take the short cut. He made a comment that parking requirements should plan for extra parking spaces.

 Play >> MOTION: Bryce called for a motion to close the public hearing. Anthony Jenkins made a motion to close the public hearing. Tay Gundmundson seconded the motion. Those voting aye: Tay Gundmundson, Bryce Brady, Anthony Jenkins, Craig Bown, and Graden Ostler. The motion passed unanimously.  

 Play >> Tay made a comment that the MIH plan has a good framework and addition to the general plan.

 Play >> Anthony Jenkins explained that this is a recommendation for the City Council and not a binding decision.

 Play >> Briam Perez stated the amendments to the ordinance to be included in the motion. They were to reinsert strategy O include strategy Q in the implementation plan.

 Play >>  MOTION: Craig Bown made a motion to recommend approval of the Moderate Income Housing plan to the City Council with the amendments as stated in the record. Tay Gundmundson seconded the motion. Roll call as follows: Those voting aye: Tay Gundmundson, Bryce Brady, Anthony Jenkins, Craig Bown, and Graden Ostler. The motion passed unanimously. 


4.2      Play >>  PUBLIC HEARING – Development Agreement for The Forge

Morgan Brim read a public comment that was received from Dale Theodro. They are concerned about the number of proposed residential units and the height of the hotel.

 Play >>  Community Development Director Morgan Brim presented changes to the Forge Development Agreement from the January 18, 2023 Planning Commission meeting.

 Play >> Bryce Brady asked what the agreement from the RDA and parking structures was.

 Play >> Antony Jenkins asked what the best way is to preserve view corridors. Morgan Brim answered that restricting height is the easiest requirement. Anthony Jenkins also stated he appreciated seeing the parking study.

 Play >> Steve Borup and Brian Dilly with Dakota Pacific gave a presentation on the Development Agreement Updates. Steve Borup stated that they are having a view corridor analysis conducted.

 Play >>  Steve Borup discussed the results of a traffic study. Office space generates more trips than residential units. A discussion ensued.

Play >> Steve Borup provided a handout which tracked the requested changes to the development agreement. It can be found in Appendix A.

 Play >>  Steve Borup presented on providing affordable housing in the Forge.

 Play >>  He then stated that the site plan can only change ten percent from the master plan.

 Play >> Steve Borup continued the presentation on more minor updates to the development.

 Play >> Steve Borup and Dakota Pacific have requested that they are not responsible for overflow parking from the Yard subdivision and not responsible for providing parking in future phases if parking in initial phases was insufficient. Members of the Planning Commission did not agree with the developers request. A discussion ensued. 

 Play >> Steve Borup continued the presentation. There was a discussion about making the pedestrian road uncomfortable to drive on.

  Play >> Bryce Brady requested several more modifications including adding an overall percentage of required office space, adding clarity to the specifications for the shared street, and for the parking study requirements to be stricter. 

Bryce Brady opened up a public comment session.

Play >> Daria Evans asked a question about the hotel parking and what kind of improvements the developer will make to the roadways. Steve Borup answered her questions and stated the developer will pay impact fees which will go toward improvements. The hotel will be considered as part of the management plan.

 Play >>  Russel Evans made a comment regarding density. He advised Dakota Pacific to overpark the first phase before a parking study is done so they will not have to play catch up. He asked what a development agreement is. Morgan Brim stated that a develop agreement will bind the developer to standards and the Mayor will sign it.

 Play >> Morgan Brim presented the modifications that the Planning Commission discussed. It included: a parking study will consider parking on the entire site regardless of infiltration; if a previous phase is shown to be under parked by the parking consultant, the additional spaces shall be incorporated into the next phase of the project; the shared street shall only allow parking for fifteen to thirty minutes, ADA parking, and loading; Mill Road and 650 N shall be added as major roads, at full build-out the project residential square footage shall not exceed sixty six percent of the entire project.

 Play >> Bryce Brady stated that there are several issues that are out of the developer’s control. He wants to make wise choices that will benefit the City. 

Play >>  MOTION: Anthony made a motion to recommend the City Council agree to the development agreement with the modifications as stated by Morgan Brim. Tay Gundmundson seconded the motion. Roll call as follows: Those voting aye: Tay Gundmundson, Bryce Brady, Anthony Jenkins, Craig Bown, and Graden Ostler. The motion passed unanimously.


5.1    Segments of the documentary, “The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces,” by William H Whyte will be viewed and discussed by the Planning Commission.

Bryce Brady continued training session.


6.1    There are no work sessions scheduled for this meeting.


 Play >>  Cache Hancey gave an update on Vineyard getting a blue box from the post office.

 Play >> Morgan Brim stated that the Planning Commission can attend a training and gave updates to minor projects around the City.   


 Play >> Bryce Brady adjourned the meeting at 8:37 pm. 


CERTIFIED CORRECT ON:  February 15, 2023


CERTIFIED BY:   /s/Rachel Stevens

                          Rachel Stevens, Planning Tech






















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