City Council Chambers

125 South Main Street, Vineyard, Utah

April 10, 2024, at 4:08 PM




Present                                                  Absent  

Mayor Julie Fullmer                               

Councilmember Sara Cameron

Councilmember Jacob Holdaway

Councilmember Amber Rasmussen

Councilmember Mardi Sifuentes


Staff Present: City Manager Eric Ellis, Community Development Director Morgan Brim, Public Works Director Naseem Ghandour, Environmental Utilities Manager Sullivan Love, and City Recorder Pamela Spencer



Play >> Mayor Fullmer opened the meeting at 4:08 PM.


1.        WORK SESSION

1.1.       City Council Budget Priorities Discussion

The mayor and City Council will discuss their top budget priorities for the Fiscal Year 2024-2025 Budget. No action will be taken at this time.


Council Priorities FY2025


Play >>  Councilmember Holdaway

1. Identify larger travel budgets by specific conference or training (any unplanned should be

cleared with plenty of advance notice (shoot for 30-day advance notice for proper authorization)

2.     Review per diem policy

3.     Review Hotel policy

4.     Survey software, look for potential savings or unneeded software

5.     Review how often city vehicles leave the county

6.     Review how often to city vehicles go home with employees (identify needs)

7.     Review lobbyist uses and policy; compare to neighboring municipalities lobby



8.     Push for local conferences over national conferences when possible

9.     Look for ways to incentivize local vs national conferences

10.  Review all conferences and trainings from last year (send out)

11.  Communications department under Mayor, have it be under the City Manager

12.  Cash for fire house

13.  Put aside savings for City Hall

14.  Review Mosquito Abatement


Play >> Councilmember Sifuentes

1.     Library: Be sure they have needed funding and support

2.     Gammon Park: move ahead on planning and near future implementation of enhancements

3.     Acquire an automated line painter for sports fields

4.     Open and maintain park restrooms 365

5.     Evaluate and install permanent lighting for trails where needed to make them safer

6.     Install fencing for community gardens

7.     400 North crossing:

a.     Get letters of support for overpass; vehicular priority or pedestrian

b.     Insert the need in plans for disaster response

8.     Downtown City Hall:

a.     Finalize Planning and engineering

b.     Implement soon to retain partners; MAG & others

9.     Vineyard Connector and Main Street intersection:

a.     Improve amenities and look for opportunities for safe crossings (under overpass, 300 W overpass with pedestrian crossing, etc.

 Play >> Councilmember Cameron

1.     Support for the Library

2.     Develop plans and implementation of Heritage Park

3.     Add a rentable affordable space at Heritage Park (barn, pavilion, etc.).

4.     Review contracts and agreements policies

5.     Neighborhood by neighborhood review parking to assure it is functioning properly


 Play >> Councilmember Rasmussen

1.     Cyber security / Technology

2.     Website improvements

3.     Increase flyering where possible to get our messages out

4.     Corridor Park plan; phase and implement plans

5.     Focus on installation of park benches and lighting around the city trails

6.     Improve alternative transportation routes to and across Vineyard Connector

7.     Plantings and educational signage for native plants

8.     Installation of bat boxes

9.     Work on plans and construction of City Hall downtown

10.  Identify and/or development of teen amenities

 Play >> Mayor Fullmer

1.     Parks on both ends of the city (look for cemetery options, but not in Gammon Park)

2.     Vertical Agriculture – as the city’s contribution to fighting homelessness (food supply)

3.     Innovation research campus (BYU, U of U, UVU, USU partnerships)

4.     Bring entrepreneurship incubators into the city

5.     Lakeshore enhancement implementation

6.     400 S parking at baseball fields

7.     Walkara Way – Councilmember Rasmussen will represent Vineyard City on implementation



Play >> Mayor Fullmer recapped the meeting. A discussion ensued.




Play >> Mayor Fullmer adjourned the meeting at 5:47 PM.



MINUTES APPROVED ON:    April 10, 2024

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