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Wednesday October 4, 2023, 6:00 p.m.


Planning Commissioners: Chris Bramwell, Anthony Jenkins, Bryce Brady, Tay Gudmundson, Bradley Fagg, and Graden Ostler

Staff: Cache Hancey, Anthony Fletcher, Planners; Morgan Brim, Community Development Director; Naseem Ghandour, Public Works Director.

Others Present: Tyler Haroldsen, Harry Broxton, Jeanine Broxton, Kim Cornelius, Karen Cornelius, Jordan Christensen, Jane Pearce, David Pearce, Caden Rhoton, Bronson Tatton, Tim Heaton, and Mark Ostebo




1.                                                          INVOCATION/INSPIRATIONAL THOUGHTS/PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE

2.             Play >>  OPEN SESSION –

Tyler Haroldsen asked for clarification regarding comments for the work session. Tyler continued by asking for the city to define roads and streets.

3.              Play >>  WORK SESSION

3.1    Site Plan – Downtown Blocks 8 & 14

Community Development Director Morgan Brim introduced Downtown Blocks 8 & 14. Bronson Tatton along with Nelson Partners, presented the site plans for the two blocks, providing context for location, displaying elevations, and discussing information regarding unit and parking counts.


Play >>  Chair Brady asked about the transition between the two types of streets. Mr. Brim requested Mr. Tatton to provide a bikeway network map of the downtown area to be presented at the next meeting.


Play >> Chair Brady asked when they plan on going vertical with these two buildings. Mr. Tatton responded that they will probably go vertical in the following spring. Mr. Brady asked if any of the units being proposed would be for sale or if they were all rentals. Mr. Tatton responded that these two blocks were all rentals, however, there will be for-sale condominiums in other phases. A discussion was had regarding the need for a parking study as these two blocks will require one before the certificate of occupancy is issued.


Play >> Commissioner Bramwell asked for clarification regarding the ownership of the paseos and sidewalks. Mr. Brim explained that ownership is currently being discussed, however, it will always be open to the public regardless of ownership. Mr. Bramwell stated the important need to have a public square for speech.


Play >> Commission Jekins complimented the downlighting and bike infrastructure of the project. He requested to know how many street parking stalls would be provided with these two blocks.


Play >> Chair Brady opened the meeting to the public for questions regarding the project.

Play >>  Jenine Broxton asked who would maintain planters.

Play >> Tyler Haroldsen asked about the flexibility of the ground floor retail. He also asked for some information regarding the soil cleanup of the area. He also stated that he would support metering the street parking.

Play >> Harry Broxton expressed his concern with the total parking and size of the units.


Play >> Chair Brady and Mr. Brim responded to the questions from the public.


Play >> Tim Heaton asked what the longest walking time for non-residents of the downtown would be to reach the furthest point of the development. Mr. Brim explained that the downtown has a 5-minute and 10-minute walking shed map. Mr. Heaton stated his concern with all the units being rented. A discussion was had regarding housing affordability and parking demand.


Play >> Karen Cornelius asked why parking structures were being built after the housing. She also asked why the city must accept the HTRZ distinction. Chair Brady explained the finances regarding structured parking. Mr. Brim stated that they will be following the parking requirements regardless.


4.                                         Play >>  COMMISSION MEMBERS’ REPORTS AND EX PARTE DISCUSSION DISCLOSURE

Chair Brady introduced Brady Flag as a new member of the Planning Commission.

5.                                         ADJOURNMENT


Minutes Approved On:  January 24, 2024


Minutes Completed By:   /s/ Cache Hancey

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